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Skimm for March 17th
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"It was pure jealousy" – Matthew Perry on beating up his elementary school classmate, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for being better at sports. So no one told Trudeau life was gonna be this way.



Yesterday, the Senate Intelligence Committee said there's no evidence that former President Obama wiretapped President Trump.


Earlier this month, Trump claimed that Obama ordered his phones at Trump Tower to be wiretapped leading up to the presidential election. He didn't say how he knew this. But since it's illegal for a president to order wiretaps on US citizens, the allegation raised some flags. Team Obama said it definitely didn't happen. FBI Director James Comey allegedly asked the Justice Department to publicly deny Trump's claims. Meanwhile, the White House asked Congress to investigate. Congress said 'sure thing.'


Yesterday, the Senate Intelligence Committee said 'nope, we got nothing.' Earlier this week, the House Intelligence Committee said the same thing. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) chimed in too, saying "no such wiretap existed." But Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Trump "stands by" his claims. Congress has asked the Justice Department to hand over any evidence it has that this happened. The Justice Department said it would like a little more please.


The current president of the United States has accused the former president of spying on him. This is not a small deal. Next week, Comey will have a public sit-down with Congress to update them on the FBI's investigation into Russia's interference in the election. All of the above will probs come up too.



Better make room in the budget. Yesterday, President Trump gave Congress his outline for the federal budget. This is the first step in deciding how the gov spends its money in the next fiscal year. On Trump's wish list: a huge military spending increase and billions to help build a wall along the US-Mexico border. To make those things happen, he wants to cut funding for the EPA and the State Department. And completely cut funding for gov programs that help pay for the arts and public broadcasting. Meaning Big Bird's on notice. These things are typically on the GOP's chopping block in budget proposals. Next: Congress has to give the OK. And lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have juuuuust a few edits. They have to agree on a plan before October. Even though the GOP's in charge, it'll need at least a few Dems on its side to have enough votes to get it passed in the Senate. Let the negotiating games begin.


Maybe this will be you one day. Yesterday, British officials gave a group of doctors there the go-ahead to start making babies using DNA from three people. The UK's the first country to give the method an official thumbs up. It's a procedure meant to prevent mothers from passing along certain genetic diseases to their kids. Scientists take the parts of the mother's DNA that are risky and swap it with a donor's healthy DNA. DNA from both women gets thrown in with the father's DNA to make one big DNA cocktail. Meaning the birds and the bees just got even more awkward. Last year, a group of US doctors went to Mexico – because the US isn't on board with this procedure yet – to help a couple conceive this way. Critics say this may not be totally safe, plus it crosses an ethical boundary that could one day lead to "designer babies" (picking and choosing your kid's gene pool). British scientists are hoping to start baby making this summer. Let's get it on.


USA Gymnastics. Yesterday, the head of the group that oversees US gymnastics programs and trains Olympic athletes stepped down. This has to do with a sexual abuse scandal that's been tumbling around in the gymnastics community for months. It all started last year when it came out that hundreds of gymnasts were allegedly sexually abused by coaches and a team doctor for decades. Dozens of female athletes sued, saying USA Gymnastics didn't do enough to protect them. The group's president has been in charge since 2005, meaning he's been the one responsible for handling sexual assault complaints since then. Not anymore. He says 'didn't do anything wrong.' But the group's board says finding a new leader is just what it needs to help address this not-so-small problem.


"And After the Fire" by Lauren Belfer

This mystery is about a woman who inherits what could be a hugely valuable work of art stolen during WWII. As she tries to figure out if it's legit, she gets caught up in a tricky love triangle. Buy here.

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Skimm'ologist says it's St. Patrick's Day. Meaning even your dessert should be on theme.


Two truths and a lie: 1. It's the day to kiss an Irish, 2. It's also the day to double tap us here, 3. And leprechauns are real.


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