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Rand Paul (R)

Kentucky Senator

Rand Paul (R)

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Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is trying to beat a crowded field of Republicans in the race for the top job. Get to know your candidate here.

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Bowling Green, KY.


Fun fact:

Right now I am playing on a baseball team. Republicans are playing the Democrats.


So, why should America hire you?

We have Republicans who blindly want to spend money on one thing and Democrats who blindly want to spend money on another thing. And the compromise is, we blindly spend money on everything. I would like to lead much more money into the hands of the people who produce it, and I would like to see a much smaller government in Washington that only spends what comes in.


Who should we call for a reference?

I think my wife would probably give me a good reference. It is 50/50 on some days…

Where do you stand on the following...


The Economy.

I think that in order to get the economy growing, we need to lead more money into the hands of the people….I want a much lower tax rate. The business tax rate, the corporate tax rate in our country is the highest in the world. The regulatory burden is the highest in the world, and we continue to lose businesses overseas because, frankly, we don’t have a great or a hospitable environment here.


The Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare).

I would like to have health insurance and access for everybody. I am a physician. I think that the best way to do that is to provide inexpensive health insurance. One thing that has not been solved is that the cost of health insurance is still prohibitive for many people, and in fact, it has gone up higher since [the Affordable Care Act]. I think people should be given a choice.


Would you change anything about how the US is handling this whole ISIS thing?

The Constitution is very clear: it says the declaration of war must come from Congress. The first thing that should happen is, the President should come to the people and present a case, and then he should ask Congress for permission. I personally would vote to say yes, we have to do something about ISIS….but I think ultimately the victory on the ground, a permanent and lasting victory will only occur with boots on the ground being Arab boots on the ground.


Student loans.

I think the student loan bubble is looming. There is going to be a big problem if we ever get to the point where it is finally discovered that education costs have run so much, the return on investment isn’t growing nearly as fast -- and people are already discovering, they are getting out of college, and the salaries they anticipated aren’t there but the loans are there. I would consider going to school a business expense, so I would make the whole thing deductible. I would make the interest deductible, I would make the principle deductible, and I would let anybody do it.


Right to choose. Yes or No?

Asking yes or no on a question that we spent four decades discussing is probably not a fair way to ask the question. The most important thing that we have to figure out is when life begins. I think when life begins, there is a role for the state in preventing one individual from aggressing against another. I’m an ophthalmologist, and some of the babies that I examine are sometimes one and two pound babies in the neonatal nursery, and once they are born everybody agrees that those babies have rights, and that mothers, fathers, grandfathers, nurses, doctors, nobody is allowed to harm that baby without repercussions from the state. These are really tiny babies, one and two pound babies. The question then becomes when does life begin? So I think we haven’t really discussed this in a meaningful fashion.


How many times do you hit snooze in the AM?

I don’t think I have ever hit the snooze button in my entire life. I usually wake up before my alarm goes off, and I am so excited to start the day.



Rand Paul rode the Tea Party wave into Congress in 2010, and has been shaking things up ever since by doing things like filibustering drone policy and the Patriot Act. His father - libertarian icon Ron Paul - has been a huge influence on Rand's politics, but he’ll have to get the GOP’s mainstream voters on board if he wants to make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.