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SEPTEMBER 01, 2017


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Skimm'd while packing up the car


"Your security is low" – The message that hackers left for WikiLeaks on its homepage. Apparently even Julian Assange's password is 1234.


The Story

Time's running out for President Trump to decide whether to end DACA.

What is that?

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It's one of former President Obama's signature immigration policies.

Give me some background.

Comprehensive immigration reform has been on the US gov's to-do list for years. Obama put DACA in place by executive order – which is DC-speak for 'going it alone.' It protects undocumented immigrants who arrived in the US as kids from being deported. It also gives them the OK to temporarily work or study in the US. But because DACA was a presidential policy, not a law, Trump can flip it and reverse it.

How many people are we talking about?

Almost 800,000 people. Casual. Supporters say uprooting them from their lives is against American values. And that they contribute to the country's economic growth. Critics say the program was unconstitutional to begin with, because the president doesn't have the power to create this kind of policy.

So…what's Trump going to do?

Unclear. As a presidential candidate, he promised to immediately end DACA. But since taking office, he's gone back and forth, suggesting he might instead make changes to the program. Now a group of attorneys general from conservative states are trying to force his hand. They say that if the feds don't end the program by Tuesday, they'll take it to court.

Are people going to get deported?

If Trump decides to exnay the program, then that's a definite possibility. But may not necessarily happen immediately. A DACA work permit lasts two years. Trump could decide to phase out the program by refusing to renew existing permits once they expire. He could also ask for more time from the attorneys general to make his decision. Or even ignore the deadline altogether and see what happens in court.


For months, hundreds of thousands of people have been in limbo while Trump made up his mind. Either way, they'll likely get clarity in the next few days.


What people are talking about…

Harvey. Yesterday, a chemical plant near Houston, TX, exploded twice, and might again. The chemicals onsite need to be refrigerated, but the storm cut the plant's power. No one was hurt by the explosions although the chemicals that've now been released into the air could lead to some health issues. Meanwhile, water levels in some parts of TX are going down, allowing rescue workers to search for survivors. People are starting to return home, only to find them damaged or destroyed. And many are without access to clean, running water. President Trump has promised to donate $1 million out of his own pocket for relief efforts. Meanwhile, a new hurricane called Irma is brewing out in the Atlantic Ocean. It's unclear where and when it may hit.

What to say when you stop on an infomercial…

But wait, there's more. Yesterday, Wells Fargo said that fake accounts scandal from last year is actually even worse than everyone thought. Last year, Wells Fargo admitted that its employees spent years opening millions of fake accounts to meet aggressive sales goals. Pretty much everyone said 'wtf.' Wells Fargo's CEO lost his job and the company agreed to pay out tens of millions of dollars in fines and refunds. It also took a second look at its books. And is now saying 'whoops' and that it's discovered 1.4 million more potentially fake accounts.

What to say when your computer freezes…

Shut it down. Yesterday, the US gov told Russia to shut down three of its diplomatic offices across the US, including its consulate in San Francisco. ICYMI, the US intelligence community agrees that Russia interfered in last year's presidential election. And it did this in part to help President Trump win. Earlier this year, Congress said 'you can't just do that' and passed sanctions to punish Russia. Russia said 'nyet so fast' and told the US to cut hundreds of staff from its diplomatic offices in Russia. So now the US is hitting back again. Tit meet tat.

What to say when you open a giant delivery box and there's a tiny package inside…

That was a bust. Yesterday, one of the most high-profile murder cases in Pakistan came to a controversial and temporary close. Back in '07, the country's former prime minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in a bomb and gun attack. The president at the time – who came to power in a military coup – has long been suspected of being involved in the assassination plot. But it wasn't until 2013 that he was formally charged with murder. Yesterday, a court made some decisions. It labeled the former prez – who's basically been in self-imposed exile ever since Bhutto's assassination – a fugitive, seized all his property, and said they'd put him on trial if he comes back to the country. So it's been almost a decade since Bhutto's death and there's still no real conclusion to the case. To which many Pakistanis are saying 'so much for closure.'

What to say when you hear about that Pittsburgh Penguins player who baptized his son in the Stanley Cup

Too far. Just like the all-lady remake of "Lord of the Flies."



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