Skimm'd after buying a tree

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NOVEMBER 30, 2017


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Skimm'd after buying a tree


"This is certainly not routine" – One pilot's reaction to American Airlines accidentally giving too many pilots time off for the holidays, meaning lots of flights could get canceled. They're calling for airplane mode.


The Story

A media titan is out of a job.

Tell me.

Yesterday, Matt Lauer was fired from NBC after allegations of "inappropriate sexual behavior." Then came this graphic report that he's made a habit of sexually harassing women at NBC for years. Think: allegations that he gave one co-worker a sex toy, exposing himself to another, having a button on his desk to lock the door to his office. On Monday, a staffer went to the company's HR to make an official complaint. Now, the "Today" co-host of 20 years is out. And more complaints are coming in. Lauer has stayed quiet so far.

Who's going to replace him?

Nobody yet. Lauer was the network's biggest star on its biggest show. But NBC's not the only one in this position. Last week, CBS fired Charlie Rose after sexual harassment allegations from lots of women that worked with him.

Anything else?

Radio star Garrison Keillor was also fired for sexual misconduct yesterday. He's the former host of the weekend classic "A Prairie Home Companion," and is a big deal in the radio world.


We're in the middle of a national reckoning over sexual harassment in the workplace. And it's proving that no one is too powerful to fall.


What to say when you aren't getting along with friends…

What's going on here? Yesterday, President Trump got into a Twitter spat with British PM Theresa May. That's because he retweeted unverified videos that claim to show Muslims being violent. One of the videos featured a "Muslim migrant" that actually wasn't a Muslim migrant. And at least one other is reportedly four years old. They were initially tweeted by a senior leader in Britain First – a far-right UK group known for its anti-Muslim rhetoric. May criticized Trump, saying the retweets were "wrong for the president" to do. The White House says it doesn't matter if the videos are real because "the threat is real." It is unusual for a sitting president to retweet divisive and unverified content about a group of people.

What to say when making a cocktail…

Pick your poison. A Bosnian Croat war criminal died after drinking his. The Bosnian War started after the fall of the Soviet Union. That led to several ethnic groups in Eastern Europe fighting for nationhood – and Bosnian Serbs and Croats carried out attacks on Muslims that ultimately led to what was then the worst genocide since the Nazi regime. A year into the war, the UN started trying and convicting people involved. Fast forward to today, and the UN is still sorting it out. Yesterday, he had a hearing to appeal his 20-year sentence for war crimes. When his appeal was denied, he drank a liquid he claimed was poison and said "I am not a war criminal." He died hours later.

What to say when your phone screen breaks…

Not my day. Yesterday, Chipotle's founder and CEO Steve Ells said he's stepping aside to let Chipotle look for someone new to run the burrito biz. Since 2015, there's been a string of food poisoning at Chipotles across the US. Since then, the company's tried to get its mojo back with things like discounts. But the company's market value has been pretty weak. Now, Chipotle wants someone who can turn the beat around. Meanwhile, BuzzFeed and ESPN are also saying goodbyes. BuzzFeed's US office is planning to lay off 8% of its staff because the company's not making its year-end goals. And ESPN is still trying to catch up to streaming services. Yesterday, it announced it's letting go of 150 employees to help cut costs.

What to say after you've had your morning coffee...

I'm ready to talk. So is Jay-Z.

What to say when your grandpa asks why you're still single…

At least you're not Emily.



Favoriting a tweet in a passive-aggressive way. The heart clicks what it low-key wants.



For when you're starting to put together your gift list...

Don't worry. Skimm'ness is here. HQ has been working hard to help you with your holiday needs. This is for the little one in the fam. These projects teach STEAM (, tech, engineering, art, math) while making it fun. Beats a pair of socks or a plastic toy.*

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For when you've already worn the same dress to multiple holiday parties...

'Tis the season to mix it up. This will do the trick. It's like having your own personal stylist pick and deliver the clothes you want to your door. And you only have to keep what you like. Plus, you get styling for free if you sign up now. Merry merry.


For when you're thinking of changing up your hair…

Here is all the inspo you need.


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