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"Rosé deodorant" – A real thing. Yes, way.


The Story

Uber is now accepting CEO applications. Dust off that resume.

What happened to the old CEO?

Earlier this week, Uber co-founder and now-former CEO Travis Kalanick showed himself out, after months of turmoil at the company. That includes multiple investigations into sexual harassment and company culture, a Dept of Justice investigation, and a lawsuit alleging Uber stole driverless car technology. Oh, plus that time Kalanick was caught on tape yelling at an Uber driver. Last week, Kalanick said he was taking a leave of absence. But a group of investors said 'not good enough' and demanded he resign.

So now what?

Uber, the world's most valuable private startup, needs to fill its corner office stat. Especially since it's not the only empty office on the exec floor. Kalanick was known for being v competitive and giving transportation laws the middle finger on the road to success. So even though he grew the startup into a nearly $70 billion company, investors are looking for the more mature Uber to shift gears. And lean in. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is reportedly at the top of Uber's CEO wish list. But she's reportedly not into it. Meanwhile, Kalanick will get to keep a seat on the board.


Uber's hoping replacing Kalanick will help salvage its reputation. And serve as an Advil for its PR team. But some are skeptical that the company will continue to push the envelope without Kalanick at the wheel. No pressure.


What to say when you get to work and everyone's in a meeting you weren't invited to...

What's going on? Today, GOP senators are expected to finally reveal a draft of their healthcare bill. The one that a lot of lawmakers haven't even seen yet. Reminder: for months, Republicans have been trying to repeal and replace Obamacare. After several rounds of edits, the House GOP passed a bill. It includes capping federal funding for Medicaid – the program that helps low-income Americans pay for healthcare – and offering waivers that would let insurance providers hike up charges for certain pre-existing conditions. All of which is expected to save the gov some money. The bill then set off for the Senate. But the Senate GOP didn't like the House's version. So for weeks, a small group of GOP lawmakers have been crafting a new bill. Except they've been doing it in secret. It's still expected to roll back Medicaid funding. But it could get rid of the part that allows insurers to charge more for pre-existing conditions. Dems – and even some Republicans – are not pleased that the new bill was drafted behind closed doors. Today, they finally get to give it a once over. After that, the Congressional Budget Office – a nonpartisan group that estimates the costs of new laws – can give the Senate's version a report card. The Senate's hoping to vote on it before July 4th. Prepare for political fireworks.

What to say when your parents sell your childhood home...

Lost to history. Yesterday, ISIS blew up a historic mosque in Mosul, Iraq. Back in 2014, ISIS popped into Mosul and said 'ours now.' ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi chose this mosque as the place to announce that he wanted to create a new Islamic state in Iraq and Syria. To which the rest of the world said 'we don't think so.' In recent months, the mission to get rid of ISIS has been ramping up. Especially when it comes to retaking Mosul – ISIS's last major stronghold in the country. US-led Iraqi forces have been closing in on the terror group, and retaking the mosque was going to be a symbolic W in the fight. Then yesterday, ISIS blew it up. It was once the city's main landmark and had been there for centuries. Now, it's gone. ISIS says 'it wasn't us' and pointed the finger at US airstrikes. The US says 'not true.' Meanwhile, tens of thousands of civilians are stuck in the city while the fighting continues.

What people are watching…

Flint, MI. Yesterday, a man stabbed a police officer at the Flint airport. The suspected attacker – who officials say is from Canada – allegedly screamed something in Arabic and yelled about the US's attacks overseas before the stabbing. All of this went down outside of airport security. The officer is expected to be OK and no one else was hurt. But the airport is temporarily closed. Police arrested the suspect. And now, the FBI is investigating this as an act of terrorism.

What people are talking about…

Sylville Smith. Yesterday, a jury acquitted a former police officer who shot and killed Smith – a 23-year-old black man – in Milwaukee, WI last year. Back then, the officer approached Smith during a traffic stop because of a suspected drug deal. Smith had a gun on him and started running away, so the officer started chasing him. As the officer caught up with him, Smith threw his gun over a fence. The officer shot Smith twice. He later said he fired the second shot because he thought Smith was reaching for a weapon. Last year, the officer was charged with homicide and the shooting set off days of protests in the city. He was fired months later over sexual assault charges in a different case. Yesterday, a jury said 'not guilty' in the Smith case. This comes days after the Minnesota police officer who fatally shot Philando Castile was also acquitted.

What to say when you hear North and Saint are going to get a plus one

Tequila shots all around. Except for the surrogate.


Markelle Fultz: The Washington Huskies point guard who the Philadelphia 76ers really want on their team. He's expected to go no. 1 in tonight's NBA draft. Dribble that.

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This week we've been flipping through the Skimm'tionary to bring you all the key health care terms you need to know. Here's one...

Health Savings AccountHSA for short. It's a bank account for health care costs that's meant to help people with high-deductible plans pay for their care. You can put money into it on a pre-tax basis, so less goes to Uncle Sam, and more goes to that unexpected root canal. Unlike an FSA, the money in an HSA rolls over year-to-year if you haven't spent it all.

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