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AUGUST 15, 2017



Skimm'd over oldies


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The Story

Yesterday, President Trump finally condemned white supremacist groups for last week's violent protests in Charlottesville, VA.

10 seconds…remind me.

Over the weekend, white nationalists gathered in Charlottesville to protest plans to remove a Confederate statue. They carried Nazi and Confederate flags, while chanting racist and anti-Semitic slogans. Violent clashes with counter-protesters led VA's gov to declare a state of emergency. Later that day, a driver rammed a car into a group of counter-protesters, killing one woman and injuring many others. The alleged driver was charged with second-degree murder and, yesterday, he was denied bond.

How did President Trump respond?

Initially, Trump denounced the violence on "many sides." Just about every lawmaker across party lines said 'not good enough.' They wanted Trump to call out the white supremacists by name and label this an act of domestic terrorism.

Where are we now?

Yesterday, after 48 hours of silence on the issue, Trump came out against the "KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups." But it was Attorney General Jeff Sessions – who has a spotty track record on civil rights – who went all the way and called this "domestic terrorism."

What are people saying?

That whether you're a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, condemning white supremacists is the right thing to do. So many want to know why it just took the President of the United States 48 hours to do it.

What else is going on?

White supremacists, neo-Nazis and other groups are planning more rallies, including one on 9/11. Meanwhile, businesses are responding in their own way. Yesterday, three CEOs stepped down from one of Trump's business councils because of how the president handled the weekend's events. Both GoDaddy and Google have kicked a white supremacist website off their servers. And cities around the country are moving to take down Confederate statues. Last night, Durham, NC protesters pulled down one of theirs.


Most of America has been looking for Trump to clearly distance himself from white supremacists – a group that supported his run for the White House.


What to say when you tell your friends you'll go skydiving but then back out the day of...

Changed my mind. Yesterday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reportedly backed away from plans to strike the US territory of Guam. Last week, it came out that the North has successfully created a nuclear warhead small enough to fit in a missile. Oh, and fun fact, some of its missiles can reach the US. President Trump said he's not afraid to unleash "fire and fury" against the North if necessary. The North responded by looking into a potential strike near Guam. Now, Lil Kim's reportedly changed his mind – but says the US should cool it or he will attack. Meanwhile, China – North Korea's only major ally and trading partner – has been getting a lot of heat from the US for not doing enough to get the North to dial back its weapons program. Case in point: yesterday, Trump asked his US trade office to look into China's alleged theft of US intellectual property. For years, China's allegedly been telling US companies that they can only expand there if they sync up with Chinese companies. Part of the deal also allegedly forces US companies to hand over data and other forms of intellectual property. US businesses say this means some local Chinese companies end up stealing American innovations. So yesterday Trump took a stand. Trading punches.

What to say to your co-worker who shows up minutes before a joint presentation…

Cutting it close. Today, Alabama votes in a special election to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Senate seat. It's coming down to two Republican candidates: Sen. Luther Strange and Roy Moore. Strange is the former state attorney general who has the support of President Trump. Moore is the former state supreme court justice who once instructed Alabama's judges to defy federal court orders allowing same-sex marriage. Right now, Moore's got the edge. Many say one of the reasons Strange is trailing behind is because he's linked to disgraced former Gov. Robert Bentley (R-AL), who resigned earlier this year over a sex scandal. And because he has support from the DC establishment. Alabama is a deep red state and will probably stay that way after the election. But many see this election as a test of whether Trump still has influence over his core base. If no one gets the majority, the top two candidates from today's race will face off in a run-off election in September. A southern nail-biter.

What people are watching...

Sierra Leone. Yesterday, officials said at least 200 people were killed in a massive mudslide that swept the outskirts of the country's capital. Hundreds are still missing. Summer is rainy season for the West African country. That, plus things like deforestation and poor city planning cause major destruction when a mudslide hits. Officials say up to 3,000 people have lost their homes. Now, they're in search and rescue mode for the hundreds still missing.

What to say when you win an argument...

Taylor Swift knows the feeling.

What to say when you hear Leo DiCaprio will play Leonardo da Vinci

Big Ben will be playing a mime for the next four years.


Cute rage

That feeling when you see something cute – like babies or puppies – and just want to squeeze it. Think: it's so fluffy I'm gonna die.



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