Skimm'd while putting our white jeans away

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SEPTEMBER 05, 2017


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Skimm'd while putting our white jeans away


"Alone in your room and want company? RENT-A-FISH" – A service offered at a Belgian hotel. Because that'll solve it.


The Story

Today, Congress is back from its annual summer break. And lawmakers have some legislative paperwork filling up their binders.

Like what?

Here are a few items they're looking to cross off their to-do list...

Bills, bills, bills…As in Congress has to vote to raise the debt ceiling – the max amount the gov can borrow – by the end of the month. Or else the gov defaults on its debt. It also has to agree on a budget. Or else it faces a gov shutdown. President Trump initially said he'd veto any budget that didn't include funding for a US-Mexico border wall. But it looks like he's backed off that threat.

Harvey relief…As in the massive storm that hit Texas last month. It's going to take a lot of money to get Houston and other areas back up and running. The White House proposed nearly $8 billion in relief, and wants Congress to tack that funding onto the debt ceiling bill. But some Republicans say going about it that way doesn't live up to their fiscally conservative squad goals. So they're pushing back.

DACA…As in Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It's the Obama-era program that protects undocumented immigrants who arrived in the US as kids from being deported. And it's let almost 800,000 people to stay in the US to work or study. Now, Trump is considering ending the program, but only after giving Congress a six-month window to potentially come up with a replacement. Problem is, DACA was passed by executive order partially because Congress had such a hard time agreeing on immigration reform at the time. TBD on how it goes this time around.

Tax reform…as in the White House and congressional Republicans want to overhaul the tax system. And are looking for a legislative gold star to show off in next year's midterm elections, after healthcare reform proved to be prettyyyy difficult. Trump's got some ideas like lowering the corporate tax and income tax rates. He's expected to meet with lawmakers today to go over details.


Everything on this list requires Congress coming to an agreement. And that's about as easy as getting excited for the first day back at the office after a long weekend.


What to say when your sister brings her SO home for family dinner...

Getting serious. Over the weekend, North Korea said 'we're going all out' and tested what it said was a hydrogen bomb. Think: the kind that's way more powerful than the atomic bombs used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In recent months, North Korea's missile testing has gone into overdrive. Including testing two missiles that could potentially reach the US. The international community usually passes sanctions after sanctions to try to get NK to cool it. Spoiler: it's not. Instead, the country's going full steam ahead on nuclear testing. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley says it looks like North Korea is "begging for war" and that the UN needs to pass stricter sanctions against NK stat. The US is also considering punishing any country that trades with North Korea. Meanwhile, Trump is picking a fight with South Korea – a longtime US ally – by calling the country out for not being tougher on its northern neighbor. And threatening to cancel a US-SK free trade agreement. Everyone else is saying 'odd time to be making frenemies.'

What to say to your friend who's always listening to '70s music…

RIP Walter Becker. Over the weekend, Becker – who helped found the band Steely Dan – died at 67. Steely Dan got started in the '70s, thanks to Becker and co-founder Donald Fagen. You know them for being sorta pop, sorta jazz. And putting out hits like "Rikki Don't Lose that Number," "Reelin' in the Years," and "Dirty Work." They're in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and have won several Grammys. It's unclear how Becker died, but he and the band were still rocking on stage as of this year.

What to say when your news feed is all engagements and baby pics…

Add this one to the mix. The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with baby no. 3. And people are already placing bets to guess the name and gender of Prince George and Princess Charlotte's younger sib. Also, Prince Harry is breathing in that stress-free air now that he's one step further away from ever becoming king.



A planned candid. It's that Insta photo that looks totally natural – think: gazing at the sunset, lounging poolside, laughing at something off camera. Except it's not. Social media bubble, burst.



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