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<span class="small"><strong class="bold">THE ISSUE:</strong> There are about 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the US. And millions of opinions on how the US should handle it.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold dem_color">HILLARY:</strong> We needed a path to citizenship yesterday.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold rep_color">TRUMP:</strong> We needed a big, beautiful wall on the US-Mexico border yesterday.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold">WHAT ELSE:</strong> Immigration reform is something every presidential wannabe has promised for decades. But it’s so politically touchy that nobody can get it done.</span>

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<span class="small"><strong class="bold">THE ISSUE:</strong> Shmashmortion: welcome to one of the most emotionally and politically charged issues out there.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold dem_color">HILLARY:</strong> The choice to get an abortion is between women and their doctors.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold rep_color">TRUMP:</strong> Like Ronald Reagan, I am pro-life with exceptions.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold">WHAT ELSE:</strong> The Supreme Court just gave its biggest abortion ruling in decades. And it came in the middle of 2016.</span>

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<span class="small"><strong class="bold">THE ISSUE:</strong> Civil rights is always an important election issue. This year, Black Lives Matter is in the spotlight.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold dem_color">HILLARY:</strong> Focus on changing laws and systems to level things out.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold rep_color">TRUMP:</strong> ”All Lives Matter,” and that should be the theme of this country.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold">WHAT ELSE:</strong> The Black Lives Matter movement is 2016’s symbol for things that have been frustrating the black community, and people around the country, for some time.</span>

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<span class="small"><strong class="bold">THE ISSUE:</strong> Climate change has been an issue for decades. Only recently did the US join the squad of world leaders trying to do something about it.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold dem_color">HILLARY:</strong> The US needs to be the world’s clean energy superpower.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold rep_color">TRUMP:</strong> Climate change doesn’t exist in any major fashion.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold">WHAT ELSE:</strong> Who the US elects to be in charge will have to deal with climate change. The question is how.</span>

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<span class="small"><strong class="bold">THE ISSUE:</strong> Americans are the most heavily armed people in the world. Depending on whom you ask, this is either ‘great’ or ‘just...great.’</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold dem_color">HILLARY:</strong> Time for universal background checks and closing loopholes that let the wrong people carry a gun.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold rep_color">TRUMP:</strong> We don’t have a gun problem. We have a mental illness problem.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold">WHAT ELSE:</strong> Gun culture is a huge part of American life. But most in the US agree it’s time for some kind of change.</span>

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<span class="small"><strong class="bold">THE ISSUE:</strong> Many kids aren't getting the education they need. And the ones who get past college have to deal with someone named Sallie Mae.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold dem_color">HILLARY:</strong> Common Core is the right direction. And we’ve gotta make college more affordable.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold rep_color">TRUMP:</strong> Common Core is a disaster. And the US shouldn’t make money off student loans.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold">WHAT ELSE:</strong> Ed reform in the US is a mess. And the last two presidents have tried – and mostly failed – to tackle the problem.</span>

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<span class="small"><strong class="bold">THE ISSUE:</strong> There have been just a few geopolitical fires over the last eight years. Whoever takes over next has a lot of work to do.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold dem_color">HILLARY:</strong> Stay the Obama course.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold rep_color">TRUMP:</strong> Time to step up our game and temporarily close our borders to countries with a history of terrorism.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold">WHAT ELSE:</strong> Hillz and Trump are often on opposite sides of the foreign policy spectrum. Americans have a yuuuge choice to make at the polls.</span>

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<span class="small"><strong class="bold">THE ISSUE:</strong> The US economy has gone from worse to less-worse. Not a good lawn sign slogan.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold dem_color">HILLARY:</strong> Cut taxes for the middle class. Create jobs by spending on infrastructure and clean energy.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold rep_color">TRUMP:</strong> Cut new trade deals to level the playing field. Sign major tax cuts without changing programs like Medicare and Social Security.</span>

<span class="small"><strong class="bold">WHAT ELSE:</strong> The economy’s doing better, but the numbers don’t match how a lot of people are feeling about their paychecks and job choices.</span>

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