Skimm'd after putting up lights

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DECEMBER 04, 2017


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Skimm'd after putting up lights


"An embarrassment to everything else we call super" – Neil deGrasse Tyson is not here for the supermoon.


The Story

President Trump did not take a Twitter break this weekend.

Catch me up.

On Friday, former national security adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with the former Russian ambassador to the US. He's now cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia to attack last year's presidential election.

What does Trump say?

On Saturday, he tweeted that he fired Flynn for lying to the FBI. But if Trump knew this when he asked former FBI Director James Comey to lay off the investigation into Flynn, a lot of people think this could signal that the president obstructed justice. Trump's lawyer came out saying he was behind the tweet and reportedly called it a "mistake."

Is that all?

Nope. The White House says Flynn handled his Russia contacts on his own. But a new report says emails during the transition show others – including senior officials – were involved.

Is that all?

Nope. On Sunday, Trump went on offense, tweeting that the FBI's reputation is "in Tatters." It came after news that an FBI official was removed from Mueller's team for sending anti-Trump texts. The same agent also helped lead the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server – which ended without charges against her.


Flynn is the first from Trump's White House to be charged in the Russia investigation. Mueller could have tacked on additional charges against him – meaning Flynn might give up some important info in exchange for having them dropped.


What to say when you and your SO decide to move in together…

Let's do this. Yesterday, CVS Health agreed to buy insurance company Aetna for $69 billion. The deal – the largest this year – brings together two of the biggest co's in health insurance and drugstores. And helps CVS compete with online retailers like Amazon that have been eyeing the healthcare space. If the deal goes through, it means that when you show up to CVS to buy shampoo, you might also be able to get an eye exam. Phar out.

What to say when there's too many ideas floating around...

Let's narrow it down. Yesterday was selection day for the College Football Playoff. That's when the selection committee chooses the four teams that will move on to the playoff next month. This year Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Alabama made the cut. Clemson is the defending champ and ranked no 1. But Alabama was a surprise pick, since they won fewer games than competitor Ohio State but technically have better stats. All are headed to the playoff semifinal games New Year's Day. Cue end zone dance.

PS: Want to know more about the College Football Playoff? We Skimm'd it for you.

What to say when you're stuck at work overnight…

Just like the Senate, which passed its nearly $1.5 trillion tax plan around that time. Reminder: these are the most sweeping changes to the tax system in decades. The plan seriously cuts the corporate tax rate, making it more attractive to do business in the US. But critics say it favors the wealthy. Edits to the bill came down to the wire, with changes being handwritten in the bill's margins hours before the vote. Now Congressional leaders in both chambers have to talk it out and come to an agreement. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is feelin' pretty good about it.

What to say when you watch "Love Actually" for the first time...

Brilliant. This weekend it came out that a woman in the US gave birth thanks to a uterus transplant - the first time that's happened in the US. Since 2014, a few women in Sweden have given birth after successful uterus transplants. This birth is giving hope to tens of thousands of women in the US who are candidates for the transplant. Because they either were born without uteruses or had to have them taken out due to cancer or other complications. Now, they might be able to give birth on their own.

What to say when you see Billy Bush is trending...

Is this the world now?



Athleisure for those who have no plans to go to yoga later. Think: wearing towels, robes, slippers, etc. in public. Thank Rihanna.



For when you can't figure out a gift for your stylish sister...

Keep up. Any of these gifts will keep her looking good even when she's cozying up at home - including slippers, eye masks, and fur throw blankets. It's so fluffy, she's gonna die. Get them here.

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For when you want to check out awards contenders in theaters...

You need this subscription service. It gets you one movie ticket a day. For only $9.95 a month. Box office score.


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