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"Obviously, Snapchat is for everyone!" – A Snapchat spokesperson doing damage control after the company's CEO allegedly once said the app is "only for rich people." Come one flower crown, come all.




Yesterday, Turkey voted to give its president way more power.


Last year, a group in the Turkish military tried – and failed – to overthrow President Erdogan. Erdogan was already looking to consolidate power, thanks to a string of terror attacks and millions of refugees coming into the country. So post-coup, he cracked down on political opponents, journalists, and teachers. And then decided he wanted to make some edits to the constitution. Yesterday, Turkey had a vote. And it looks like Erdogan got his way…just barely.


The new changes get rid of Turkey's prime minister and make the president HBIC. They also allow Erdogan – who's already been in power for 14 years – to run again for another five-year term. 


Turkey's had a rough few years. Erdogan's supporters say this will put the country back on stable ground. But critics – who are calling for a recount – are questioning whether his brand of stability is what Turkey really needs.



Yesterday, North Korea fired another ballistic missile test. It belly flopped.


North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jung Un has been adding to the country's nuclear weapons collection for years. This includes work on a missile that could reach the US. Lil' Kim has been feeling extra testy lately, and it's making the neighbors nervous. China (North Korea's biggest ally) has been pressuring the country to control itself, but it doesn't seem to be working. Meanwhile, the Trump administration has said it's ready to consider military options if need be.


Over the weekend, the North ditched the candles and celebrated its founding father's bday with a weapons parade. It included new weapons that the rest of the world didn't know about. Then yesterday, North Korea test fired a missile...that failed almost immediately. But VP Mike Pence said the North should stop pushing its luck because the "era of strategic patience is over."


For years, North Korea's been in this tense pattern with much of the rest of the world. But now, with a Trump administration that's not afraid to use military force, the pattern may be shifting.



Facebook Live. Yesterday, a man in Cleveland allegedly broadcast himself on Facebook while shooting and killing another man. Police are still looking for the suspect. This is only the latest violent incident to get airtime on the site, including one earlier this year when four people allegedly beat a disabled teenager.


Still gotta sign on the dotted line. Last week, President Trump signed a law that lets states cut federal family planning funds for healthcare providers that offer abortion services. Note: federal money can't be used for abortion services. Instead, it goes towards things like STD testing, birth control, and cancer screenings. Before former President Obama left office, he signed a law preventing states from cutting off funding for providers – like Planned Parenthood – just because they also provide abortions. Now, never mind. Supporters say that taxpayers shouldn't have to shell out for abortion providers. But critics point out that this takes away basic healthcare from millions of Americans. Bitter pill to swallow.


Arkansas. Over the weekend, a federal judge told the state to pause plans to execute eight death row inmates. The state was planning all eight executions in the next ten days, since its lethal injection drugs are about to expire. But the prisoners argue that one of the drugs used doesn't always work – see: the botched executions in Arizona and Oklahoma back in 2014. They say this could be cruel and unusual punishment. A federal judge agreed. The state's appealing. Meanwhile, a different judge banned Arkansas from using a different drug in the upcoming executions. In recent years, a lot of companies have stopped selling drugs used for executions in order to avoid association with the death penalty. Now, the company that makes the Arkansas drug says it was misled about what it was being used for. So for now, everything's on hold.


And then there's Syria. Over the weekend, a bomb hit a group of buses evacuating civilians outside the city of Aleppo. At least 100 people died, including several children. Thousands of civilians are being evacuated from certain towns that have been taken over by fighting in Syria's years-long civil war. It's unclear who is responsible. This comes a little over a week after the US responded to a deadly chemical attack in Syria with an airstrike against Syrian President Assad's forces. It also comes days after the US dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever on ISIS militants in Afghanistan. US officials said nearly 100 militants were killed and that the bomb wiped out a network of tunnels. No civilians were hurt.


April the Giraffe finally gave birth. Finally.


Goat yoga: Yoga with goats. It's the new trendy way to get your downward goat on. Not kid-ding. Apparently it's therapeutic. Oh, and Instagram-worthy.


Skimm HQ has back-to-back-to-back-to-back meetings. And no time to run out and grab a snackThis superfood smoothie – with the juice of apples, peach, banana, mango, spirulina, and kale – keeps us going in the in between.


Doctor's orders: get some Vitamin D. Three nights in Napa Valley should do the trick. And a little spa time couldn't hurt. Plus, we give you cash money for the airfare. Get to it here.


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