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THE STORY The key to ending any cocktail party convo? Rhymes with shmashortion. Welcome to one of the most emotionally and politically charged issues out there. THE WHAT You’ve heard of Roe v. Wade, the 70s case in which the Supreme Court decided women have a right to privacy. Case, closed. Kinda. They left some specifics up to the states. And the states have a LOT of different ways of handling it. TELL ME MORE. Depending on where you live, getting an abortion can be like solving the DaVinci Code. Some states don’t allow insurers to cover it. Most let insurers refuse abortion coverage. Then there are some that require women to get counseling first, and go through a waiting period before getting one. For low income ladies in rural areas with shaky job situations, this makes it pretty impossible to get an abortion. In Texas, it’s especially tough. WHAT’S HAPPENING THERE? In 2013, the Lone Star State passed a controversial abortion law requiring doctors who perform abortions to have "admitting privileges" at nearby hospitals, and clinics to have hospital-like conditions (hint: expensive upgrades). But several clinics said 'pretty sure you're just trying to shut us down.’ The Supremes struck down the law in June, with the majority of Justices saying it makes it wayyyy too hard for a woman to get an abortion. So now, similar laws in other states around the country (ND, TN, UT) could get dragged into court too. WHAT THE GOP SAYS... This is a women’s health issue, not an abortion issue, and higher standards at clinics mean better medical care. And many pro-lifers in the party argue that abortion clinics shouldn’t be legal in the first place. WHAT THE DEMS SAY... Protecting women’s health means making sure they have access to a safe, legal abortion. And laws like the one in Texas are just trying to regulate it out of existence. WHAT THE CANDIDATES SAY… Hillary Clinton…the choice to get an abortion is between women and their doctors. I’m all about keeping that ‘choice’ window wide open.

Donald Ronald Reagan, I am pro-life with exceptions. theSKIMM The Supreme Court’s decision on this Texas law is the biggest ruling on abortion in decades. And it came in the middle of a presidential election.