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"Not suitable to be heard" – Malaysian officials on why the country is banning the song "Despacito." Apparently they're not Beliebers.



The Story

Yesterday, Poland took another step away from being a democracy.

What are you talking about?

Back in 2015, a far-right, conservative party came to power in Poland by promising to bring 'traditional values' back to the country. Now we know that means taking more control of state-run media and cracking down on protests. Next up, the judicial system. Yesterday, Polish lawmakers voted to fire every judge on the country's Supreme Court except those the prez approves of.

What are people saying?

The gov says the shake up's necessary in order to make the legal system more efficient. In recent days, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets to say 'this is not how democracy works.' The European Union – which Poland is a member of – is also not pleased. It's thinking of fining the country and stripping its ability to vote on squad policies.


For years, Poland has been a symbol of democratic progress after a communist past. This latest move is one of the most dramatic signs yet that the country seems to be shifting in another direction.


What to say when you manage to get out of work at 4pm on a Friday…

I'm freeee. Yesterday, OJ Simpson was granted parole. Yes, the same OJ Simpson who was famously acquitted of murdering his ex-wife and her friend in the '90s. He'll soon be out of prison. The reason he's behind bars stems from a 2007 incident. Simpson was sentenced to up to 33 years in jail for armed robbery and kidnapping a dealer in Vegas. He claims he was to trying to get back family memorabilia and personal items from him. Yesterday, Simpson was up for parole. The former football star – who's now 70 – says he's spent the past nearly-nine years in prison "making no excuses about anything." Simpson will see the other side of his jail cell as early as October.

What to say when you run your fastest mile ever…

Lightning speed. Yesterday, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the US gov has given him a verbal thumbs up to build an underground hyperloop from NYC to DC. Think: a water slide-like tube where people get into pods to travel to other cities. The fuuuture. For years, Musk has been trying to revolutionize the way humans get around earth…and beyond. This is the same guy that wants to colonize Mars. Because why not. And solve America's traffic problems. This hyperloop still has to get a formal seal of approval and it's TBD when it'd be up and running. But it's expected to turn a three-and-a-half hour trip into just a half-hour trip. Zoom zoom zoom, make Musk's heart go boom boom.

What people are talking about…

RIP Chester Bennington. Yesterday, the Linkin Park lead singer died at age 41. Officials say it looks like he committed suicide. Linkin Park's the rock/rap band that hit it big in the early 2000's with songs like "In The End" and "One Step Closer." Bennington was open in the past about his rough childhood, including being sexually assaulted, as well as his struggle with drug addiction. Bennington died on the same day as friend Chris Cornell's birthday – the Soundgarden singer who committed suicide two months ago. Linkin Park released a new music video yesterday, before learning the news. Many fans posted tributes to Bennington, and one band member said he was "shocked and heartbroken" after finding out.


"Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl" by Issa Rae

For your friend who binged "Insecure" in one weekend. This is the star's collection of stories about awk life moments like eating alone or cybersexing. Think "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" but even more awkward. Get it here before the next season of "Insecure" drops.*

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