Today is the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Our thoughts are with all those affected by the tragic events of that day.

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2017


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Today is the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Our thoughts are with all those affected by the tragic events of that day.


The Story

Hurricane Irma is making its way up Florida's west coast.

Catch me up.

Yesterday, the roughly 400 mile-wide storm landed in Florida as a Category 4 hurricane, with winds around 130 mph. It's since weakened to a Category 1. Last week, at least 27 people were killed when Irma hit the Caribbean. So far, it's unclear if the storm has caused any deaths or injuries in FL. But the storm knocked out power for more than three million people across the state. It flooded streets in Miami and other cities. And the Keys saw a storm surge of around 10 feet.

Remind me what a storm surge is.

A rise in the water level that happens when wind from a hurricane pushes water toward the shore and never pulls it back out to sea. Officials say that Irma could cause surges as high as 15 feet along some parts of the southwest coast. Meaning they could completely cover a house.

What's next?

Irma's making its way up Florida's Gulf Coast before moving on to Georgia. Millions of residents have been ordered to evacuate. Yesterday, Florida's gov said "the biggest thing you can do now is pray."


Irma has forced one of the largest evacuations in American history. Here's how you can help.


What to say to your friend who spent all weekend watching football…

The tennis pros had a few balls in the air too. American Sloane Stephens and Spaniard Rafael Nadal are carrying around giant trophies. They were the women's and men's champs at the US Open this weekend. Stephens is new to the winner's circle – this is her first Grand Slam title. She was ranked 83rd going into the match aka odds are not so hot. But she beat the 16th-ranked American Madison Keys in two straight sets. And Nadal is still holding onto his No. 1 title. He beat South African Kevin Anderson, ranked 32nd, and took home the US Open crown for his 16th Grand Slam title.

BTW...our app has a sports calendar that clues you into when all the big balls are flying. Get it here. The first month is on us.

What people are watching…

Mexico. Last week, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake hit the country's southern coast in the middle of the night, killing at least 90 people. That's the strongest quake to hit Mexico in 100 years. Officials are still searching the rubble for survivors. Thousands of homes and buildings were damaged or collapsed. Many people are sleeping outside because they're too scared to go home. Meanwhile the US West Coast is still dealing with massive wildfires. This is one of the worst wildfire seasons in US history. Some of the fires are burning across tens of thousands of acres. And have been active for at least a month in areas that are especially hot and dry.

What to say when you're thinking it's time to 'lose' your iPhone...

Nordstrom's losing its clothes. The department store is reportedly opening a new location. There won't be any clothes. Just beer and manicures. Makes sense.



Pronounced bo-ket-to. Basically, it's the Japanese word for spacing out. You, in your morning meeting later.



Ever kept your toothbrush around for too long? Us too. So we went electric. And got this service to keep HQers so fresh and so clean, clean. Warning: your roommate might want to steal it, it looks that good. Get it here.


What we're watching…

Issa Rae feeling "Insecure" for the finale time.

For when you're craving a milkshake…

This one will bring all the boys to the yard.


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