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Skimm for August 4th
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"Hank was brought in for a formal interrogation" – An animal shelter using a creative method to find Hank the dog a new home. By looking into a case of a ruffed up stuffed animal. Whodogit?


The Story

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation now includes a grand jury.

Wait…back up.

Earlier this year, President Trump fired FBI director James Comey, who was leading the investigation into whether Trump's campaign team helped Russia interfere in the election. Comey later said Trump had asked him to drop parts of it. To which many said 'sounds like obstruction of justice.' So the Justice Dept. put Mueller in charge of the probe to keep a little distance. Yesterday, it came out that Mueller's taking it to second base.

What does that mean?

Mueller has put together a grand jury, which has the power to subpoena docs and question witnesses in secret. They decide whether there's enough evidence to bring charges against someone. Trump's team said they weren't aware of the grand jury, but are all for it if it means wrapping this whole thing up sooner. Meanwhile, the Senate intro'd a bipartisan bill to make it harder for Trump to fire Mueller, if he wanted to.

Anything else?

Yesterday, the Washington Post published transcripts of phone calls Trump had with world leaders earlier this year. Highlights include telling the Mexican president the border wall is not a top priority, and that he won NH because it's a "drug den." Critics say leaks like this not only undermine the gov's diplomatic efforts but could also have serious implications for national security.


Mueller's investigation has been keeping a low profile so far. A grand jury shows that things are ramping up.


What people are watching…

Famine in Africa and the Middle East. Yesterday, the US contributed $169 million to an international effort aimed at preventing famine in Kenya and Ethiopia. Reminder: South Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria, and Somalia are all already on the verge of a famine, with tens of millions of people at risk of starving. It's considered the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII, and it's being caused by a combo of things like severe drought, civil war, and extremist groups. The UN and other aid agencies have been asking for more donations to deliver food and water to people in need. Last month, the US gov pledged nearly $640 million to the four countries. Now, they're turning to Kenya and Ethiopia. The drought has spread and aiofficials say they're now at risk for famine. So this extra help comes at a critical time.

What to say when you hear LinkedIn is trying to be like Tinder

Maybe don't. Uber reportedly bought more than 1,000 cars for its drivers in Singapore...even though Uber execs there knew they were defective. It's very expensive to own cars in Singapore because of high fees and taxes. So Uber started buying thousands of cars for drivers to rent instead. Turns out some of them were recalled Hondas with safety issues. The Wall Street Journal says that Uber kept them on the road anyway and one of the cars ended up catching fire. After that incident, Uber says it fixed the problem ASAP, but admitted that it "could have done more." The company has a reputation for ignoring the rules on its path to global success. That cut-throat culture caught up to them in a big way this year. And now the company's still feeling the heat. Literally.

What to say when there's no rush-hour traffic on a Friday...

Unexpected. Yesterday, Michelle Carter was sentenced to over a year in jail, a much shorter sentence than people were expecting. Earlier this year, Carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for convincing her boyfriend to kill himself in a series of texts. The case raised questions about whether someone can be held responsible for another person's death based on their communications. Prosecutors recommended she get up to 12 years in prison, but the judge handed her 15 months plus five years probation. Carter's expected to appeal.


"Fierce Kingdom" by Gin Phillips

It's closing time at the zoo. A young mom and her four-year-old kid are the last ones to head for the exits. And then they're on the run...for the rest of the book. Warning: you'll finish this in one sitting. Buy here.


This Spanish white is like peaches, green apples, and grapes doing the fan-tango. It's tart and has a fizzy finish even though it's not a bubbly. Pairs perfectly with golden hour. Buy here.*


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