Skimm'd over many Hershey's Kisses

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NOVEMBER 08, 2017


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Skimm'd over many Hershey's Kisses


"Cape sheer overlay dress" – The name of a designer dress that is literally a dry cleaning bag.


The Story

President Trump's trying to see if North Korea wants to make a deal.

Give me the background.

North Korea is isolated, unpredictable, and dangerous. For years, it's been building up its nuclear weapons program while threatening war on the US and its allies. There have been attempts to talk it out, and heavy UN sanctions, but no nuclear dice. This year, North Korea took it to the next level, testing nuclear warheads and reportedly a hydrogen bomb.

How has President Trump handled it?

Aggressively. In addition to new, strict sanctions on North Korea, he's also said he won't rule out military action. And even threatened "fire and fury" on North Korea if it messes with the US. He also said his State Department's attempts to negotiate with Kim Jong Un – who he calls "Little Rocket Man" – are a waste of time.

Where are we now?

On the flip side. Trump is on his first presidential trip to Asia. Yesterday in South Korea, he said the North should come to the negotiating table and "make a deal." Trump also warned the country not to underestimate the US. North Korea reportedly says 'la la la we're not listening.'


China is one of North Korea's only allies, and Trump's visiting there today. This will come up.

PS: Want to learn more about the US, North Korea, and their allies? Watch this.


What to say when you check your steps for the day…

Counted. The ballots are in for yesterday's local and state elections. The highlights? Virginia went for a Democratic governor in what was looking like a tight race, but ended up being a comfortable win. This was the race to watch since Virginia is a swing state. It's the first big win for Dems in the Trump era, and has many wondering what this means for 2018. New Jersey was the only other governor's race, and it went to a Dem to replace Gov. Chris Christie (R). It was also a night of firsts – VA elected its first openly transgender state lawmaker, and Hoboken, NJ elected the state's first-ever Sikh mayor.

What to say when you start weight training…

Time to lift. Yesterday, Disney lifted its ban on the LA Times. Back in September, the Times wrote about on how Disney gets an assist from local governments on things like taxes, subsidies, and rent. Like how one city charges Disneyland $1 a year to lease its garage. Disney didn't like the coverage, so it banned the Times from its screenings. Last week, the Times took the Waltercation public, explaining to readers why it couldn't rate upcoming Disney movies. And the public gave Disney a veeeery bad review. This week, movie critics from outlets like the NYT said they'd boycotted Disney movies until the ban was lifted, and multiple critics groups said they weren't going to honor Disney with any end-of-year awards. Now, Disney is giving the Times its press badge back. Roll credits.

What to say when you Google "Illuminati"...

This goes deep. Film producer Harvey Weinstein reportedly hired undercover spies to try and bury sexual assault allegations against him. Last month, Weinstein was accused by more than 50 people of sexual misconduct. Now, it turns out that he also reportedly hired private detectives and former Israeli agents to spy on journalists and accusers. Meanwhile, Ed Westwick - aka Chuck Bass - was accused of rape. He says he doesn't know who the accuser is.

What people are talking about…

The Texas gunman. More is coming out about the gunman that killed 26 people at a small-town Texas church over the weekend. In 2012, he escaped from a mental health facility. Also, the Air Force failed to let law enforcement know about his domestic assault conviction. So he was able to pass background checks and buy at least two guns since then. Failsafe, failed. Also, bump stocks are back on sale. Those are attachments that let a semiautomatic rifle mimic an automatic weapon by firing continuously. It's also what the Las Vegas shooter used last month to kill 58 people and injure hundreds more. After the shooting, Congress said 'let's maybe ban these.' A manufacturer that makes them said 'cool, we were gonna pause on selling them anyway.' But talks in Congress have stalled. And now they're back on the shelves.

What to say when sheep take better photos than you...

Humans are obsolete. Just ask Waymo.


The pile of clothes you leave on your chair. You're welcome, field of modern art.


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