Skimm'd while waiting for Claire and Jamie to be back in the same century

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SEPTEMBER 08, 2017


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Skimm'd while waiting for Claire and Jamie to be back in the same century


"I hope he will have the confidence to be himself" – The former headmaster at Prince George's new school. Because the future king of England will probably have a hard time getting playdates.

The Story

Hurricane Irma is moving on from the Caribbean and is expected to hit Florida this weekend.

Catch me up.

The hurricane – which went from a Category 5 to a Category 4 storm this morning – has killed at least 11 people. And devastated several Caribbean islands. Yesterday, it made its way through Haiti and Turks and Caicos. And is likely to face off with Florida this weekend.

Is Florida ready?

Getting there. Hundreds of thousands of people have evacuated. Millions of others have been told to be ready to leave home. Gov. Rick Scott (R) says Irma could be even more devastating than Hurricane Andrew – a Category 5 storm that hit Florida back in '92, killing more than 60 people. That's because Irma's winds have been much stronger and span a much wider area.

What about the other hurricanes?

Irma is one of three active Atlantic hurricanes right now. Hurricane Jose is a Category 3 storm that could soon pass through many of the same Caribbean islands just hit by Irma. And Hurricane Katia could hit the eastern coast of Mexico in the next few days. Meanwhile, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico's southern coast overnight. That's the strongest quake in the country in a century, and it killed at least five people.

Anything else?

Texas is still reeling from Hurricane Harvey. Yesterday, the Senate approved more than $15 billion in a disaster aid deal. One that also temporarily extends the US debt ceiling and funds the government, avoiding a shutdown at the end of the month. Slow. Clap. The House still has to sign off, which it's expected to do.


Irma is one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes ever recorded.

What to say when you hear that some ACT exams were canceled because of a security breach...

Nothing is safe. Yesterday, Equifax said 'oops we've been hacked.' Equifax is one of three major US credit reporting companies, responsible for things like calculating your credit score. Earlier this year, hackers broke into Equifax's data through a website "vulnerability." And stole the personal info of around 143 million people – almost half of the US population. They got their hands on Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and even some driver's license and credit card numbers. Those two Yahoo breaches that came out last year are still the biggest ever. But this one has everyone on edge because of all the personal info that could be exposed. Experts say the hackers could sell this data to shady people, which could put consumers' identities at risk. Equifax says it's called in law enforcement and a cybersecurity firm to look into this. In the meantime, the company has set up a website to check if you're one of the millions impacted. Oh, (Equi)f*ck.

What to say when a job applicant sends you a resume with typos…

This needs some edits. Yesterday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said she's going to take a red pen to rules on campus sexual assault. In recent years, the way some universities have handled sexual assault allegations on campus has been raising a few eyebrows. Back in 2011, the Obama administration reminded schools that Title IX – the law that bans sex discrimination in schools – requires them to crack down on sexual violence on campus. And that they could risk losing their federal dollars if they didn't step up their game. The administration also rolled out guidelines that lowered the standard of proof for cases dealt with on campus. Supporters said all of this would help protect victims. Critics said that lowering the standard of proof was unfair to the accused. Now DeVos is saying she wants to change the guidelines because they've "failed too many students." She's going to get feedback from the public before putting out a new memo.

What to say to your friend who just became an Alex Smith fan...

Trying something new. Square is saying the same. Earlier this week, it came out that the company wants to get in on the banking business. Square's run by Jack Dorsey, who also runs Twitter. It's got a Venmo-type payment app and also helps small businesses – like your local hipster coffee shop – handle their transactions with things like its tablet credit card system. Now, it's planning on moving into bank loans for small businesses and letting them open deposit accounts. Who's also growing? Amazon. Yesterday, the company said it wants to open a second HQ for about 50,000 employees. It'll cost at least $5 billion to build. But The 'Zon still doesn't know where it wants to go. So cities like Dallas, Philly, and DC are all brushing up on their PowerPoint skills.

What to say when you notice your date has small hands…

Graydon Carter's waving goodbye to Vanity Fair.

What to say when you realize it's your friend's wedding anniversary…

North Korea really knows how to celebrate.


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"The Child Finder" by Rene Denfeld will do it.* And if that's not your level, this will be – here's a bonus chapter of "The Thousandth Floor." It's our fave dystopian read from the last few years. Read it here.

For when you realize you're excited about that crisp fall air...

So is this bottle of Spanish red. It's smoky, bold, and ready for a night on the couch.*

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Cheersing with Honey Deuces at the US Open. Our app keeps you up on when and where the balls are flying. Get it here.

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