Skimm'd after a night in

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2017


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Skimm'd after a night in


"We can be on stage while I'm home walking the dogs" – An ABBA band member on their plans to tour as holograms...while still very much alive. Giving new meaning to 'having the time of your life.'


The Story

Today, President Trump has his UN General Assembly coming out party.

Remind me what this is again.

The UNGA is an annual world leader slumber party. For your friends in NYC, this means traffic. For everyone else, it means lots and lots of speeches.

Who's going?

World leaders from nearly 200 countries. That includes French President Emmanuel Macron and Israeli PM Netanyahu. But Russian President Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Chinese President Xi Jinping all RSVPd 'no.' Today, Trump will take the mic for his first official UNGA address.

What will he say?

Trump gave some hints yesterday. In his welcome address, he said the UN is too bureaucratic and unorganized. But that the US will still have its back. He'll prob also remind everyone that they really, really need to do more to address North Korea and its nuclear ambitions.

What's on the agenda?

North Korea, because see above. Iran, and the nuclear deal that Trump has talked about getting rid of. Climate change, because world leaders very much want Trump to stay in a landmark deal to fight global warming. And a few other light topics like terrorism and the ongoing persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.


Trump was elected on his "America First" platform. But today, he's meeting with "Everybody Else." And these get-togethers will shape relationships between the Trump White House and governments around the world.

PS: Our app gives you the heads up on big deal global events like this. And today, it also has a pronunciation guide for all the names you should know, because it's Ang-geh-lah, not An-gel-ah.


What people are talking about...

Hurricane Maria. Last night, the Category 4 storm devastated the small island of Dominica. Maria is now expected to pass near many of the same Caribbean islands still recovering from Irma. And tomorrow, it will move towards Puerto Rico, which is currently in the direct path of the storm. Yesterday, Puerto Rico's governor told people in certain areas to start evacuating. And the US territory has already started rationing basics like water and batteries. Meanwhile, Hurricane Jose is a Category 1 storm heading up the US East Coast this week. This could mean heavy rain and dangerous currents to coastal communities in states like Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

What to say to a couple fighting on the subway...

I can hear you. Yesterday, it came out that the FBI has reportedly been wiretapping Paul Manafort. You know him as President Trump's one-time campaign chairman who resigned after some shady payouts he received came to light. Think: the kind from a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine. He's also under the microscope in the federal investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in last year's election. Now, CNN is reporting that the FBI had a warrant to wiretap Manafort back in 2014, as part of a corruption investigation into Ukraine's former president. It stopped last year, but picked up again when the FBI suspected Manafort of chit chatting with possible Russian spies. Manafort was often talking with Trump during this time, but it's unclear if the president was also picked up on hot mic.

What to say to a potential "Rolling Stone" buyer

Show me the money. Slack just got a briefcase full. The workplace messaging app pulled in $250 million in funding and is now valued at more than $5 billion. A lot of that funding came from SoftBank, the Japanese tech firm that's been parking its money in a bunch of startups lately like WeWork, and Uber rivals Grab and Ola. Meanwhile, Northrop Grumman is dropping some cash. Yesterday, the defense contractor – that makes things like aircraft and surveillance systems for the military – said it's shelling out nearly $8 billion for Orbital ATK. Orbital, known for rockets and all things missiles, will help Northrop Grumman get a leg up in the space market aka the military's next battlefield. But not everyone's bank account is feeling lucky. Yesterday, Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy protection. That's because people are buying all their fidget spinners online, which left Toys R Us with hundreds of millions in debt. For now, the company said most of its stores will stay open, but things R not looking good.



Not a winding road. Another way of saying you ignored someone. As in 'I curved him after the second date.'



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