Skimm'd while trying a sesame latte

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OCTOBER 23, 2017


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Skimm'd while trying a sesame latte


"Sensible shoe emoji" – The new emoji that one very practical woman is trying to get approved.


The Story

The UN is meeting today to drum up global support for the Rohingya.

10 seconds. Remind me.

Myanmar is a mostly-Buddhist country that has persecuted the Rohingya – a Muslim ethnic minority group – for years. This year, the situation went from bad to worse after a Rohingya militant group attacked government forces. Myanmar's military cracked all the way down, burning Rohingya villages, killing, and raping the Rohingya people. And the gov has blocked aid groups from accessing the area. The UN has called the situation a "textbook example of ethnic cleansing." Nearly 600,000 Rohingya have fled. Most have gone north to refugee camps in Bangladesh, which doesn't have the resources to deal with this crisis.

So what's this meeting?

The UN is asking the international community for $434 million to give Rohingya refugees basic shelter and access to things like food and safe water. Many are children, and UNICEF says it will need millions to help treat malnutrition.


This is the world's fastest-growing humanitarian crisis. And there are no clear signs of when it will end. Here's how you can help.


What to say when you're playing Mario Kart...

Gimme the controls. Over the weekend, Spain's government made moves to completely take over control of Catalonia – the northeastern region of Spain that includes Barcelona. Earlier this month, Catalonia voted for independence from the rest of the country. Spain says 'not happening' because it's unconstitutional. Now, the prime minister says he's going to remove Catalonia's leader and call new elections within six months. Nearly half a million people in Catalonia took to the streets in protest. In other things happening far away, yesterday Japan gave a big thumbs up to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the country's snap election. Abe called this election more than a year ahead of schedule to try and gain support for a more aggressive strategy against North Korea, and eventually change Japan's constitution to give the military more power. Check. Oh and yesterday, the World Health Organization said 'nvm' to making Zimbabwe's President Mugabe a goodwill ambassador. That would be because Mugabe has a reputation for violating human rights. WHO thought this appointment was a good idea?

What to say when you hear JT's making a Super Bowl comeback...

Ballsy. Speaking of balls, over the weekend, the Houston Astros beat the New York Yankees to move on to the World Series for the second time ever. Days before, the Los Angeles Dodgers beat reigning champs the Chicago Cubs to make the Series. Game one is tomorrow. Time to stock up on peanuts.

What people are talking about...

Bill O'Reilly. A new report shows that earlier this year, the then-Fox News host reached a $32 million settlement related to sexual harassment claims. And that Fox News knew about the settlement when it renewed O'Reilly's contract. Fox said it did this because "he was the biggest star in cable TV." The company eventually sent him packing after fallout from a separate report that detailed multiple settlements he made with women who had accused him of sexual harassment over the years. O'Reilly denies all the allegations. Meanwhile, sexual harassment claims in Hollywood keep coming in. Nearly 40 women have come forward accusing director James Toback of sexual harassment going back decades. Toback is known for movies like "The Pick-up Artist" and "Bugsy." He denies all the allegations.

What to say to your friend who's a history buff…

Get ready. Over the weekend, President Trump said he's signing off on the release of thousands of classified docs having to do with JFK's assassination. Most of the files related to JFK's death have already dropped over the years. This is the final batch. Conspiracy theorists can't wait. Many of these are FBI and CIA docs, and the intelligence community has been lobbying against releasing some of them for national security reasons. But researchers say there won't be many surprises. Meanwhile, over the weekend Sgt. La David Johnson – one of four US soldiers killed in a recent ambush in Niger – was laid to rest. And the controversy over what happened, and how Trump has responded continues. Last week, a Dem congresswoman said Trump offended Johnson's family during a condolence call. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly took the mic to defend his boss and said the congresswoman just wanted attention. He also claimed that Wilson once bragged about winning funding for an FBI field office at its dedication ceremony. This isn't true, as video of her on that day shows. Now, Wilson says Kelly owes America an apology.


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