Skimm'd after watching some HQers run the marathon

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NOVEMBER 06, 2017


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Skimm'd after watching some HQers run the marathon


"I will not be answering to Puffy, Diddy, Puff Daddy, or any of my other monikers" – Sean Combs announcing he will now be known as Love/Brother Love. You do you, Sean.


The Story

Yesterday, a gunman killed at least 26 people and wounded about 20 others inside a church in a small south Texas town.

What do we know?

This happened during a morning service at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs – a small, tight-knit community of a few hundred people. The gunman opened fire outside, and then kept shooting as he went inside. He was wearing all-black and a protective vest, and using an assault rifle. A local resident fired back at the gunman outside the church as he fled in his car. The gunman was later found dead in his car near the county line.

Who did this?

The shooter is a 26-year-old Texas man who served in the Air Force. In 2014, he was discharged for "bad conduct" after assaulting his wife and child. President Trump said the shooting "isn't a guns situation," but rather a "mental health problem at the highest level."


This is the worst mass shooting in Texas history. And it comes weeks after the worst mass shooting in modern US history.


What to say when no one responds to your group text...

Guess we're not getting along. Saudi Arabia and Iran know the feeling. For years, the two regional arch rivals have been fighting proxy wars over who's the dominant Islamic power in the Mideast. This weekend, that came to a head. On Saturday, Lebanon's prime minister abruptly resigned. He says Iran has gained too much influence in the area, and that he feared for his life. Saudi Arabia is a close ally of the PM, who gave notice in the Saudi capital. Now, the coalition gov he was in charge of dissolves. Meanwhile, the Houthi rebels – an Iran-backed militant group in Yemen – fired a ballistic missile at the Saudi capital. Saudi defenses shot it down. And Saudi-led forces in Yemen shut off access to Yemen's ports. Now, Saudi is pointing its finger at Iran for the missile, and reportedly says it could be "considered an act of war." In case that wasn't enough drama, over the weekend Saudi officials arrested or sacked dozens of the country's princes and other gov officials in an anti-corruption crackdown.

What to say at bikram yoga...

Feeling the heat. So is Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. It's come out that he has a major investment in a shipping company with business ties to Russian President Putin's family. And that he failed to disclose this important detail during the application process to join President Trump's cabinet. Now, as commerce secretary, he's in charge of US trade policy. In response to the news, Ross said that he recuses himself from any decisions related to "transoceanic shipping." But some ethics experts say that's not enough. Meanwhile, Trump's on his first presidential trip to Asia, where he's visiting Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines. His number one mission: get everyone on board with how to handle North Korea's nuclear threats. That includes a potential meeting with Putin later this week. In the meantime, Trump's playing it koi.

What to say when you keep losing at solitaire...

I give up. Over the weekend, the former leader of Catalonia and four of his associates turned themselves in to Belgian police. Last month, Catalonia – a semi-autonomous region in northeast Spain that includes Barcelona – declared independence from Spain. Spain took back control of the region, fired Catalonia's government, and called for elections. Catalonia's former president and some of his crew said 'hmm, now sounds like a great time to visit Belgium.' Spain issued international arrest warrants. Now a Belgian judge has until today to decide whether to send them packing.

What to say to your friend who always remembers her reusable grocery bags...

You're an inspiration. Over the weekend, tens of thousands of very athletic people ran the New York City Marathon. Kenyan Geoffrey Kamworor won the men's race in less than two hours and 11 minutes. American Shalane Flanagan won the women's race in two hours, 26 minutes, and 53 seconds. Making her the first American woman to win the NYC marathon in 40 years. Baby she was born to run.


Ball of Yarn

A new item you can buy at Tiffany's. It'll only cost you $9,000. The Internet is unraveling.


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