Skimm'd during game 7

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NOVEMBER 02, 2017


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Skimm'd during game 7


"When I pray, sometimes I fall asleep" — The Pope.


The Story

Congress is not happy with Silicon Valley.

What's this about?

Russia attacked last year's US election by doing things like hacking institutions (think: the DNC) and spreading propaganda on social media. The US intelligence community says this was ordered by Russian President Putin. Russian agents pushed content to as many as 126 million Facebook users, uploaded more than 1,000 videos to YouTube, and sent millions of fake news tweets – including incorrect info on how to vote.

What's the latest?

This week, Congress invited Facebook, Google, and Twitter to Capitol Hill for a little chat. Their reps testified on how exactly Russia manipulated their platforms. This is what we learned: one, millions of Instagram users were also pushed ads. And two, Russian ops targeted social media users based on location, race, religion, and political preferences. Lawmakers were not impressed that the companies' lawyers were there to answer Qs, instead of the CEOs. And threatened to increase regulation if the companies don't move quickly to prevent a repeat in 2018.

Anything else?

Yesterday, Facebook reported earnings that beat investor expectations. Its advertising biz grew by nearly 50%. Russia shmussia. But CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company's wallet will likely take a hit as it puts more money into upping cyber security in the wake of the election interference.


Last year's election was decided by about 100,000 votes in key swing states. Now we know that millions of people, across multiple platforms were exposed to propaganda pushed by an unfriendly foreign power.


What people are talking about…

The NYC terror attack. Yesterday, the suspect in this week's attack appeared in court to face terrorism charges. Officials say the 29-year-old man from Uzbekistan had been planning the attack for weeks. On Tuesday afternoon, he allegedly mowed down pedestrians and cyclists in lower Manhattan, killing eight people and injuring 12. Shortly after the attack, the suspect was shot by police and taken into custody. He allegedly told authorities that he "felt good" about what he did. And that he was inspired by ISIS propaganda videos. It's also come out that police are questioning a second man. Now, President Trump is calling for the suspect to get the death penalty. He's also calling on Congress to end the diversity visa program that brought the 29-year-old to the US. These visas go to about 50,000 people a year from countries that have low immigration rates to the US.

What to say after you finish a great book...

Now that's an ending. Last night, the Houston Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 to win the World Series for the first time in the team's history. A lot of people called this one of the most dramatic World Series ever. The matchup went all the way to Game 7 and broke the record for most home runs in any series. Going going going gone.

What to say when you get a company card…

Moving up. So is this guy. Today, President Trump is expected to nominate Jerome Powell to be the next chairman of the Federal Reserve. The central bank's job includes keeping unemployment low and deciding how much you pay in interest when you borrow money. Basically, it has the keys to the US economy. Which means the Fed chair is kiiiind of a big deal. If confirmed, Powell would replace Janet Yellen, whose term wraps early next year. Powell's already on the Fed's board, and isn't expected to shake things up too much. He's a fan of keeping interest rate increases slow and steady. But he's also expected to be slightly friendlier toward Trump's idea of rolling back financial industry regulations, which Trump says are hurting economic growth.

Who people are talking about...

Dustin Hoffman. Yesterday, a woman accused the actor of sexually harassing her back in the '80s, when she was 17 years old. She says this took place on the set of a TV movie where she was interning. And that Hoffman grabbed her butt multiple times and had sexually inappropriate convos with her. Hoffman said he was sorry for "anything I might have done" and that the account is "not reflective of who I am." Also six women – including Olivia Munn – have accused "Rush Hour" director Brett Ratner of sexual harassment or misconduct. This includes things like forced oral sex and exposing himself. His lawyer says 'not true.'

What to say when you need a nice thing…

"The Lion King" live action remake cast just dropped. Beyoncé is there. So is Childish Gambino. And the OG Mufasa.

What to say when you hear this man has to write his ex 144 compliments

Would rather have extra PTO.



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