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"She doesn't inhale" — North Korean zoo officials on a chimpanzee. Azalea smokes a pack a day. And apparently lights the cigarettes herself. Chimps, they're just like Don Draper. 



Trump and Hillz had a night out in Vegas. They both upped their game, stayed up late, and made you watch them take each other.


The final presidential debate. University of Nevada, Las Vegas hosted. Fox News's Chris Wallace told everyone to sit down and listen. Like a boss. GOP nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton started off the night subdued. Then Trump started saying the word 'puppet' a lot. Hillz said 'I know you are, but what am I?' And it was off to the races for another 2016 debate.


The Supreme Court…and who should take a seat. Justice Antonin Scalia's death earlier this year opened up a spot in The Supremes. Hillz thinks it's important to have Justices that represent all Americans no matter their gender or sexual orientation, while Trump thinks it's important to have Justices that support the Second Amendment. Something Clinton's into, but thinks you can protect while also being sensible about gun control. While Trump says tough gun laws have done nothing to stop violence in cities like Chicago.

Abortion…and how they feel about old friends Roe and Wade. Trump said he'd nominate a pro-life Supreme who would end up overturning the landmark case. After Chris Wallace asked him ten times if he specifically wants it overturned. Clinton says she supports late-term abortions if the mother's health is at risk. Trump says that means she wants to "rip the baby out of the womb." Cue him repeating this phrase and you texting the wide-eyed emoji.

Immigration…and whether the US should flip its sign to 'closed' or 'open.' Trump thinks we need to build a wall and get "bad hombres," aka undocumented immigrants, out of the country. Hillz thinks ripping families apart is a not-so-great idea, and she'd rather intro "comprehensive immigration reform." While also setting the record for the most number of times this phrase can be said in one night.

Vladimir Putin...and who would be his puppet. Trump thinks Putin has outsmarted Hillz and Obama for years when it comes to nuclear weapons and Mideast turmoil. Clinton wants to hear Trump admit Russia is hacking the election, and airing her email laundry for the world to see. That's why you can't stop hearing about WikiLeaks, aka the document dump that's exposed a LOT of Clinton campaign emails in recent days.

Experience...and whose resume will be better for the White House. Clinton played a game of 'where were you when I was in the situation room.' Trump responded by saying 'building a company.'

Fair in Trump thinks he should have won that third Emmy for "The Apprentice." Trump refused to say he'd accept the result of this presidential election if he loses. Instead, he said, "I'll keep you in suspense." To which pretty much all of America said, 'wait what?'

Fitness...and who's working on theirs more. Clinton thinks Trump's vision for America is scary. Trump thinks the Clinton Foundation is a "criminal enterprise" and that Clinton herself is a "nasty woman." Spoiler: the two did not attempt to shake hands at any point in the night.

Women...and which candidate knows what women want. Clinton thinks Trump belittles women and "goes after their dignity, their self-worth." Trump (and his wife) think the women who've accused him of sexual assault are either lying to get cash money or have been put up to it by the Clinton campaign. Trump also said that the Clinton campaign paid people to riot at one of his rallies.


After a bizarre election year, last night was the closest American voters got to seeing a real debate. Trump and Clinton gave Americans very, very different visions for the country. Both sides talked about the issues, brought their A-game, and Trump said he may not accept the results of the election. National mic drop.



NBA star Derrick Rose. Yesterday, a jury said Rose and two of his friends are in the clear after being accused of sexual assault. Last year, Rose's ex-girlfriend accused him and his friends of gang rape. She filed a civil lawsuit and the trial started earlier this month. Rose has said that the sex was consensual. Meanwhile, the LAPD opened a criminal investigation...although it's unclear exactly why it was opened. Last week, a detective who was involved in that investigation died. So far, officials say the detective's death was most likely a suicide, and not connected to Rose's case. Still, it made a lot of people say 'something here seems weird.' Although the civil jury cleared the New York Knicks player and his friends, the LAPD investigation will continue, but so far no criminal charges have been filed.


I thought we were all friends? That's what the US and Afghanistan are asking each other. Yesterday, an Afghan gunman killed two Americans -- a civilian and a military member -- and injured three other Americans in Afghanistan before being killed himself. He was allegedly wearing an Afghan military uniform, but it's unclear if he was actually in the military or what his motive was. Attacks on US service members by Afghans in past years have led to a lot of trust issues between the two countries. The US has been advising Afghan troops on their fight against the Taliban and other terror groups for years. So yesterday's news is not a good sign for diplomatic relations. It's also not a good look for President Obama, who's been trying to get US forces out of Afghanistan for years. But over the summer, after increased unrest in the country, Obama said he was keeping troops there longer than expected. And yesterday's killings aren't winning him any brownie points for that decision.


Google's got you covered. For years, Google's been reportedly looking into launching a paid subscription service for streaming TV online. It's called Unplugged and it's coming to an iPhone near you next year. Google has been very hush hush about the whole thing. But yesterday, reports came out about the channels Google will air on its new web TV service. And it's looking like CBS is its first major partner. "Criminal Minds" fans rejoice. The company is reportedly also in talks to stream channels owned by Viacom and 21st Century Fox. This all comes at a time when a lot of people are saying 'thanks but no thanks' to cable companies and doing away with traditional TV. Google's hoping to ride that cordless wave.

PS: 21st Century Fox is a minority investor in theSkimm.


Saudi Arabia. Earlier this week, the country executed a prince for shooting and killing a man during a "brawl" a few years ago. BFD, because executing royals is not something you hear about every day. Shocker -- Saudi royals have a rep for getting away with some things regular people don't. Meanwhile regular Saudi citizens are often punished for doing things like protesting or driving if you're a woman. But the current Saudi Arabian king is known for wanting to treat everyone a little more equally. Many Saudis praised the execution on Twitter. Officials didn't reveal how the prince was executed, but normally the death sentence in Saudi Arabia is public beheading. So there's that.


Bun Dropping: An Instagram trend that has people letting their hair down. Literally. It involves unraveling your bun in slow mo and posting the video on social media. Hair today, newly discovered Pantene star tomorrow.


Brian Hoyer: The Chicago Bears QB who was this year's understudy when Jay Cutler was benched for an injury. After a solid season so far, it looks like he might officially become the leading man.

PS: Want more balls? We have a special NFL calendar in our app with all the important games to watch. Download here


"My vote doesn't count." False. Especially in a year where third party candidates are making a dent in the polls. A third party candidate has never won. But they have influenced election results by taking away votes from the major party candidates. Hi, Memory Lane…

Ross Perot: In 1992, the businessman took 19% of the vote. Bill Clinton was elected over incumbent George HW Bush – but many wondered if the outcome would have been different without Perot in the game.

Ralph Nader: In 2000, the activist won a small portion of the popular vote. But he picked up more than 90,000 votes in Florida. Guess which state decided the this-close race between Al Gore and George W Bush?

Bottom line, voting third party can mean voting for someone you may actually like. It also could mean helping one of the major party candidates by taking a vote away from their opponent. Another reason why every vote matters.

Ok. Let's talk deadlines.

If you live in Nebraska, California, Alabama, South Dakota or Wyoming, these are your last days to register to vote.

FYI some states also let you register in person up until Election Day. So check here for the fine print on yours.


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