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SEPTEMBER 14, 2017


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Skimm'd while making mac-and-cheese


"Quiet neighbors" – A for-sale sign on a Michigan home. It's next to a cemetery.


The Story

Democrats say they've reached a deal with President Trump to protect young undocumented immigrants.

Wait...remind me.

Last week, Trump said he's ending DACA – the Obama-era program that protects nearly 800,000 people who were brought to the US illegally as kids from deportation. But was giving Congress six months to come up with a fix before DACA officially ends.

So what's new?

Last night, Trump had Dem leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY) over for takeout. They agreed to move fast to protect these immigrants, and also boost border security. The Dems say this will not include a border wall – one of Trump's top campaign promises. The White House says the wall is definitely still on the table.

Where were the Republicans?

Not there.


This is the second time in two weeks that Trump has side-stepped the GOP to work with Dems on top priorities. But Republicans still control Congress, and he'll need their votes to pass this potential deal.


What people are talking about…

Florida. Eight residents at a nursing home died recently, after Hurricane Irma knocked out AC in the building. Authorities have launched a criminal investigation. And Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) told all nursing homes in the state to make sure they're keeping their residents safe. Millions in Florida are still without power, which, in some cases, may not be back on for weeks. Meanwhile, Hurricane Harvey – the category 4 storm that hit Texas last month – could end up costing the government about $11 billion in insurance payouts. If true, that could make it the second most expensive storm ever for the gov.

What to say when you leave the house...

Did I lock the door? The US government is also trying to keep things safe. Yesterday, the gov blacklisted Kaspersky Lab – a Russian cybersecurity firm that sells things like antivirus software. Earlier this year, the US intelligence community agreed that Russia interfered with the presidential election, in part to help President Trump win. Kaspersky has long been suspected of having ties to the Kremlin. Now, Homeland Security is worried the software could be used to help Russia to spy on the gov, so they've banned federal agencies from using it. Especially since, under Russian law, Kaspersky has to give Russia's spy agencies an assist when asked. This has also prompted some stores – like Best Buy – to quit selling the software. TBD if stores like Staples and Amazon will do the same. But Kaspersky says there's nothing to worry about. Roger that.

What to say when your office is running a marathon...

Too far. Just like Martin Shkreli's recent Facebook post. Yesterday, a federal judge threw the pharma bro in jail for something he put on social media. You know Shkreli as the guy who hiked the price of a life-saving drug from $13.50 to $750 a pill. He's also the guy who was found guilty of things like securities fraud last month. All of which landed him a place on everyone's sh*t list. Then last week – while he was out on bail and waiting to be sentenced for fraud – he posted on Facebook that he'd pay $5,000 in exchange for a strand of Hillary Clinton's hair, follicle included. Normal. Shkreli's lawyer says this was just a joke and that Shkreli "says things that are stupid." But a federal judge says Shkreli's basically asking someone to assault Clinton, which isn't cool. Bail denied.


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