Skimm'd while picking out a read to pack for the long weekend

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OCTOBER 04, 2017


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Skimm'd while picking out a read to pack for the long weekend


"Has the same shape as the Banana Design" – A lawsuit accusing Kmart of copying a banana Halloween costume. There are just so many other ways to portray a banana.



The Story

Days after the deadliest shooting in modern US history, investigators are still searching for a motive.

Quick, remind me.

On Sunday night, a gunman fired on a crowd at a country music festival in Las Vegas, killing at least 58 people and wounding hundreds. He fired shots from a hotel room, in which he'd set up cameras and stockpiled at least 23 weapons. He also wired tens of thousands of dollars to the Philippines in recent weeks – which is where his girlfriend was at the time of the attack. She's now back in the US and is being questioned. The suspect had no criminal record and no known ties to a terror organization.

Why isn't this being called domestic terrorism?

Some are saying 'if it looks like terrorism, and sounds like terrorism, call it terrorism.' Others, including law enforcement, are pointing out how federal law defines terrorism: the use of violence to "intimidate or coerce" a government or civilians to influence policy. And investigators don't have a motive yet.

What's the latest?

Any time there's a mass shooting, it reignites the gun debate. Dems are calling for a special committee to address gun violence in the US. They've also asked the GOP to toss a bill that would ease gun restrictions. President Trump says the White House will take up gun laws "as time goes by."


Some say this attack shouldn't be politicized. Others say that responding with 'thoughts and prayers' should be replaced by 'answers and solutions.'


The Story

Yesterday, President Trump visited Puerto Rico.

Quick, remind me.

Last month, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, killing at least 34 people and wiping out the power grid. Most still don't have reliable drinking water, cell service, or fuel. The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital, has criticized the US gov's response as too slow. Trump did not appreciate that.

What's the latest?

Yesterday during his visit, Trump praised the US gov's relief efforts even though he says it's thrown the budget "a little out of whack." He says the island should be proud that the storm wasn't "a real catastrophe" with a death toll like Hurricane Katrina's. He raised the possibility that Puerto Rico's debt will need to be "wiped out." The island has been dealing with a crippling financial crisis for years. He also showed off his free throw skills.


It's worth repeating that millions of US citizens are still without power and are low on food and water. Here's how you can help.


What to say while watching a Lifetime movie…

It gets worse. Like Yahoo's 2013 data breach. Reminder: last year, Yahoo said it had been hacked. Twice. Once in 2013 and once in 2014. The hacks were the biggest data breaches ever. Info including names, passwords, phone numbers, and birth dates were compromised. The news also came as Verizon was set to buy Yahoo for nearly $5 billion. After the hacks, Verizon started having cold feet, and got a discount on the deal. Now Verizon's saying 'actually…' that 2013 hack affected every. single. user. account. That'd be three billion. The silver lining: Yahoo already made all of its users change their passwords when the hacks were first disclosed last year.

What to say when you trade three sheep for an ore…

This is high stakes. Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in a gerrymandering case that could redefine US politics. Gerrymandering: when lawmakers redraw electoral maps to favor their party. Back in 2011, GOP lawmakers in Wisconsin redrew voting maps to give the elephants in the room an advantage at the polls. Dem voters sued, saying the maps violate their constitutional rights by silencing their votes. Now the Supremes are taking up the case. Liberal justices say voting maps like in Wisconsin could dissuade people from going to the polls. Conservative justices say the court could compromise its integrity by weighing in on a case that's so political. Justice Kennedy – who is often a swing vote – is up in the air. But he's got a while to think about it. The court has until June to make a decision.

What to say when you forget to send rent...

Should I start packing my bags? Yesterday, the US gov sent 15 Cuban diplomats packing. Over the past year, nearly two dozen US diplomats or their family members fell victim to possible sonic attacks in Havana. The attacks have led to symptoms including dizziness and hearing loss. The Cuban gov says 'we didn't do it.' But last week, the State Dept told Americans stop traveling to Cuba. And pulled most of its embassy staff from the country. Now, it wants certain Cuban diplomats in the US to go home, so that both embassies are operating with fewer staffers. Cuba says this decision is "reckless" and "hasty."

What to say to when you need binoculars...

Laurene Powell Jobs does not. The entrepreneur and philanthropist – who is Steve Jobs' widow – just shelled out for a 20% stake in the company that owns the NBA's Washington Wizards and NHL's Washington Capitals. Laurene reportedly wrote a check for hundreds of millions of dollars to make it happen. It makes her one of just a handful of women in the NBA and NHL with 'part owner' next her name. Baller.


Spon con

Sponsored content. Pretty much everything on Instagram. See: meal kit montages, hair gummies. Alt meaning: when minor league bloggers pretend they're being paid to promote this stuff. We see you.


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