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"Planetary Protection Officer" – A real job opening at NASA. Responsibilities include protecting Earth from aliens. Will Smith is updating his resume.


The Story

Yesterday, President Trump threw his support behind a plan to scale back legal immigration.

Tell me more.

The US gives out about one million green cards every year, and many of them go to family members of US citizens. But the White House and some GOP senators want to change it up.

What's the plan?

A bill that would cut the number of green cards issued in half over the next decade. High-skilled workers, English speakers, and people who are financially stable would get a leg up. Meanwhile, spouses and young kids of US citizens would still get priority, but other family members would be out of luck.

What are people saying?

Supporters say these changes would drive up wages and help make the US workforce more competitive. Critics – from both sides of the aisle – say immigrant workers are a key part of helping the economy grow and that this would lead to labor shortages.


Trump campaigned on cutting down on immigration, and his voter base is very much on board. But this plan would need 60 votes to pass the Senate. And right now, that's not going to happen.


What people are talking about...

Missouri. In recent days, the NAACP issued a travel advisory to warn minorities about the dangers of traveling through the state. This is the first time the org has ever put out a warning like this. It comes as a response to a state law passed earlier this year that requires anyone suing a company for wrongful termination because of discrimination, to prove that was the explicit reason they were fired. Prior to this, workers just had to prove it was part of the reason. The state says the new law – which goes into effect later this month – is 'pretty standard' and brings Missouri in line with similar requirements across the country. But the NAACP is calling this a "Jim Crow" law. And says there have been other incidents recently – including "racist attacks" at the University of Missouri campus – that make traveling or living in the state risky for minorities. The NAACP's Missouri branch put out this advisory in June, and now the national office is saying 'we'll adopt it too.'

What to say when your friend suggests tequila shots…

Party time. Yesterday, the Dow reached for the top shelf after closing above the 22,000 mark. For the first time ever. The Dow serves as a litmus test for how hot the market's feeling by tracking the performance of 30 large US companies. So earlier this week, when one of those companies – Apple – dropped some super strong Q3 earnings, it helped push the Dow over the edge. Who else is raising a glass? Gimlet Media. The podcast network just got $15 million from venture capitalists. You know Gimlet for pods like "Reply All" and "Homecoming." Now it's planning to use some of that cash to expand into TV. Meanwhile, Qatar Airways is scrapping plans to buy a stake in American Airlines.

What people are watching…

Baltimore. It looks like the city's police dept may have a liiittle planting evidence problem. Last month, defense attorneys there released police body cam footage related to a drug case that seems to show an officer placing a bag of drugs near the scene of an arrest. Then earlier this week, police body cam footage from a different case came out that appears to show multiple officers planting drugs during an alleged drug bust. So the city dropped these cases and dozens of others because of questionable credibility of the officers. Now, the state's attorney says they're taking a second look at cases some of these officers were involved in.

What to say when your team brainstorm is actually productive…

Breakthrough. Yesterday, a new study released shows that scientists got rid of a heart condition by fixing a specific genetic defect in the DNA. Last week, we learned US scientists successfully pulled off DNA editing for the first time. Now, we're getting the deets. Not only can scientists edit genes to be disease-free, but those genes would be passed on to future generations. Honey, I Edited the Kids.

What to say when you find out Angela Merkel wears the same outfit on every vacay…

Here's one person who needed a change: Neymar's reportedly taking a wayyy bigger paycheck and moving. 



The name of a newborn calf that looks exactly like Gene Simmons. Face paint, tongue and all. Imitation is the best form of flattery.


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