Skimm for May 22nd

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"Coffee in a piece of rubbish" – An Australian barista describing a new latte served in hollowed-out avocados. It was a joke. Until people started ordering it.


The Story

President Trump is getting a few more stamps in his passport on his first foreign trip.

What's going on?

Trump's spending nine days in the Middle East and Europe. Over the weekend, he started in Saudi Arabia, where he gave a speech on Islam in front of leaders of dozens of Muslim countries. Tricky, since during last year's campaign he said "Islam hates us," and one of his first acts as president was a (now stalled) executive order banning travel from several Muslim-majority countries. 

So...what happened?

Trump softened his tone, saying the battle against "Islamic extremism" is "not a battle between different faiths," but against "barbaric criminals." He wants the US and the Muslim world to work closer to fight terrorism – specifically on things like blocking terror financing. Trump also signaled that he's not going to focus so much on human rights violations in the region – something that past US presidents have always called out.

Anything else?

Back home, everything's still coming up Russia. The FBI's Trump-Russia probe now reportedly considers a senior White House adviser to be "a significant person of interest." Meanwhile, more details are coming out about Trump's meeting with Russian officials the day after he fired FBI Director James Comey. Trump reportedly told them Comey was a "nut job" and that the firing took "great pressure" off him.


Consider Trump's speech the first of several olive branches he plans on extending during this trip. Next, he heads to Israel, where he's expected to lay the groundwork for future Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.


What to say to your friend who's taking the day off to binge "Twin Peaks"...

Here's who else is getting another season. Over the weekend, Iran voted to give President Hassan Rouhani a second term in a landslide. World leaders are breathing a sigh of relief. That's because back in 2015, the moderate president negotiated and signed the nuclear deal with the US and five other countries. This was seen as a major turning point for Iran's relations with the West, which went from icy to lukewarm-ish. Fast forward to last week's election, where Rouhani faced a conservative candidate who threw shade at the deal and campaigned on closing Iran's economy off from the world again. Now, Rouhani's got the vote of confidence he needs to keep doing his diplomatic thing.

What to say to your friend who told you to watch "Weiner"...

This ending keeps getting worse. On Friday, former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) said 'guilty' to sexting with a 15-year-old girl. Back in 2011, Weiner – who is married – was forced off Capitol Hill after that crotch shot seen around the world. In 2013, while running for NYC mayor, he admitted that he was still sexting with multiple women. Then last year, it came out that he was sexting with this teenage girl. He reportedly checked into rehab soon after that. The FBI launched a months-long investigation. Now, Weiner says what he did was "as morally wrong as it was unlawful." He'll have to register as a sex offender and could go to prison for years. Also on Friday, Sweden said it's dropping the investigation into rape allegations against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Back in 2010, two Swedish women said Assange had been sexually inappropriate with them. Sweden wrote up an arrest warrant. Assange fought back, saying the allegations are not true and that if he went to Sweden, they could just hand him over to the US...where he could be charged for publishing hundreds of thousands of official diplomatic cables. After a lot of legal back and forth, Ecuador ended up giving Assange asylum and he's been hiding out in the country's London embassy for years. So Sweden couldn't get their hands on him. Now, they're dropping the investigation. But Assange says the US is still out to get him and his leaky faucet, so he's not stepping out of the magic circle just yet.

What people are watching...

Venezuela. Over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to mark 50 straight days of anti-government protests. Dozens of people have died as protesters clashed with police and hundreds have been injured. Venezuela sits on the world's largest oil reserves. When oil prices are up, so is its economy. But they've been down for years. Now, Venezuela's dealing with one of the world's worst economic crises, with basics like TP, meds, and food unaffordable for many. Meanwhile, Venezuelan President Maduro's been busy consolidating power by jailing opposition leaders and blocking attempts to push him out. Earlier this year, the pro-Maduro Supreme Court even briefly took over the country's Congress altogether. To which the US and other international leaders said 'this is not how a democracy works.' Last week, the US sanctioned several members of the Venezuelan Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Venezuelans have been hoping that by consistently calling for Maduro to step down, he might get the hint. So far, no dice.

What to say to your friend who kept refreshing Daily Mail for Pippa's wedding pics...

You and Rachel Lindsay.


Cloud Computing: Not a storage option for your phone. The name of the horse that came in first at Preakness over the weekend. And since he beat out the reigning Kentucky Derby champ, no one will win the Triple Crown this year. Hold your horses.


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