Skimm'd over spicy miso ramen

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NOVEMBER 16, 2017


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Skimm'd over spicy miso ramen


"She broke up with me more than I broke up with her, I think" – Elon Musk, processing all of his feelings in real time with Rolling Stone.


The Story

Square is getting into the bitcoin game.

Remind me what bitcoin is.

A digital currency. It was started by a mystery person that goes by "Satoshi Nakamoto." No one actually knows who that is. You can get bitcoin on an exchange...or by 'mining' for it. Think of mining like one giant computer game that you can make money from if you're good at it.

So who's overseeing all this?

No one. The currency isn't controlled by a bank or government. Which makes it preeetty attractive for criminals and other shady people who want to stay off a gov's radar. But there is quality control, thanks to a little thing called the blockchain.

Hold up. What's the blockchain?

The technology that makes bitcoin possible. It's a fancy word for lots of computers that put their heads together to review a transaction, and - if they all agree it's legit - give it the go-ahead. It's supposed to be really secure, so a bunch of other companies are getting in on it too.

So where are we now?

Bitcoin is getting a lot more mainstream. Your friends may have it. It's starting to be accepted at legit businesses like Amazon, PayPal, and CVS. And now, Square is jumping on board. That's the service your fave coffee shop uses to swipe your card. The company also has a Venmo-type payment app that will now allow some users to buy and sell bitcoin.


Depending on who you ask, bitcoin is either a digital bubble that's about to burst, or the biggest thing since the Internet. Now, more and more companies are tiptoeing toward the latter.


What to say when happy hour ends…

Time to leave. Yesterday, the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) said he's leaving. CFPB: a bureau created after the '08 financial crisis to make sure companies treat consumers fairly (think: mortgages, credit cards, student loans). Director Richard Cordray was tapped as the first person to lead the agency. It's unclear why he's quitting. But there's speculation he might run for governor of Ohio. Cordray and President Trump haven't exactly seen eye-to-eye. That's because Trump is aiming to cut down regulations on US businesses. And the CFPB exists to regulate. Now, Trump gets to pick his replacement.

What to say to your friend who "forgot" her wallet…

Again? Yesterday, it came out that Russian bots reportedly used social media to interfere in last year's Brexit vote. Last year, the UK voted to say 'bye bye bye' to the EU, which shocked pretty much everyone. Now, it looks like Russia may have used Twitter, and possibly Facebook, in hopes of swaying voters to say yes. And could be because the Kremlin wants to break up the EU – which they see as a rival. Sound familiar? That's because we recently learned that thousands of Russian-linked accounts – including bots – manipulated social media to influence US voters in the 2016 presidential election. Both the US and UK see this interference as disrupting democracy.

What to say after a long night out…

Feels good to be home. Yesterday, three UCLA basketball players apologized after being detained in China for shoplifting. Last week, the players – including LiAngelo Ball – were arrested for stealing designer sunglasses during their visit. President Trump asked China's prez for help with the situation. The players have since returned home. And been suspended indefinitely from the school's basketball team.

What to say when you realize you're in a no parking zone…

Reverse. Yesterday, the Trump administration said it's rolling back an Obama-era policy on elephant trophies. The change will let hunters import elephant trophies – aka body parts of elephants that are hunted and killed – from Zambia and Zimbabwe. Elephants are protected under the Endangered Species Act. The Obama admin put a ban in place to prevent Americans from hunting and killing elephants abroad. Now, the Trump admin is reversing that policy. And says that well-regulated hunting will benefit the conservation of elephants.

What to say after you buy an expensive plane ticket for Thanksgiving…

That's nothing compared to this. Last night, a Leonardo da Vinci painting sold for $450 million at an auction. The painting – named "Salvator Mundi" – dates back to 1500. It's now the most expensive artwork to sell at an auction. Ever.

What to say when you're thirsty…

They don't have water. That's OK.


Ross 128 b

A newly discovered planet that might be able to support life. No big deal. Ross Geller is fine.



For when you're hosting Friendsgiving...

It's all gravy. Until it's over. You're going to want to go to bed stat. This is HQ's fave mattress to pass out in after whipping up stuffing. Or after ordering takeout. No judgment. Sweet dreams, turkeys.


For when you need a compliment...

Dress it up. This v convenient service is like having a personal stylist. It sends you a personalized box of clothes and you only pay for what you like. Spoiler: it'll make your coworkers ask you where you got that dress.'s a discount.


For when you can't decide between Valencia and Willow...

Pete Souza doesn't use filters. We sat down with President Obama's Official Photographer. Watch from our Insta Stories here.

For when you need to take a walk around the block...

Skimm Notes will keep you thinking. ICYMI, our new audio product in theSkimm app gives you breakdowns on the biggest topics in the world. This week, we've been going deep on the Mideast. Today's is all about the Kurds. Listen here.

PS: You can also try our Skimm Notes on ISIS for free here.


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