Skimm'd over popcorn with Raisinets

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OCTOBER 11, 2017


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Skimm'd over popcorn with Raisinets


"We're going after that nostalgia" – An exec at the toy company that's bringing back the Tamagotchi for its 20th anniversary. Sold.


The Story

The Harvey Weinstein fallout continues.

Catch me up.

Harvey Weinstein has been a VVIP Hollywood executive for decades. He produced countless Oscar-winning movies like "Pulp Fiction," "Good Will Hunting," and "Shakespeare in Love." Late last week, a New York Times investigation revealed sexual harassment allegations against him going back decades – including on-the-record allegations from Ashley Judd. He says most of them aren't true. The Weinstein Company – which he co-founded – fired him. And that was only the beginning.

What's the latest?

Yesterday, a New Yorker investigation revealed even more sordid details about Weinstein's alleged behavior. It has accounts from three women who've come forward accusing him of rape. And a newly-released NYPD audio recording from 2015 that's allegedly of Weinstein trying to lure a woman into his hotel room. Also, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow came out saying that Weinstein made unwanted advances towards them early in their careers. Paltrow told her then-boyfriend Brad Pitt, who confronted Weinstein. Oh, and his wife just announced she's leaving him. Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan defended him.

Why'd it take so long for this to come out?

Because, power. Weinstein's alleged behavior has been rumored in Hollywood for decades, but people say they stayed quiet because they were afraid coming forward would hurt their careers. Some – like George Clooney and Kate Winslet – say they either weren't aware of or didn't believe the rumors. Democratic politicians – who've accepted many donations from Weinstein – have faced pressure to condemn his behavior and return the money. That includes last year's Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, who says she is "shocked and appalled" by the allegations.


Powerful men taking advantage of people does not start or end with Harvey Weinstein. But his alleged behavior is exposing a deep-seated issue in and outside of Hollywood that has long been accepted and ignored. And could indicate a turning point for how this type of behavior will be dealt with across all industries going forward.


What to say to your co-worker...

Let's order from somewhere else. We can work this out. Catalonia's leader is saying the same to Madrid. Catalonia is the northeastern region of Spain that includes Barcelona. It has its own culture and has considered breaking from Spain for decades. Earlier this month, the region voted to cut ties and create its own state. Spain says the vote was unconstitutional and cracked down hard at the polls. Now, Catalonia wants to make the vote official, but the Spanish gov – which has the power to take full control of semi-autonomous Catalonia – says they'll only agree to a chat if secession plans are dropped. Yesterday, Catalonia's leader said he's putting the independence plan on hold in favor of talks with Madrid. Meanwhile in Kenya, an opposition candidate dropped out of the country's upcoming presidential election. Kenyans first went to the polls in August. But Kenya's Supreme Court called for a do-over after allegations that the vote was rigged. Now the opposition leader is dropping out because he says the re-do will be just as rigged. In actually uplifting election news, Liberia just went to the polls to elect a new president. It looks like this will be the country's first transition of power from one democratic gov to another in more than 70 years.

What people are watching…

Wildfires in Northern California. More than a dozen wildfires that started there on Sunday are still raging. They have become one of the deadliest outbreaks in the state's history. At least 17 people have died, and more than 100 people are missing. The fires have burned through more than 100,000 acres, destroying thousands of homes, businesses, and wineries. Firefighters are still trying to contain the flames – and figure out how they started. Here's how you can help.

What to say to your super chill friend...

Create better passwords. You don't want to get hacked. Yesterday, a South Korean lawmaker said North Korean hackers got their hands on classified US-SK wartime plans last year. The US and South Korea are longtime allies who've been trying to figure out how to get the North to back the eff off of its nuclear testing. Some in the Trump administration say they're trying to work things out diplomatically, but President Trump says his team is wasting its time trying to negotiate with North Korean leader Kim "Rocket Man" Jong Un. For decades, the hope has been to negotiate with the North, but the US and South Korea are also prepping for the worst. And apparently some of those plans have been stolen. They include details on how the US and SK would remove North Korea's leaders if war broke out – known as the "decapitation plan." Yikes. In other news on the US military's mind, yesterday two US Navy officers were fired over the USS McCain crash that killed 10 sailors over the summer. The Navy says the officers showed poor leadership and judgement, and that "the collision was preventable." This is just one of multiple US Navy collisions in the Pacific recently.

What to say when "ET" is on TV…

Apple is phoning…Steven Spielberg. The company just reportedly struck a deal with the iconic Hollywood director to put out new episodes of a show he first created in the '80s. It's a "Twilight Zone"-esque series called "Amazing Stories." And it's all part of Apple's plan to finally take a bite out of the original content competition. Unclear how you'll be able to watch it. But the company's hoping an Apple a day keeps the Netflix away.

What to say when you add insult to injury…

The US men's soccer team knows the feeling. For the first time in decades, it won't be going to the World Cup. Last night, they got knocked out of the running by Trinidad and Tobago, a team that was already pretty much out of contention. Ouch.


ADHD in Adults

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder doesn't just affect kids. Actually, it's estimated that 10.5 million adults in the US have ADHD. Some may have always had it and just never knew, or were diagnosed as a kid and still have symptoms as an adult. Concerned about ADHD? Talk to your doc and here's more.



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