Skimm'd while holiday shopping...for ourselves

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NOVEMBER 14, 2017


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Skimm'd while holiday shopping...for ourselves


"There's no one person bigger than the game" – A member of the Association of British Scrabble Players, after a star player was banned for breaking the rules. Double letter scorned.


The Story

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) wants his party's candidate out of a Senate race.

What's going on?

There's an Alabama Senate seat open since Jeff Sessions became Attorney General. The GOP establishment endorsed a guy named Luther Strange – who's been filling in for Sessions until next month's special election. But in the primary, Alabama's former chief justice Roy Moore won instead. Making him the GOP contender next month. Moore's known for things like defying same-sex marriage laws. And is backed by Steve Bannon, a former adviser to President Trump.

What's the problem?

In recent days, Moore has been accused of sexual misconduct by five women, including two who say they were minors at the time. One of them came forward yesterday, saying he sexually assaulted her in the '70s after offering her a ride home. There are also reports that he was banned from a mall in the '80s for bothering teen girls. The allegations started a #MeAt14 Twitter campaign – to raise awareness that 14 years old is too young to give consent. Moore denies wrongdoing and says that he did "not generally" date teenagers. Yesterday, McConnell said "I believe the women," and that Moore should get out of the race. Several other Senate Republicans said 'agree.' Moore said McConnell is the one who should step down.

Anything else?

Yesterday, a sixth woman came forward to accuse former president George HW Bush of groping her. Bush's spokesperson apologized on his behalf.


Roy Moore is just the latest in a long, long line of high-profile people to face these kinds of allegations. It's unclear whether it'll hurt him in deep-red Alabama, but polls now say the Democratic candidate has a narrow lead.


What people are watching…

Iran and Iraq. More than 400 people were killed by a powerful earthquake on Sunday near the Iran-Iraq border. Thousands of others were also hurt. It's the world's deadliest earthquake this year. More than 500 villages were reportedly damaged from the 7.3 magnitude quake. And some of the hardest hit areas were poor villages, leaving many in need of emergency shelter. Rescue and recovery efforts are still underway.

What to say when you change up your commute…

This is new. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is open to appointing a special counsel to look into the Clinton Foundation. This comes as GOP lawmakers and President Trump have called for an investigation into the group and an alleged conflict of interest over a business deal that went down while Hillary Clinton was sec of state. Now, Sessions is having senior prosecutors take a closer look. And says that these lawyers will recommend whether a special counsel is necessary. Meanwhile, last night, it came out that Donald Trump Jr. had multiple conversations with WikiLeaks before last year's presidential election. This comes when President Trump's son is also under fire for his pre-election meeting with Russian officials, who claimed to have "dirt" on Clinton. You know WikiLeaks for leaking thousands of DNC emails prior to the election – which US intel agencies have since said were provided by Russia. Last night, Trump Jr. decided to show the receipts and tweeted screenshots of his convos. They show that WikiLeaks asked him to push out an anti-Hillary Clinton article, and to leak his dad's tax returns. Trump Jr. brought up the WikiLeaks convos a few months ago while meeting with congressional committees investigating Russia's interference in the election.

What to say when your friend seems upset…

Let's talk this out. The Supreme Court is saying 'same.' Yesterday, the Supremes said they'll take on a free-speech case about abortion. Two years ago, California made it mandatory for pregnancy centers to let people know that the state might provide abortions and birth control at a low cost. Critics say the law violates their free speech because it forces them to advertise something they don't support. But a US appeals court sided with the state, saying it's allowed to use certain language in a work environment if it's to protect people. The centers appealed to the Supremes – and now it's on the docket.

What to say when Italy isn't in the World Cup for the first time in decades…

Ch-ch-changes. Yesterday, General Electric said it's downsizing and probably getting rid of its transportation and lighting departments. And laying off a quarter of its staff. GE's CEO says it'll cut its dividends (the money a company pays its shareholders) in half and save some funds. Meanwhile, Qualcomm – a chip-making company – swiped left on its rival Broadcom. Last week, Broadcom offered to buy it for over $100 billion in what would have been the biggest tech deal ever. But Qualcomm says 'comm on, we're worth more.'

What people are talking about...

Penn State. Authorities charged at least 10 more people over a Penn State fraternity pledge's death. In February, Timothy Piazza died after drinking heavily at his fraternity house and falling down the stairs. No one called for help until about 12 hours later. Now, the DA says a new surveillance video shows some frat members giving Piazza 18 drinks within an hour and a half. The video was initially deleted by a frat member, but later recovered by the FBI. 26 people have now been charged in this case with things like aggravated assault and involuntary manslaughter.

What to say when you hear the FDA approved a digital pill...

The way of the future. So are these new American Heart Association guidelines.

What to say to your friend who has a great Gollum impression…

Amazon is bringing your precious back.



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