Skimm'd while deep cleaning HQ

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2017


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Skimm'd while deep cleaning HQ


"We wanted to make sure Mr. Bezos and his team notice us" – An Arizona CEO who sent Jeff Bezos a 21-foot cactus as part of a bid to have the new Amazon HQ built there. That'll make him feel all warm and prickly.



The Story

Yesterday, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit the central part of Mexico.

What happened?

The quake hit the state of Puebla in the early afternoon, killing more than 200 people. Dozens of buildings collapsed, hospitals were damaged, and millions were left without power. Search and rescue operations are ongoing. This area near Mexico City is in a spot that's especially vulnerable to potential earthquakes. And yesterday's quake happened on the anniversary of an earthquake that hit Mexico in the 80's and killed nearly 10,000 people.


This also comes less than two weeks after an 8.1 magnitude earthquake hit off the country's southern coast, killing at least 90 people.


The Story

Hurricane Maria is heading straight for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

How bad will it be?

It's bringing 160 mph winds, more than a foot of rain, and "potentially catastrophic" damage. It's already killed at least one person in the Caribbean and cut power to tens of thousands of people. Earlier this week, it completely destroyed the small island of Dominica.

And now?

It's moving near the Virgin Islands, and expected to make its way to Puerto Rico this morning. Today, it weakened from a Category 5 to Category 4 storm. But Puerto Rican officials are warning residents to evacuate or risk death.


Maria is expected to be the worst storm to hit Puerto Rico in nearly a century. And it comes after not one, but two devastating hurricanes hit the US in the past month.


What people are watching…

Myanmar. Yesterday, Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi took the mic to respond to international criticism for how she's handled the Rohingya crisis. Rohingya: a Muslim minority group in the mostly-Buddhist country. For decades, Myanmar's gov has discriminated against them. Then last month, Rohingya insurgents attacked Myanmar security forces. And Myanmar's military hit back…hard. It's been accused of burning villages, and killing and raping people. More than 400,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh. Leading the international community to look to Suu Kyi – a Nobel Peace Prize winner and pro-democracy symbol – to do something about the violence. Yesterday, she spoke out against human rights violations, but refused to criticize the military. She also said she'd be happy to let the Rohingya back in…if they pass a "verification" process. So, not the response many were looking for.

What to say to your friend starting a new job…

Here's one way to make an impression. Yesterday, President Trump made his debut at the UN General Assembly by bringing the drama. He said the US would "totally destroy" North Korea if Kim "Rocket Man" Jong Un continues threatening countries with its nuclear program. He also had some words for the UN-backed Iran nuclear deal. Saying it's an "embarrassment" to the US that could end up helping, not hurting, Iran's chances of creating a nuclear program. And heads up, Trump faces a key deadline next month to decide whether Iran is still complying with the deal. If he gives the country a thumbs down, the whole pact could unravel. He ended by saying that the UN's mission should be that all member countries "stand together for peace." So at least there's that.

What to say when Amazon updates you on your baby registry

WTF. That's what many Canadians are saying thanks to Equifax. Yesterday, Equifax revealed more than 100,000 Canadians may have also had their personal info exposed. Earlier this month, Equifax raised its hand and said it was hacked earlier this year. And 143 million Americans – aka more than one third of the country – may have been affected. Hackers got their hands on SSNs, addresses, birthdays, credit card numbers, etc. It's one of the worst data breaches ever. And now, Canada's stressing too. Ehhhhhh.

What to say when you hear 'never gonna give you up'…

Am I being rick-rolled? GOP leaders in Congress set out to repeal Obamacare and they are not. giving. up. This time, it's called the Graham-Cassidy bill. Here's what's in it: the bill would take federal funding that goes into Obamacare, and hand it to the states to run their own health care programs. It would get rid of the 'individual mandate' that requires people to buy insurance. And it would roll back funding for Medicaid, the gov program that helps low-income people pay for healthcare. It's unclear what this will cost, or how many people it might affect, because the Congressional Budget Office is still looking at the fine print. It won't have all those numbers for a few weeks...but the Senate GOP is aiming to put this to a vote before Sept. 30. After that, they can't pass it with a simple majority – which they have – because the rules will change. Because Congress.

What to say to your friend eating apples and honey tonight…

L'shanah tovah.



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