Skimm'd after a beer with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

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AUGUST 31, 2017


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Skimm'd after a beer with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau


"Last year we were really blindsided" – The World Clown Association is still recovering from all those creepy clown sightings. That makes all of us.


The Story

Large parts of Mumbai are flooded. And Harvey's making its way through Louisiana.

Tell me about Mumbai.

In recent days, heavy rains in the Indian city have led to the worst flooding there in over a decade. South Asia gets a lot of rain every year, but things have been especially bad this rainy season. This summer, flooding in parts of India, Bangladesh, and Nepal has killed more than 1,000 people. With many still missing. Over half a million homes have been damaged or destroyed. And things like weak infrastructure – think: homes made out of mud, poor drainage systems – have made the damage even worse.

And what's the latest with Harvey?

The storm has moved on from Texas to parts of Louisiana. And is expected to leave the area for good by this weekend. In Houston, TX, the water level is starting to go down. Making the extent of the damage there even more visible. Dozens of people have died and tens of thousands have moved into shelters. Many of the people hardest hit by the storm don't have flood insurance, and now face expensive damage repairs. And more than 200,000 people have already filed for federal aid.


Experts say climate change is likely partly to blame for Harvey's strength, which is now one of the worst storms in American history. And that extreme events like this are becoming the new normal across America and around the world.


We sat down with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to sip some of his favorite beer (Labatt 50) and Skimm some of the key issues facing Canada and the US today. Pssst: this is kinda like a Guest Skimm, but you can turn the volume up. Watch it here.

Still need some convincing, eh? Here's a preview.

Let's talk NAFTA. President Trump has said he might want to pull the US out of the trade deal. You have said it just needs to be modernized. Where are the two of you farthest apart?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Well, first of all, NAFTA's a deal that's been around for over two decades. It's been updated a dozen times over this, so there's nothing huge about making sure that it keeps up with the times – whether we're talking about the digital economy, whether we're talking about environmental standards and things like that...I don't think we're far apart on what we want out of it...I think some of the policy prescriptions between President Trump and myself are a little divergent, but I know if we stay focused on outcomes – I mean, NAFTA has created millions of good jobs for the middle class on both sides of the border over the past 25 years.

In your interactions with President Trump, has there been anything that surprised you?

JT: It may be surprising to some that he's … [long pause] … he's authentic in that the person he is on-camera, in public, is very true to the person he is in private. There's a consistency there that one can work with.

PS: Want more Trudeau? Watch the full interview here.


What to say when you're feeling light headed after a hard workout...

That was taxing. Yesterday, President Trump hit the road to talk taxes. For months, Trump's been promising to overhaul the US tax code. His speech was meant to lay out how. But it didn't come with many details. His main suggestions are to simplify the tax code and cut taxes, especially for businesses. Saying this will lead to higher pay for workers, and eventually a stronger economy overall. But critics say 'actually not so sure about that.' Trump plans to meet with Congressional leaders on Tuesday to hash out all the details. Meanwhile, earlier this week the White House hit 'reject' on an Obama-era rule that would have required large companies to cough up data about employee paychecks, broken down by race and gender. The info would then be used to help close the wage gap. But critics said it was going to be too much work for companies and wouldn't have been helpful. Those critics include Ivanka Trump, who has made championing women's issues a key part of her agenda.

What to say when your work rival responds with 'as per my earlier email'...

The US and South Korea are feeling a little less subtle in their response. Today, the two countries flew bombers and fighter jets over North Korea and conducted a mock bombing drill. Earlier this week, North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan. So this is the US and South Korea clapping back. The flyover comes at the end of the US and South Korea's annual joint military exercises. North Korea does not love this annual tradition and usually ramps up their missile tests during this time. Last month, the country tested missiles that could reach parts of the US. And threatened to attack the US territory of Guam (which is where the US bombers flew out of today). Read: tensions between the two sides are at a high. Yesterday, President Trump said "talking is not the answer." Message received.

What to say when you wear white pants to work and don't spill anything on yourself...

That's a first. Yesterday, the FDA signed off on a gene therapy for the first time ever in the US. It'll be used to treat a certain kind of leukemia that's the most common type of cancer in kids. Here's how it works: docs take certain immune system cells from the patient, then genetically modify aka edit them to attack and kill the cancer cells. Then they're put back inside the patient to do their thing. This is considered a type of immunotherapy – treatment aimed at giving someone's immune system a boost. Tests show that this particular treatment pushes the chances of survival way up. It can only be used on patients who are 25 and younger who haven't responded to standard treatment. Oh, and on patients who can afford to shell out nearly $500,000. But the company behind the drug says it's working to make sure it can give families an assist with the cost. So there's that. Scientists have been looking into these kinds of gene therapies for years, but none of them have hit the market. Until now. And researchers are hoping to develop similar treatments for other cancers and diseases.

What people are remembering…

The tragic death of Princess Diana, which happened 20 years ago today.


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