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OCTOBER 06, 2017


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"Watchin' notifications roll in from afar is devastating" – A woman who dropped her phone onto a balcony below hers. Heartbreaking stuff.



The Story

Days after the worst mass shooting in modern US history, the NRA says it supports limiting access to 'bump stocks.'

Pause. What is a bump stock?

An attachment that lets a semiautomatic rifle mimic an automatic weapon by firing continuously. The Las Vegas gunman is believed to have used a bump stock when he killed 58 people and injured more than 500 others.

Ok. And remind me about the NRA?

The NRA is a huge pro-gun lobbying group that puts lots of money into political campaigns. And because gun rights are important to many people who also vote Republican, the NRA matters to just about every major GOP lawmaker in DC.

So what just happened?

The NRA said it supports adopting new rules restricting access to bump stocks. A lot of Republicans are also open to looking into it. Democrats are saying 'great, let's do it.' Hi, bipartisanship. It's been a while.


A GOP-controlled Congress may pass a gun control measure with the NRA on board. You can read that again.


The Story

President Trump is expected to soon announce that he's 'decertifying' the Iran nuclear deal.

Remind me about this deal.

The Obama administration, Iran, and five other countries spent almost two years hashing out a deal that puts strict limits on Iran's nuclear program, in exchange for lifting heavy economic sanctions against the country. Trump is not a fan of the deal, arguing that it's not in the best interest of the US.

Now what?

Next week, Trump is expected to 'decertify' the deal – or take the first step toward potentially unraveling it. This would give Congress 60 days to decide what to do next. The Trump administration is reportedly open to renegotiating. Iran's president has already said he's not interested.


All of this comes as the US is trying to convince another rogue nuclear state – North Korea – to step away from its weapons. Some worry that pulling out of the Iran deal will show the North that negotiating with the US isn't worth it.


What to say when you misquote Jay-Z

Are you Harvey Weinstein? Yesterday it came out that Weinstein reportedly sexually harassed actresses, female employees, and others for decades. Weinstein is kind of a big deal in La La Land. He's responsible for Oscar-winning movies like "Good Will Hunting," "Silver Linings Playbook," and "The King's Speech." He used to run the production company Miramax but left to launch The Weinstein Company. Now, a New York Times investigation has documented sexual harassment allegations going back three decades. And includes on-the-record allegations from Ashley Judd. Weinstein reportedly reached at least eight settlements with women, ranging from about $80,000 to $150,000. He says many of the accusations aren't true, but that he knows the way he's "behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain." Now, he's taking a little time out from his job for a bit.

What to say when someone asks what you want for your birthday...

World peace. This morning, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, aka ICAN. That's because, reminder, the international community is dealing with a few nuclear issues right now. See: Iran, and the nuclear deal whose fate might soon be up in the air. North Korea, and the series of missiles the country has tested over the past year as part of its nuclear program. Earlier this year, ICAN put together a treaty between more than a hundred countries to curb the world's nuclear enthusiasm. Who didn't sign on the dotted line? Nuclear powers like the US, North Korea, and Russia. This morning's announcement is the Nobel Peace Prize committee's way of saying 'maybe you should rethink that decision.' Point taken.

What to say when Netflix ups its prices...

Nothing is safe. Yesterday, it came out that Russian state hackers reportedly stole classified NSA info back in 2015. And did it by targeting a NSA contractor who put the info on his home computer. Brilliant. The contractor was reportedly using anti-virus software by Kaspersky – a Russian cybersecurity firm with alleged ties to the Kremlin. Last month, the US banned Kaspersky products from being used on government networks, over concerns it could help the Kremlin spy on the US. With this recent incident, it looks like Russian hackers ran off with info like the NSA computer code used to spy on foreigners. Kaspersky says it has 'nyet a clue about it.'

What to say when you miss your turn off…

Flip it and reverse it. Earlier this week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions reversed an Obama-era policy protecting transgender people from discrimination at work. Federal civil rights law bans workplace discrimination based on someone's sex. Under President Obama, the Dept. of Justice said that the law extends to people whose gender identity is different from the sex on their birth certificate. Now, Sessions says this interpretation went too far. Civil rights activists say they're going to take him to court.


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