Skimm'd while clearing our schedules for TGIT

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2017


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Skimm'd while clearing our schedules for TGIT


"Romeo and Juliet" – The names of the iPhone X parts that are reportedly holding up production. Forbidden love is such a drag.



The Story

Puerto Rico is in the middle of a humanitarian crisis.

What's going on?

Last week, Hurricane Maria devastated the US territory. Millions of people are still without power. Nearly half the island doesn't have running water. Most of the hospitals are out of commission. The rest are struggling with limited equipment. There's a fuel shortage. And all eyes are on the Jones Act.

What's the Jones Act?

A law that says foreign ships can't pick up and deliver goods between US ports. It's meant to protect the American shipping industry. But right now, critics say it's making it harder to help deliver aid to Puerto Rico. The Trump administration lifted the Jones Act after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma - to help Texas and Florida recover. Now Puerto Rico is pressuring President Trump to do it again. Trump says he's thinking about it.


Puerto Rico is home to more than three million US citizens. And this is the worst natural disaster they've ever seen. Trump is visiting on Tuesday.


The Story

Yesterday, President Trump proposed a new tax plan. Stay awake.

What do I need to know?

That Trump's aiming to cut taxes for companies and many people by a combined $6 trillion. That he also wants to simplify the tax code so there are fewer tax brackets and deductions. That it's unclear how he plans to pay for this. There aren't many more details just yet.

What are people saying?

Trump and Republicans say these changes will boost economic growth and give the middle class a leg up. Dems aren't so sure. They say this looks like a high-five to the wealthy. And will make the country's deficit – the amount the gov spends vs what it brings in – thaaaaat much bigger.


This would be the biggest overhaul of the tax code in decades. And right now, Trump and the GOP are looking for a win.


What to say to your friend who throws on bunny ears as a costume...

RIP Hugh Hefner. Yesterday, the 91-year-old died at home at the Playboy Mansion. Back in the 1950s, Hef launched Playboy and went on to help revolutionize sexual culture in America. Over the years, he turned a magazine into a multimillion-dollar empire of clubs, TV shows, and bunny swag. He was considered a champion of sexual freedom, with some critics calling him out for chauvinism. He was known for being the ultimate bachelor and having a thing for silk pajamas. The mag – iconic for its nude photos – was also known for doing interviews with VIPs like Jimmy Carter and Fidel Castro. Now, he'll be buried next to the OG cover girl, Marilyn Monroe.

What to say when a blogger is promoting hair gummies...

It never ends. Yesterday, we got more info about how Russia has become a social media influencer. First, in recent days, hundreds of Twitter accounts with suspected ties to Russia were reportedly tweeting about the NFL protests, pushing both sides of the debate. Meaning it looks like Russia is still trying to influence American politics post-election. Second, a new report shows at one point Russia bought a Facebook ad about Black Lives Matter that was geo-targeted to people in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD. Experts say this is Russia's way of creating chaos and divisions in American society. And today, Twitter goes before Congress. Should be fun.

What to say when "Maury" is on in the background...

The results are in. Earlier this week, Iraqi Kurds held a vote for independence from Iraq. Yesterday, they said that more than 90% voted 'yes.' The Kurds: an ethnic minority group spread out across Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey. Iraqi Kurds have been kinda sorta independent for a long time, and now they want to make it official. But the rest of Iraq sees the vote as illegal. The US thinks it will derail the fight against ISIS. Iran and Turkey worry it'll lead to their own Kurdish independence movements. It's unclear what effect the vote will have. But yesterday, Iraq's parliament called on the Prime Minister to send troops into the disputed territory. The PM is saying 'hold off for now.'

What to say when the wine runs out…

Time to leave. Yesterday, the University of Louisville put head basketball coach Rick Pitino on unpaid leave. The school is caught up in a major FBI bribery investigation. The feds say assistant coaches at several NCAA schools – including Louisville – were part of a scheme to pay out players, and their families, who agreed to commit to these teams. It's unclear how or if Pitino was specifically involved. But he's kind of a big deal. He holds two college national titles, and is in the Basketball Hall of Fame. He also knows a thing or two about scandals (see: this and this). Now it looks like this could be the one that puts him out of a job.

What to say after a tense moment with a co-worker...

Water under the bridge. Russia and the US are working together to build the moon's first space station. For years, the space community has had a one-track 'send humans to Mars' mind. This new station would help do just that and more. Now it looks like Russia wants in. Because astronauts don't have time for 'you hacked our election' type drama. The two sides will reportedly work together on the tech needed for the project. Out of this world.


Flat earthers

What it sounds like. A growing number of people – ahem, B.o.B, Tila Tequila – are convinced the Earth is actually flat. Flat palm meet round face.



Meredith Grey and Annalise Keating are back. So is your TGIT life. Clear your cal for tonight at @8pm ET/ 7pm CT on ABC. BYO glass of wine. Doctor's orders.


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This Spanish white is basically like champagne. Cheers.*

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