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SEPTEMBER 06, 2017


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Skimm'd while trying indikitch


"When you've been arguing with Fed-Ex all week that you really are Madonna" – Madonna, going postal.


The Story

Congress just added 'replace DACA' to its to-do list.

Catch me up.

DACA: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants who were brought to the US as kids are in the program – which protects them from deportation and lets them temporarily stay in the US to work or study. President Obama put it in place by bypassing Congress with an executive order.

So what's the latest?

Yesterday, President Trump ended the program, saying it's unconstitutional because Congress, not the White House, is supposed to set immigration law. Now, lawmakers have six months to come up with a replacement before DACA officially ends. Trump is hoping that their new plan will be a part of a broader immigration reform package. And says he'll "revisit this issue" if they can't get it done.

Are people going to get deported?

Those already in DACA are fine for now. And immigration officials say they aren't going to target DACA recipients for deportation. Meanwhile, the program's not accepting any new applications.

What are people saying?

Supporters say DACA recipients have taken jobs away from Americans and that the program unfairly protects people who are in the country illegally. Critics say the gov is turning its back on immigrants who are big contributors to the economy and who've basically spent their whole lives in the US. Both Dems and Republicans in Congress say they want to come up with a fix that won't leave these immigrants out in the cold.


Congress has been trying its hand at comprehensive immigration reform for years and has never been able to make it happen. Now, hundreds of thousands of people are waiting for lawmakers to give them an answer.


What people are watching...

Hurricane Irma. This morning, the category 5 storm made landfall in some of the Caribbean islands, including Barbuda and Antigua. It's still unclear how much damage it's done there. But in the next few days, the storm's expected to make its way through places like Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic before possibly hitting southern Florida over the weekend. Irma is one of the strongest storms in the Atlantic, bringing winds of up to 185 mph, heavy rain, and storm surges of up to 20 feet. Florida and Puerto Rico have already declared a state of emergency and some areas are telling people to evacuate. This hurricane comes fresh off the heels of Hurricane Harvey, a category 4 storm that hit Texas last month, killing at least 60 people.

What to say when you get a Venmo from someone you don't know...

Invalid. Kenya's Supreme Court is saying the same. In recent days, the court raised its hand and said the results of last month's presidential election aren't legit. Kenya has a history of election issues. After the '07 election, violent protests broke out over allegations that the vote was rigged. Then heading into last month's presidential election, a top election official in charge of voting tech was found dead, making a lot of people nervous about the integrity of the vote. After the country re-elected the sitting president, his opponent said the election system had been hacked. Now, the Supreme Court is saying 'yep,' looks like there were some "irregularities." This is the first time the election of an incumbent prez in Africa has been overturned. The current president is saying 'disagree, but sure let's do it again.' Opposition supporters are giving a round of applause. Everyone heads to the polls again next month to get 'I voted' stickers. Again.

What to say when you get a seat upgrade after your flight was delayed...

Silver lining. Researchers are saying that the Zika virus could be used to treat a certain type of brain cancer. Zika's carried by mosquitoes and causes minor symptoms in most people, but can lead to serious birth defects in babies born to infected mothers. That's because the virus attacks stem cells. And babies' brains, which are still developing, tend to have a lot of those. Stem cells can also be found in brain tumors. So researchers said 'let's play to its strengths' and have been using the Zika virus to try to kill off these cancerous stem cells. So far, it's worked on trials in mice, and the researchers hope to move into human testing in the next few years. In other news making the health world scratch its head, a four-year-old girl in Italy recently died from malaria. Here's the catch: even though malaria is still a huge problem in many parts of the world, it was supposed to be wiped out in Italy decades ago. Now, health officials are trying to figure out how she got the disease. And are already set to meet this week to talk about how to keep Europe malaria free.



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