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"Blem, Gyalchester" – Google search terms that spiked this week. Also names of songs on Drake's new album. How you feel, how you feel, how you feel...? Confused.



House Republicans called. They don't want to vote on their party's new healthcare plan.


For years, the GOP has wanted to repeal and replace Obamacare, saying the law is too big and too expensive. Now the party's holding the talking stick in Congress and the White House. So earlier this month, House GOP leaders intro'd a new plan, with President Trump's backing. It includes tax credits to help pay for coverage, and cuts to Medicaid and Planned Parenthood funding. Surprise: Dems don't like it. Twist: a lot of Republicans don't either.


Different squads of Republicans are butting heads. Some think this plan doesn't go far enough in truly repealing Obamacare. Others worry it goes too far, and that it needs to set aside more help for older and lower-income people. A House vote on the bill was supposed to happen last night. But enough Republicans were against it that it looked like it wouldn't pass, so House leaders hit 'pause.'


Last night, Trump said he's done talking it over and promised to leave Obamacare in place if the party doesn't go for this plan. Meanwhile, lawmakers agreed to axe part of the bill that required coverage for certain "essential" benefits (think: maternity and mental health care). Some Republicans wanted it gone to cut down on costs. The vote could be rescheduled to as early as today.


Seven years ago yesterday, Obamacare was signed. Ever since, Republicans have agreed it needs to be swapped out for something else. Now they have the chance, but they may not have the votes to get it done.



Sweet. In case you missed it, it's March Madness out there. And last night, the Sweet 16 kicked off with a major upset. No. 11 Xavier -- the team with the lowest ranking in this round of the tourney -- beat out no. 2 Arizona. The Musketeers were behind for a lot of the game...until the last few minutes, when they pulled off a 73-71 W. Xavier is one of the reasons why everyone's brackets have been busted -- a Cinderella team that managed to make it to the Sweet 16 party. And now it's hoping for a repeat when it faces off no. 1 Gonzaga in the Elite Eight this weekend. Meanwhile, higher-seeded Cinderellas like No. 8 Wisconsin and no. 7 South Carolina made it to the Sweet 16 too. They're playing in different games tonight. Break out the glass slippers.

PS: Want to stay on top of the Madness? We've got an app for that.


This should help your paranoia. Yesterday, the Senate passed a bill to let Internet service providers sell people's info – without asking permission first. Internet service providers (think: Verizon, AT&T) have access to things like your location, browsing history, and even emails. Last year, the FCC adopted rules that said providers have to ask their customers for the green light before selling this data to companies for things like targeted ads. Now, the Senate wants to ctrl + z those rules. Next, the bill goes to the House. Meanwhile, yesterday Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch wrapped his Senate confirmation hearing. But Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) wasn't impressed. He said he won't vote to approve Gorsuch – and he's asking other Dems to join him. Meaning Gorsuch may not get the 60 votes needed to be approved. This would probably force the GOP to change the Senate voting rules – aka "go nuclear" – so that they don't need Dems on board. Drama, drama, drama.


Bomb threats at Jewish community centers. Yesterday, Israeli police arrested an Israeli-American teen connected to a recent wave of threats across the US. More than 100 Jewish centers and schools were targeted. No real bombs were ever found. Jewish cemeteries have also been vandalized. Lawmakers and the Jewish community have been calling on President Trump to do something about it. Now, it looks like many of those threats were allegedly made by this teen in Israel, who is Jewish himself. It's unclear why he was making these threats. But his lawyer said he has a brain tumor that could affect his behavior. His dad was also arrested in connection with the case.


"The Women in the Castle" by Jessica Shattuck

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