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OCTOBER 18, 2017


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Skimm'd over apples and peanut butter


"He quite likes 'The Lion King'" – Prince William on one of Prince George's favorite movies. Because he just can't wait to be king.



The Story

US-backed forces have taken back control of Raqqa, Syria.

What do I need to know?

Back in 2014, ISIS seized Raqqa, making it their de-facto capital in Syria. The group has been racking up human rights abuses there ever since (think: public beheadings, selling women as sex slaves). Earlier this year, after months of taking back ISIS territory across the country, local US-backed forces kicked off an operation to send ISIS packing from Raqqa. Mission accomplished.


Three years after ISIS became a household name, it has lost almost all of its land in Syria and Iraq. So the group is down. But with heavy online recruiting for terror attacks in the West, and picking up steam in Africa, it's far from out.


The Story

There are still a lot of questions about an attack on US soldiers in Niger.

What do I need to know?

Hundreds of US soldiers are in Niger training local forces in counter-terrorism. Earlier this month, four US Green Berets were killed when they were ambushed by ISIS-linked fighters. Now, the Defense Department is investigating what happened. Meanwhile, President Trump responded to questions about why it took him over a week to speak publicly about the attack, by making claims that his predecessors didn't call the families of fallen soldiers.


While ISIS has been losing ground in the Mideast, militants who've pledged allegiance to the group are pushing into new territory. That includes Niger. You'll hear about this again.

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What to say when there are slow walkers in front of you...

Blocked. Yesterday, a federal judge in Hawaii temporarily blocked most of President Trump's travel ban…which was set to go into effect today. This is the third time Trump has tried to make a travel ban happen. It would've stopped almost all travel to the US from seven countries – Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad, and North Korea. Plus block some Venezuelan gov officials and their families. Unlike the other bans, not all of these countries have Muslim-majority populations. Meaning it was expected to stand up better in court. But Hawaii sued, saying the ban still discriminated against Muslims. Yesterday a judge said 'agreed,' and that the gov hasn't shown that the people affected are a national security risk. The Trump administration plans to appeal. And around we go.

What to say when there's only one more slice...

Let's split it. Congress is compromising too. Yesterday, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) announced a deal to fund Obamacare subsidies. ICYMI, the GOP has tried (and tried) and failed (and failed) to repeal and replace President Obama's signature law. Last week, Trump took matters into his own hands. He made it easier for small businesses to offer cheaper plans with fewer benefits. He also said he's ending billions of dollars worth of federal subsidies that help cover health costs for low-income Americans. Meanwhile, these senators have been working on a deal to cover the subsidies for two years. It's a short-term fix and Trump says he's behind it while the GOP works out a long-term repeal plan. TBD on whether the rest of Congress agrees.

What to say when you forget cash...

Venmo? Yesterday, PayPal announced that Venmo – which it owns – will now be accepted at millions of US online retailers. Meaning when you click 'add to cart' from your phone, you can now pay using Venmo. It'll work almost everywhere that already accepts PayPal – which is basically everywhere. This is a way for both PayPal and retailers to cash in on all the millennials using Venmo. And a way for Venmo to grow from an app that splits your drink bill into a digital wallet à la Apple. Watch out Tim Cook.



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