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OCTOBER 26, 2017


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Skimm'd over cookie dough


"Theft is certainly a problem" – One consultant's reaction to Amazon's new idea to have delivery people drop off packages inside your house. Strangers in your home, so safe right now.


The Story

Starting today, flying to the US from overseas could become more of a PIA.

What are you talking about?

Earlier this year, the Trump administration banned laptops on flights from some Mideast and North African countries to the US. Officials said this was out of concern that ISIS might hide bombs in them. Then Homeland Security swapped out that idea and intro'd tougher security rules for all airports with direct US-bound flights. Airlines were given 120 days to comply. Today is the deadline.

So what does this mean?

That taking off your shoes and going through a body scanner no longer cuts it. Hundreds of thousands of passengers on US-bound flights every day will now go through enhanced screening, like short interviews with airline employees. This applies to US citizens.

Anything else?

Earlier this week, the NAACP issued a warning telling travelers – especially black people – to be careful flying with American Airlines. The group says American has a culture of "racial insensitivity." American Airlines says it doesn't "tolerate discrimination of any kind."


This is another example of the Trump administration making sweeping US security changes that affect travel around the world. The first was the travel ban. Like that one, these new rules are also causing confusion when it comes to how they should be implemented.


What to say when you lose a game of cards…

Let's go again. Today, Kenya hits the polls in a presidential election rerun. This vote first went down earlier this year. Kenyans re-elected the sitting prez. But the main opposition candidate said 'hold up, the vote was rigged.' The Supreme Court agreed there were "irregularities" and called for a new vote. Then the opposition candidate dropped out, saying it was still going to be rigged. Fast forward to today: some polling stations have only seen a handful of voters. And protesters throwing rocks have clashed with police, who are using teargas. The sitting prez will likely win again. But the result could lead to political chaos across the country. And since Kenya is East Africa's largest economy, and supposed to be more politically stable, all eyes are very much on what happens next.

What to say when you hear Uber is getting into the credit card game...

Congress is also saying 'cha ching.' Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office – a nonpartisan group of number crunchers – gave a bipartisan healthcare deal a thumbs up. After months of the GOP failing to repeal and replace Obamacare, President Trump took matters into his own hands. Earlier this month, he axed federal subsidies that help low-income Americans pay for insurance. To keep the insurance market steady in the meantime, two senators created a short-term fix to fund these subsidies for two years. Trump has gone back and forth on whether he supports the deal. Now, the CBO says it would reduce the national deficit by almost $4 billion in less than a decade. And it wouldn't change the number of Americans who have health insurance.

What people are talking about…

George H.W. Bush. Earlier this week, actress Heather Lind said the former president groped her during a photo-op a few years ago. This comes amid a national conversation about sexual harassment and assault following dozens of allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Lind says she was standing next to Bush for a photo when he touched her from behind and told a dirty joke. Yesterday, Bush's spokesman said that since the former president is in a wheelchair, his arm placement is always around waist-level. That he's sometimes "patted women's rears in what he intended to be a good-natured manner." And that he apologizes to anyone he's offended.

What to say when you finally find the other earring…

Revelation. Earlier this week, it came out that Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the DNC helped pay for research that made its way into THAT 'dossier' on President Trump. Earlier this year, the dossier was made public, claiming that Trump's campaign had ties to Russia and leading the words 'golden' and 'showers' to trend on your newsfeed. Team Trump said 'not true.' This week, The Washington Post said that a law firm for Clinton's campaign and the DNC hired another firm to do opposition research on Trump. That firm then hired the former British spy who wrote this dossier. The law firm reportedly says that neither Clinton or the DNC knew about this. The plot thickens.

What to say to your friend who went to Jazz Fest last year...

The blues are too real. Earlier this week, New Orleans musician Fats Domino died at age 89. Domino had more than three dozen Top 40 hits, including "Blueberry Hill" and "Ain't That a Shame." He was big in the 50s and 60s, and is known as one of the founders of rock 'n' roll. He sold more records than anyone during that time (except Elvis), and he was one of the first people admitted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Casual. When asked about his own legendary status in the 50s, Elvis reportedly responded, "let's face it: I can't sing it like Fats Domino can."


Carolina Panthers: In the 2015 season, they went (almost) undefeated going into the Super Bowl...and then were very much defeated by the Denver Broncos. 2016 didn't turn out so hot either. This season, they're trying to get back on top. And now they're playing their rivals, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sunday @1pm ET on FOX.



For when there's food stuck in your teeth...

Straighten that out. And then actually get straightened out. Some HQ'ers have been using this instead of adult braces. Bonus: we got you an exclusive discount.


For when your beach desktop background is making you zone out...

Go for it IRL. We want to send you to Hawaii. For four nights at Disney's Aulani Resort and Spa. Cocktail umbrellas included. Enter here.

For when your co-worker won't stop sneezing...

HQ's reaching for the tissues. If you're on the fence about getting a flu shot – or not – here's how vaccines work.


We're trying out this new section. Because you've said you want to know more about all things cash money. Here's a thing to know…

BRICS: Stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. It's how investors refer to the biggest emerging economies of the world. These economies are growing fast, but they're generally less stable thanks to political mood swings. BRICS are also getting a boost from the stock market's tech rally in recent years thanks to hometown companies like Alibaba making it big.

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