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"She couldn't resist Whisper" – A Buckingham Palace source on why Queen Elizabeth adopted yet another corgi. Hush puppies.


The Story

President Trump has a lot on his mind right now.

What do you mean?

Just this week, Trump has been trying to create a road map for healthcare, voter fraud, and Syria – to name a few. All while sounding off on the ongoing investigation into whether his presidential campaign colluded with Russia to tilt the election in his favor.

Gimme the details.

Here's what's been going on…

Russia...Trump thinks Attorney General Jeff Sessions should never have recused himself from the Russia investigation, and says he wouldn't have picked him for the job if he'd known he would. Meanwhile, his son Donald Jr., son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort will testify in front of Congress next week as part of the ongoing Russia probe. And turns out at the previously undisclosed meeting Trump had with Russian President Putin at the G20 summit, the two leaders talked about...adoptions. Sounds familiar.

Syria...for years, the CIA has trained Syrian rebels fighting against President Assad in the country's bitter civil war. Yesterday, we found out Trump is cutting the program. It's unclear why now, but it's reportedly part of a strategy to focus on more cease-fire deals in Syria. Russia, which is pro-Assad, has long pushed for the US to scrap the program.

Voter fraud...Trump insists he lost the popular vote in 2016 because millions of people voted illegally. There is no evidence to support this. But he's created a commission to investigate. The commission asked states to hand over sensitive voter data – like addresses and partial Social Security numbers. Many said 'no thanks.' Yesterday, Trump showed up to the commission's kick-off meeting. And said "one has to wonder what (states are) worried about."

Healthcare...earlier this week, the GOP's effort to repeal and replace Obamacare failed. Now Trump's saying try, try again.


After months in office, it's been difficult for Trump to score political and legislative wins. Now it looks like he's doubling down on some of his key initiatives, while still keeping Russia – the thing that's sidetracked many of these initiatives – in the headlines.


What people are talking about…

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). Yesterday, doctors said the six-term senator has brain cancer. Many people started worrying about McCain's health last month, after his confusing questions during a Senate hearing. Then last week, McCain went into surgery to remove a blood clot from his eye. That was the reason the Senate delayed a vote on the GOP healthcare plan. Now doctors say that when they looked at the results from the surgery, they discovered an aggressive type of brain tumor. Experts say people with this type of tumor typically have up to 16 months to live after they've been diagnosed. Leaders from both sides of the aisle have sent their well wishes to the Vietnam war hero. According to doctors, he's recovering "amazingly well" and his family's looking at treatment options, which could include chemotherapy and radiation.

What to say to your friend who's counting down to the next GoT episode...

The Saudi Arabian royal family is playing Game of Thrones IRL. Last month, the Saudi King's son – Mohammed bin Salman – surprised everyone by replacing his older cousin as the new heir to the throne. Now we know how he pulled it off. And Cersei Lannister would be proud. The night before the royal reshuffle, Salman's cousin headed to one of his family's many palaces in the city of Mecca. When he got there, Salman said 'how bout you hand over that throne cuz.' To which his cousin said 'no thanks.' So Salman held him in a room for hours until he finally 'got tired' and gave in. Saudi officials say the cousin has a drug problem and isn't fit to lead. But others say it was because Salman just can't wait to be king. Meanwhile, Saudi police have released the young woman who was arrested earlier this week for wearing a mini skirt in that viral video. How progressive of them.

What to say to your friend who just watched "OJ: Made in America"...

The Juice could be out soon. Today, state officials will decide whether to let OJ Simpson out on parole. Reminder: back in the '90s, OJ was acquitted of charges that he murdered his ex-wife and her friend. The trial pretty much kicked off America's obsession with courtroom drama. Then in '07, Simpson was arrested in Vegas and charged with kidnapping and armed robbery. He was found guilty and sentenced to prison for up to 33 years. Simpson says he was just trying to get back some family items from a memorabilia dealer. Now, it's looking like he could get out as early as October.

What to say when your grandma says she's coming to visit…

The Supreme Court is rolling out the welcome mat.



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