Skimm'd in between the HQ hackathon

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OCTOBER 25, 2017


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Skimm'd in between the HQ hackathon


"I'm happy with my iPhone 8 – which is the same as the iPhone 7" – Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on why he's holding off on the iPhone X. That shade over Cupertino feels pretty chilly.


Jeff Flake

The Story

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is retiring.

Remind me about him.

Flake's a more moderate Republican who's butted heads with President Trump for months. His poll numbers have also been way down in Arizona, where he was going to be up for re-election next year. Yesterday, he said there's a "disregard for truth or decency" in DC coming from "the top." And he wasn't the only outgoing Republican to sound off.

Who else?

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), who's also retiring, said Trump will be remembered for "debasing" the country. This comes weeks after he said Trump's rhetoric towards other countries could lead to WWIII. Trump clapped back by saying that Corker only decided to retire because Trump wouldn't endorse him. Corker denied this. Yesterday, he said Trump has "great difficulty with the truth." Meanwhile Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says there's nothing to see here and also it's time to do tax reform.


The midterm year after a presidential election is always tough for the party in power. These retirements – along with infighting – add even more uncertainty to next year's races.

Refugee Ban

The Story

Yesterday, President Trump's refugee ban expired, and a new set of rules took its place.

What's been going on?

Four months ago, this temporary ban went into effect. The Trump administration said it was necessary for national security and that it would use the time to look into the refugee vetting process. Now, the ban's been lifted. But a new 90-day review period for people from 11 countries has been put in its place. Those countries haven't officially been announced, but the list probably includes Syria.


The world is facing the worst migrant and refugee crisis since WWII. Some say extreme vetting is needed to keep the US safe. Others say the US's vetting process is already very strict, and that shutting the door on the world's neediest people isn't what the country stands for.


What people are talking about…

This immigration case. Yesterday, an appeals court said the US government has to let a pregnant undocumented teenager get an abortion. This girl has been detained in Texas since coming into the US last month. That's also right around when she found out she's pregnant. Since she's a minor, she needs permission from her parents, or a waiver to get an abortion. She got a waiver. But the feds refused to release her for an appointment, saying it's not US policy to "facilitate" abortions. Her lawyers say 'ever heard of Roe v Wade? This is illegal.' Yesterday, after weeks of legal back and forth, an appeals court sided with the teen. The Trump administration – which has been taking steps in recent months to limit access to abortions – may take the case to the Supremes.

What to say when someone gives you a thumbs up...

None for Terry Richardson. Condé Nast International – the publishing company behind mags like Vogue and Vanity Fair – is cutting ties with the famous fashion photographer. You know him for his glossy covers of everyone from Barack Obama to Madonna, or by his nickname..."Uncle Terry." He also has some NSFW pics and music videos in his portfolio (think: Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball). For years, he's been the subject of multiple sexual harassment allegations. Including allegedly getting naked on set, asking a model to take out her tampon, and trying to force models to perform sex acts on him. Richardson says 'not true.' Condé Nast US hasn't worked with him in years. Now, its international arm is saying 'we're done too.' It's unclear why now. But the fashion world may be taking these allegations more seriously in light of the fallout from exposed allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

What to say when you hear Lord & Taylor is selling its flagship store...

Speaking of flagships, the GOP just struck down another Obama-era rule – one that was supposed to make it easier for customers to sue banks. For years, signing up for a financial product like a new credit card meant agreeing to fine print that said you can't file a class-action lawsuit against the bank or card company. Earlier this year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau cracked down on this by saying companies could no longer keep customers from suing. Supporters say this is important for holding financial companies accountable. But the GOP says 'alert regulatory overreach alert.' The House already voted to overturn it. The Senate – with help from VP Mike Pence's tie-breaking vote – just put the final nail in the coffin.

What to say when your food is cold…

Nuke it. Yesterday, House GOP leaders launched an investigation into a 2010 deal that gave Russia control of 20% of US uranium supply. Uranium: a radioactive element that can be used to make nuclear weapons. Back in 2010, a Russian energy company bought out a Canadian company with a stake in US uranium. The US signed off on the deal, which went down while Hillary Clinton was sec. of state. During last year's presidential election, the Trump campaign claimed the deal only went through after the Russian company donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. There's no evidence that this is true. Now, the House is taking a closer look. And that's not the only reason Clinton's in the hot seat again. Yesterday, it came out that her campaign and the DNC helped fund research that led to that dossier about President Trump. The one that allaged that his campaign colluded with Russia. Here's your Skimm on WTF is going on with the Russia investigations.

What to say when last night's World Series game seemed short...

Here's something that will be around for a while.


Davos in the Desert

Saudi Arabia's version of the annual sleepaway camp for world leaders and business VIPs in Switzerland. This time, they're swapping snow for sand. It goes down this week. Saudi Arabia is using this as a chance to say 'hey world, we're more than just oil.' Slick.



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