Skimm'd after a day in the lab

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SEPTEMBER 07, 2017


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Skimm'd after a day in the lab


"This conclusion comes as no surprise" – Salvador Dali's foundation on new DNA evidence in a paternity case involving the artist. The results are in, and he is NOT the father.


The Story

Yesterday, Hurricane Irma made a direct hit on many Caribbean islands. It looks like it'll hit Florida later this weekend.

The What

Irma is one of the most powerful Atlantic storms ever recorded. It is a Category 5 hurricane with winds around 180 mph.

What happened yesterday?

At least eight people have been killed. Early yesterday, the storm hit Barbuda, nearly leveling the small island and leaving more than half the population homeless. It also hit Antigua, St. Martin, St. Barts, Anguilla, and more – leading to flooding, power outages, and emergency rations. In Puerto Rico, it knocked out power for a lot of the island. The US territory has been going through an economic crisis for years, and the public power company is low on cash. So it could take months before the electricity infrastructure is back up and running.

What's happening now?

Today, Irma is supposed to continue across the Caribbean. On Sunday, it's expected to hit south Florida and the Keys. Florida's governor has declared a state of emergency and evacuations have started in some counties. The Carolinas and Georgia are also in prep mode.


This enormous storm is one of three active hurricanes in the Atlantic right now. And it comes at a time when Texas is just starting to deal with the aftermath of a different enormous storm.


What to say when the highway exit you want to take is backed up...

Not a good sign. Yesterday, Facebook said that during the presidential election, it sold around $100,000 in ads to a Russian company with ties to the Kremlin. US intelligence officials agree Russia interfered in the election, in part to help President Trump win. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is looking into how exactly they did this. One method was to pay people to spread fake news on social media. Meanwhile, Facebook's also gotten a lot of heat for helping spread fake news during the election. It responded by saying its content is the real deal. Then said 'wellll...maybe it's a problem' and promised to help crack down on any shady stories. Now, it turns out that between 2015 and 2017, the company sold around 3,000 ads to fake accounts that link back to Russia – which mostly mentioned hot-button issues like gun control and immigration. Facebook turned the info over to investigators looking into the Russia drama. BTW, it's illegal for a foreign gov to spend money to influence US elections. The plot thickens.

What to say when your co-worker gets called out for leaving dishes in the sink...

Rules are rules. Yesterday, the EU's top court told member countries they have to open their doors to refugees whether they like it or not. Europe has been dealing with the worst migrant and refugee crisis since WWII. Millions of people have fled from countries in Africa and the Middle East for Europe. And many have ended up in Italy and Greece – putting a huge burden on them. The EU set up a system to relocate more than 100,000 refugees to other member countries. Some (like Germany) said 'come one, come all,' while others (like Hungary and Slovakia) said 'you can't tell us what to do' and that it puts national security at risk. So they took the policy to court. Yesterday, the EU's version of the Supreme Court said 'too bad' and that all EU countries have to roll out the welcome mat. Slovakia said 'fiiiine,' but Hungary's saying 'still not happening.' Now, it faces possible fines if it doesn't let in more than 1,000 refugees assigned to the country.

What to say when you and your sister show up to drinks in matching outfits...

Same page. Yesterday, President Trump and Democratic lawmakers actually agreed on some things. Earlier this week, Congress came back from summer break to a very full to-do list. They had to 1: raise the debt ceiling (the max amount of money the gov can borrow) to avoid the feds defaulting. 2: pass a budget to avoid a government shutdown. And 3: give a thumbs up to nearly $8 billion in recovery aid for Hurricane Harvey. Republicans have been pushing for an extended debt ceiling increase, so that they wouldn't have to revisit the issue until after 2018 midterm elections. But Dems have been calling for a three-month deal so they have another chance to get their priorities funded later this year. Trump said 'I'm with you,' apparently because he wanted to get the Harvey fundingit'll be tacked onto legislation to raise the debt ceiling and pass a temporary budget – signed, sealed, and delivered. GOP leaders said 'cool, thanks for taking our side.' Congress still has to officially vote on everything. Then they get to put their boxing gloves away until December.



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