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Heads up: you have to hire a new president.


the Dems


Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State

HOMETOWN: Park Ridge, IL N

CLIMATE CHANGE: Huge problem. Supports what President Obama has done and is ready to go further.


ISIS: Would have armed moderate Syrian rebels years ago, wouldn’t send ground troops into Mideast.

FUN FACT: Used to have a job sliming fish in Alaska.

THESKIMM: Hillz has the experience for the top job. But she’s also got the baggage (hint: her inbox, Benghazi, her last name etc, etc).

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Bernie Sanders

Senator from Vermont

HOMETOWN: Burlington, VT t

HEALTH CARE: Thinks Obamacare doesn’t go far enough.

RIGHT TO CHOOSE: Yes, he has a 100% lifetime voting record.

EDUCATION: Has a plan for free tuition at public colleges and universities.

FUN FACT: Last year, his brother Larry ran for a parliament seat in the UK.

THESKIMM: Sanders is a self-described democratic socialist who’s drawing some of the biggest and youngest crowds of any candidate. TBD on whether that translates to votes.

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the GOP


Donald Trump


HOMETOWN: Queens, NY h

IMMIGRATION: Wants to build a wall along the Mexican border, and ban Muslims from entering the US.

FOREIGN POLICY: Putin needs a strong man to stand up to him. Hint, hint.

TRADE: Says the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership “stinks” and China is “killing” us in trade.

FUN FACT: He made a cameo in “Home Alone 2.”

THESKIMM: Trump and his hair have hogged all the campaign attention in a huuuuuge way. While he has the polling numbers to back up his big talk, TBD on how many people will pull the lever for him.

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