Skimm'd after the GoT finale

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AUGUST 28, 2017


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Skimm'd after the GoT finale


"Each strain was cultivated with the specific shows in mind" – Netflix is reportedly expanding into the weed business with a pop-up shop. Netflix and chillllllll.


The Story

Large parts of Houston and southeast Texas are underwater after Hurricane Harvey hit this weekend.

Tell me what happened.

On Friday, Harvey hit Texas as a Category 4 hurricane. Making it the strongest storm to hit the US in over a decade. Harvey later weakened to a tropical storm, but hung out over Texas all weekend, dropping some heavy rain. Parts of Houston – the fourth-largest city in the US – were flooded with up to 10 feet of water. At least five people have died. Rescue crews are still trying to reach thousands of people who are stranded, and have asked volunteers with boats to help. Hospitals have been evacuated. Hundreds of thousands have lost power. And many homes have flooded or collapsed.

What's next?

The storm is expected to bring several more feet of rain in the next few days – meaning the flooding will get worse. President Trump has signed off on federal aid to help with recovery and is supposed to visit the state tomorrow. Meanwhile, Harvey has forced Texas oil refineries to close, which could send gas prices up around the country.


Harvey is shaping up to be the worst storm in Texas history. FEMA officials say the recovery effort will take years. Here's how you can help.


What to say when you start a new job...

Where should I sit? Yesterday, it came out that Uber's putting Expedia exec Dara Khosrowshahi in its CEO driver's seat. That seat's been empty for weeks. This year, Uber's been called out for discrimination at the office, is being investigated by the Justice Department for using technology that allegedly helped drivers avoid law enforcement, and has been dragged to court by Alphabet's Waymo. All of which led to several employees – including execs – either stepping down or being forced out. Including co-founder and former CEO Travis Kalanick – who was known for aggressively growing Uber into a nearly $70 billion business. And breaking a lot of rules along the way. Now, Khosrowshahi's expected to take the wheel. He's been the CEO of the travel website Expedia since '05 and oversaw the company's global expansion, aka not a newbie at this whole corner office thing. He was the last man standing out of three potential candidates for the Uber job, including GE CEO Jeff Immelt and Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman. Now all eyes are on whether he can help Uber shift gears.

What to say to your friend who had a crazy weekend...

So did a lot of reporters. On Friday night – just as Hurricane Harvey was hitting Texas – President Trump made lots and lots of headlines. First, he pardoned former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He was known, among other things, for aggressively cracking down on undocumented immigrants. A while back, a group of Latinos sued Arpaio for alleged racial profiling during traffic stops, saying he and his deputies were locking people up just because they suspected them of being undocumented immigrants. Eventually, a federal judge ordered Arpaio to change his ways. He didn't and was found guilty of contempt of court. Arpaio was supposed to be sentenced later this year. Not anymore. Arpaio was one of Trump's earliest supporters during the campaign. Now he's on the receiving end of Trump's first presidential pardon for "protecting the public." And it looks like it may have happened without a nod from the Justice Department. Critics – including House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) – say Trump is undermining "respect of rule of law" with this pardon. Meanwhile, Trump also spent Friday officially signing off on a ban on transgender people serving in the military. Oh and one more thing, Special Counsel Robert Mueller – who's investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia – is starting to subpoena witnesses to testify in front of a grand jury. NBD.

What people are talking about…

Myanmar. Over the weekend, the Myanmar government faced off with insurgents there, and almost 100 people died in the fighting. Myanmar – previously known as Burma – is a mostly-Buddhist country that sits between Bangladesh and Thailand. It has a small Muslim population called the Rohingya that lives on the country's western coast. Myanmar's gov has long discriminated against the group and refuses to give those in the Rohingya community citizenship. Human rights groups accuse Myanmar's military of doing things like burning Rohingya houses, killing them, and raping women. As a result, tens of thousands of Rohingya have been forced to flee their homes in recent years. This has also led Rohingya insurgents to play defense. Last week, this group attacked more than a dozen police outposts, leading the gov to fight back. In recent days, thousands more people have been forced to flee the violence and now they're knocking on Bangladesh's door.

What to say when the VMAs made you feel old...

Floyd Mayweather's still in fighting shape. Over the weekend, one of the greatest boxers ever rolled out of retirement to beat up UFC champ Conor McGregor. It was McGregor's first professional boxing match and he put up a fight at the start. But eventually Mayweather wore him down and the ref called it in the 10th round. Now Mayweather can go home with a 50-0 record. Plus at least $100 million. And McGregor's bringing back at least $30 million with his bruises. Win-win.


It's almost fall. Which means the start of a lot of activities involving balls flying at people's noses. Like the US Open. Here's a name to know...

Jelena Ostapenko: The little-known Latvian tennis pro who, at this year's French Open, became the first unseeded woman to win the tournament since 1933. She'll be at the US Open, which kicks off today. Our app has a sports calendar that gives you the heads up on all the important stuff – before your news feed lets you know you missed it.

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