Skimm'd after Friendsgiving

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NOVEMBER 20, 2017


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Skimm'd after Friendsgiving


"11 years ago today, Me & Britney invented the selfie" – Paris Hilton, tweeting her version of a history lesson.


The Story

Everyone thought Zimbabwean President Mugabe was ready to resign. He's not.

Remind me about him.

He's the dictator who's been in charge since the country's independence in 1980. At 93, he's the world's oldest leader. A few weeks ago, he fired his VP to make way for his unpopular wife to succeed him. Cue political crisis.

Why did we think he'd resign?

Last week, the military took over and put Mugabe under house arrest. Then, his party disowned him, and tens of thousands of protesters hit the streets calling for him to step down. There were reports that he would. But in a televised speech last night…jk. He didn't.

So what happens now?

Mugabe's party gave him until midday today to resign. The deadline passed...and no word from Mugabe. Now parliament's expected to make moves to impeach him.


Mugabe is the only leader many in Zimbabwe have ever known. His likely replacement – another strongman nicknamed "the Crocodile" – might not offer much change.


Who people are talking about...

Charles Manson. Last night, the cult leader died at age 83. He was once called "the Most Dangerous Man Alive" and convinced his followers that a race war would end the world. In the '60s, he directed his followers – known as the "Manson Family" – to kill seven people in two nights in Los Angeles. He was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death. But the CA Supreme Court struck down the death penalty a year later, so he was serving life in prison.

What to say to your co-worker...

We're not on the same page. Last week, the US gov told Palestinian leadership that it may not renew the lease for their diplomatic offices in Washington, DC. The US says this is because the Palestinian leadership isn't serious about renewing peace talks with Israel – a top foreign policy priority for the Trump administration. And because the Palestinians have been going their own route, calling on the International Criminal Court to investigate Israel for what it says are war crimes. Over the weekend, the Palestinian leadership said that if the US follows through, they will cut communication altogether.

What to say when you send an email before thinking it through…

Scratch that. President Trump is pressing 'undo' on a just-announced elephant trophy policy. Last week, the Trump administration said that American sport hunters in Zambia and Zimbabwe could start bringing elephant trophies back to the US. Supporters said that hunters promote tourism, and that the money ends up benefitting conservation programs. Pretty much everyone else was pissed off, and pointed out that elephants are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. Now, Trump's putting the breaks on the policy change, and called elephant hunting a "horror show."

What to say while rewatching "Clueless"...

Goodbye Azzedine Alaïa. The iconic fashion designer died this weekend. Alaïa was known as "the king of cling" for his tight-fitting dresses. His designs were worn by everyone from Cher to former First Lady Michelle Obama. The music industry also lost some legends this weekend. AC/DC co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young died at age 64. And country music songwriter Mel Tillis – known for writing more than a thousand songs – also passed away.

What people are talking about…

Men allegedly behaving badly. Jeffrey Tambor says he may leave "Transparent" after allegations of sexual harassment. He's denied allegations from two transgender women on set, but said he regrets if his actions were "misinterpreted as aggressive." Meanwhile, music producer Russell Simmons has denied sexually assaulting a model back in the '90s, when she was 17 years old. She says it happened in front of producer Brett Ratner – who has also been accused of sexual misconduct recently – and claims he watched while she asked for help. And Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas is in hot water after she told teammate Aly Raisman that dressing provocatively "entices the wrong crowd." This comes after Raisman accused their team doctor of sexual abuse. Douglas has since apologized. Lena Dunham is also saying sorry for the timing of her defense of a fellow "Girls" writer accused of rape.



STEM with an "A" for art. Left brain, meet right brain.



For when your coworker's reaching for the tissues…

Say sneeze.


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