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AUGUST 18, 2017


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Skimm'd over cereal for dinner


"A colossal fraud" – A group of people who are suing Poland Spring's parent company, alleging that the water doesn't * actually * come from a spring. They're thirsty for justice.


The Story

Yesterday, Spanish police shot and killed five suspected terrorists attempting an attack south of Barcelona. This came hours after a deadly terror attack in the Spanish city.

What do we know?

First, a van plowed into a crowd of people in downtown Barcelona, killing at least 13 and injuring about 100 others. The driver veered onto a busy walkway in the city's tourist center of Las Ramblas, swerving back and forth through the crowd. Officials are treating this as a terrorist attack. Later, local authorities killed several other suspects that were carrying out a separate, but connected, vehicle attack south of Barcelona. At least six people were injured.

Who did this?

Unclear. ISIS claimed responsibility for the Barcelona attack, but that doesn't necessarily mean the group was directly involved. Police say three people were arrested in connection with the attacks, and that the driver of the van is still at large.


This is the worst terrorist attack in Spain in more than a decade. Yesterday, leaders of the UK, France, and Germany – which have dealt with similar terror attacks in the last year – all offered their support to Spain.


What to say when you're training for a marathon but don't run for two weeks...

Setback. Yesterday, three Hong Kong pro-democracy activists were sentenced to six to eight months in prison for helping lead the 2014 Umbrella Movement protests. Hong Kong used to be a British colony, but officially became part of China in 1997, under the condition that it kinda does its own thing. Back in 2014, Beijing said it was going to start limiting who Hong Kong could elect as its leader. That led to widespread and months-long pro-democracy protests in the streets. The protesters used umbrellas to protect themselves from police pepper spray. Surprise, China was not happy about any of this. Three of the most influential activists in the movement were arrested. Last year, two of them were sentenced to community service and one had his sentence suspended. The Hong Kong government – which is stacked with China supporters – didn't think that was harsh enough, so state prosecutors appealed. Yesterday, a court said 'you got it' and handed down sentences meant to send a message to other protesters. The activists all received at least six months of prison time, which makes them ineligible to run for office for five years. They all plan to appeal. Supporters and human rights groups say this is yet another step backwards for Hong Kong.

What to say when your office rival joins your team at work…

Better stay on your toes. Alibaba's telling Amazon the same. Alibaba is the giant Chinese e-commerce company that went public in 2014 in the largest IPO ever. And yesterday, its stock hit the gas pedal thanks to its prettayy stellar earnings report, making it worth around $415 billion. Meaning Amazon – worth more than $450 billion – is watching its back. Alibaba's revenue is up by more than 50% because more and more people are pushing 'add to cart' instead of going to physical stores. Somewhere, Jeff Bezos is sleeping with one eye open.

What to say when you steal all the hotel toiletries and then get stuck in the elevator...

Karma. Yesterday, drugmaker Mylan reached a $465 million settlement with the Justice Dept. You know Mylan as the maker of EpiPen – the life-saving drug for people with allergies. The one that got Mylan on everyone's sh*t list after it raised the price of a two-pack from $100 to $600. Turns out, the gov says Mylan also misclassified EpiPen as a generic drug, instead of a brand name product. Since brand names are usually more expensive, this allowed the company to avoid expensive payments to state Medicaid programs that help people pay for healthcare. Mylan says EpiPen was already classified as generic when it acquired it. But under the settlement announced yesterday, the company agreed to re-classify it.

What to say when you hear Jaime Lannister and Lin-Manuel are having a bromance...

Speaking of perfect pairings, Malala is headed to Oxford.



"Fitness Junkie" by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza

A satire about a small business exec on a mission to lose some lbs – or she'll lose her job. Enter: boutique fitness classes with screaming instructors, too many green juices, and a fitness tracker that will not quit. It's not the deepest book you'll ever read. But it's the kind of frothy escapism that's perfect for a long weekend. Hint: the one coming up in a couple weeks. Here you go.*

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