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"I'm sorry about that" – Ginger Spice apologizing for leaving the Spice Girls and breaking your pre-teen heart...19 years ago. Stop right now. Thank you very much.


The Story

President Trump is taking the US out of the Paris climate deal.

10 seconds. Remind me.

Back in 2015, almost every country in the world agreed to cut carbon emissions in a historic climate change agreement that took decades to reach. It really only came together after the US – one of the largest polluters in the world – came to the negotiating table. As a part of the deal, developed countries like the US would contribute to a global fund to help developing countries like India meet their carbon targets.

What are the pros of leaving?

The White House says this will save millions of jobs in the coal and oil industries. And that it'll save billions of dollars by cutting off US contributions to the global fund. Trump also says he wants to renegotiate the deal "on terms that are fair" to the US. EU leaders say 'that's not possible,' since the deal's already in motion and too important to rework.

What are the cons of leaving?

Scientists say that if the US continues polluting as much as it does now, it could make the effects of climate change even worse. This also risks having other countries – especially the ones that rely on the global fund – pull out too. Business leaders argue that leaving the deal is bad for the planet and makes the US less competitive. Other critics warn this could badly damage the US's standing on the global stage. Yesterday, the EU and China reaffirmed their commitment to the deal.


Even though this is a 180 from the last administration's climate policy, it'll still be a while until it's official. Withdrawing from this deal is expected to take years – and will likely still not be finalized by the 2020 presidential campaign.


What people are talking about…

The Philippines. Yesterday, a man opened fire in a major casino resort in the country's capital city of Manila. He also set gambling tables on fire. Dozens of people died by suffocating from the smoke. Police say it looks like the gunman was trying to rob the casino. This comes as the country is on high alert because of an ISIS-linked militant group that's been gaining ground there. Last month, the group took over the southern city of Marawi. The Philippine army has been trying to take the city back ever since. It's not going well. A recent military airstrike accidentally killed 11 Filipino soldiers. Meanwhile, Philippines President Duterte – a man who's been accused of human rights abusesdeclared martial law in the southern region, meaning the military can arrest people without a warrant. Duterte says he's considering putting the entire country under martial law to stop the spread of terrorism. That's something that hasn't happened in the Philippines since a dictator was in charge in the '70s. Many worry that Duterte will seize on the recent violence to consolidate power. Stay tuned.

What to say when you miss your exit on the highway…

U-turn. Yesterday, President Trump said the US embassy in Israel is going to stay put in Tel Aviv instead of moving to Jerusalem. For decades, Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting over rights to land in the region. Both sides say that Jerusalem – which straddles Israel and the West Bank – belongs to them. Israel considers it their current capital. Palestinians want parts of it to be their future capital in any two-state peace solution (where both Israel and Palestine would be separate states on a map). The US – and much of the international community – has always decided not to ruffle feathers by keeping an embassy in Tel Aviv instead. Presidential candidates in the past have also campaigned on moving the embassy – but never followed through when they got into office. Now, Trump is saying 'same here.' That could be because Trump is aiming to restart peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians. Israel says this decision is disappointing, but they appreciate Trump's "friendship." And the Palestinians say this "gives peace a chance." Olive branches all around.

What to say when your friend asks if you can cook…

If scrambled eggs count. Yesterday, Blue Apron said 'we're kind of a big dill' and filed for an IPO. As in it took the first step to coming out on the stock market. Ever since it got started in 2012, Blue Apron – the meal subscription service that your newly-married friends use – has been growing fast. Last year, the company managed to bring in nearly $800 million. But it isn't making a profit because it spends a lot of money trying to get people to sign up in the first place. Now Blue Apron's hoping investors have an appetite. The company could reportedly come out on the market later this year and be worth up to $100 million. Meanwhile, Walmart – the world's largest retailer – is trying out a new recipe. Yesterday, it said its employees are going to start delivering online orders on their way home from work. Employees who opt in get packages assigned to them based on their commute. Yes, they'll get paid. In recent years, Walmart's been feeling the pressure from a MVP rival (hint: rhymes with Schmamazon). And has been trying to beef up its online operations. Looks like that now involves getting employees to do some extra curricular activities. Everyday I'm deliverin'.

What to say to your friend who always corrects typos in the group chat...

But are you smarter than this sixth-grader?


In case you missed it, there is a healthcare debate going down on Capitol Hill over how to repeal and replace Obamacare. theSkimm teamed up with YouGov to survey millennial women on where you stand on the healthcare debate. Here's what we heard.


For your friend who had every "Gossip Girl" book...

"Rich People Problems" by Kevin Kwan is your next fix. It's part three of a series about some very crazy, very rich Asians. It's well-written escapism that'll get you through a beach weekend. Read it. And if you haven't read parts one and two, get all three here at a discount.*


For your friend who always gets the wine list at dinner…

This wine service ships vino to you at home with wi-fi connected dispensers. Yes, that's a thing. They'll tell you everything you've ever wanted to know about what you're sipping. And the dispensers keep the wine fresh for weeks, so you can have one glass at a time.*


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