Skimm'd after a full day of meetings

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2017


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Skimm'd after a full day of meetings


"I can get you a blue check overnight" – A person connected to a black market where people can pay thousands of dollars to get verified on Instagram. Priorities.


The Story

Equifax has some explaining to do.

What is Equifax?

A huge company that calculates credit scores based on personal info like your Social Security number and address. Kind of a big deal since your credit score determines whether you're eligible for loans.

How does Equifax have all this info?

Your bank or credit card company sends it to them. Then Equifax uses it to create your full credit report. They'd also have it if you've ever directly requested an annual report.

OK…so what happened?

Last week, Equifax said that earlier this year, hackers got their hands on the personal data of around 143 million people. That means SSNs, addresses, birthdays, and credit card numbers. Not alarming at all. The company apparently knew about this back in July, but didn't say anything until now. Oh, and three Equifax executives sold shares of the company before the hack became public.

Now what?

The FBI is investigating, and the Senate has juuuuust a few questions.

How do I know if I've been affected?

You can check here. If you were, experts say you might want to freeze your credit – basically lock down access to your credit files. This blocks anyone trying to do something like apply for a card in your name. Equifax says it'll let you do this for free for the next 30 days. How nice of them.


This is one of the worst data hacks ever, and it might have some pretty long-term consequences for millions of Americans.


What to say to your friend who went to WWDC…

X marks the spot. Yesterday, Apple said 'ta daaaa' to the new iPhone X for the iPhone's 10th anniversary. There's no home button, it unlocks with a selfie, and has wireless charging. So no more untangling cords. It has a bigger and better screen. Oh, costs $999. And you can't get it til November. There's also an iPhone 8. There's no nine, because the seven eight it. And there's a new Apple Watch with a cell connection. Can you hear me now?

PS: our app has a business and tech cal that'll let you when these kinds of things are going on

What to say to your engaged co-worker...

RIP Edith Windsor. Yesterday, Windsor died at age 88. Windsor's the LGBTQ activist who took the Defense of Marriage Act to the Supreme Court. Back in '09, Windsor's wife died and left Windsor her hundreds of thousands in estate taxes. In most cases, surviving spouses don't have to pay these. But since the US gov didn't see same-sex marriages as legit at the time, Windsor did. So she went to court. After a lot of legal back and forth, the Supremes sided with her. That set the wheels in motion for the 2015 decision to legalize same-sex marriage across the US. Meanwhile, yesterday SCOTUS said President Trump's ban on certain refugees entering the US stays. For now.

What people are talking about...

Freddie Gray. Yesterday, the Justice Department said it won't bring federal civil rights charges against the Baltimore, MD police officers involved in his death. Gray, a 25-year-old black man, died in 2015 of a severe spinal cord injury. He got it from riding in the back of a police van handcuffed and shackled, but not buckled in. That led to protests, rioting, and a state of emergency in Baltimore. The six officers involved were charged. Three were acquitted, and the city dropped the other cases. Meanwhile, the DOJ has been investigating whether there's enough evidence that the officers willfully violated Gray's civil rights. It's a high legal bar to clear. Yesterday, that answer came up 'no.'

What to say to your friend traveling solo...

So independent. That's what Iraqi Kurds are saying this month when they vote on whether to break up with Iraq. The Kurds are an ethnic group spread out across Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey that have long been fighting for their own state. They've also helped in the fight against ISIS, and have picked up territory along the way. Earlier this year, Iraq's Kurds called for an independence referendum. But yesterday, Iraq's Parliament said 'that would be unconstitutional' and could threaten security in the region. But, the Kurds are reportedly going for it anyway. Meanwhile, Catalonia is also considering divorce. Back in 2014, the region – that includes Barcelona and makes up a huge part of the country's economy – voted to break up with Spain. But Spain said the vote was illegal. Soon Catalonia will try, try again. Dios mio.

What to say at a baby shower...

Any name but Irma. Yesterday, Florida evacuees started heading home after Hurricane Irma tore through the state earlier this week. The hurricane prompted one of the largest evacuations in US history. It killed dozens of people in the US and the Caribbean. In the Keys, it damaged nearly every home, and destroyed around a quarter of them. Millions are still without power. Meanwhile, Georgia and South Carolina are dealing with major flooding. Now, Irma's lost most of its steam.

What to say to your friend who says "make it work"...

Nina Garcia definitely is.



Intercontinental ballistic missile. The kind that can go the distance. This year, North Korea has tested two ICBMs with the potential to reach the US. They still have to figure out how to create one that can re-enter Earth's atmosphere without burning up. Silver lining.

PS: we Skimm'd how North Korea became so effing crazy. Plus what the international community is doing about it. Read it here.



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