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SEPTEMBER 12, 2017


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Skimm'd while picking what to read next


"A turd in a fedora" – One person's take on the new Denny's mascot. It's supposed to be a sausage.


The Story

Irma's lost its hurricane status and is now a tropical storm.

Where is it?

Yesterday, it crossed the Florida-Georgia line with 60 mph winds and is expected to head to Alabama. Meanwhile, parts of FL, GA and South Carolina are under a tornado watch.

How's Florida doing?

Better than expected. But not great. At least six people have been killed. Large parts of Miami and Jacksonville are flooded and at least six million people are without power. The Keys may be in such bad shape that officials think they might need to evacuate around 10,000 people who didn't leave before the storm. And people who did evacuate may not be able to go home for a long time.

How's the Caribbean doing?

Very, very bad. Irma hit the area last week as one of the most powerful Atlantic storms ever. Dozens of people were killed and tens of thousands lost their homes. Food, water, and gas are running low. Looting is becoming a major problem. The entire island of Barbuda was destroyed and will cost hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild.


In just two weeks, the US has been hit with two record-breaking hurricanes. Here's how you can help.


What to say when your restaurant rec isn't popular...

Shut down. That's what China is thinking of doing to bitcoin exchanges that operate in the country. Bitcoin: a digital currency not backed by a government or bank that people can buy or sell through online exchanges. Since it's not regulated, bitcoin is often used by shady people for things like money-laundering. It's also been pretty big in China. As in at one point the country made up more than 80% of global bitcoin trade. But the Chinese government is not a fan. Last week, it banned businesses from raising money in the form of bitcoin from investors. Now it's looking into putting the kibosh on all Chinese bitcoin exchanges. China isn't the only one with the regulatory bug – other major economies, including the US, are worried about what to do with bitcoin too.

What to say when all the ice melts in your mixed drink...

Watered down. Yesterday, the UN passed a tame version of sanctions against North Korea. Earlier this month, North Korea claimed it tested a hydrogen bomb – which can be much more powerful than an atomic bomb. The US pressured the UN to pass the strictest sanctions possible. Like, a full ban on oil imports, which would cripple North Korea's economy. But Russia and China – which typically side with the North – said 'not gonna happen.' So the US had to settle for things like a cap on the country's oil imports and a ban on textile exports. Want more Skimm on NK's weapons program, and how the country became so effing crazy? Here you go.

What are people talking about…

Myanmar. In recent weeks, more than 300,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled the country for Bangladesh. Myanmar – also known as Burma – is a mainly Buddhist country bordering Bangladesh and Thailand in Southeast Asia. And the Rohingya are a small group of Muslims who live there. They've long been a target of discrimination by the Myanmar government and the gov has recently been accused of human rights violations against them. A Rohingya militant group has started pushing back. Last month, it attacked military and police posts in the country. Since then, Myanmar's gov has been violently cracking down on the entire Rohingya population, including burning their villages and killing them. The UN says this is a "textbook example of ethnic cleansing." BTW Myanmar's leader is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. And now some are calling for her to lose her prize for not speaking out against the violence.


Basic witch

Your lady friend who drinks moon dust lattes and carries crystals in her purse.



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