Skimm'd with break 'n bake cookie dough

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DECEMBER 05, 2017


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Skimm'd with break 'n bake cookie dough


"She drank the whole damn bottle" – A Florida liquor store owner on the opossum that broke in and helped herself. 2017 is getting to all of us.


The Story

President Trump is reducing the size of two national monuments in Utah.

What are you talking about?

Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante. These national monuments include canyons, deserts, and cliffs across millions of acres of land. And their status protects them from things like mining and drilling. Not anymore. Trump is reducing the size of the monuments by roughly two million acres – making it the biggest cut to protected federal lands in US history.

What are supporters saying?

That originally declaring these areas national monuments was an overreach by the US gov and hurt the local economy.

What are critics saying?

That Trump's move threatens tens of thousands of sacred Native American sites. And could open the door to companies extracting fossil fuels on these lands.

What's next?

Native American tribes and environmentalists are suing.


The law says presidents can designate national monuments, but it's unclear if they legally have the power to downsize them. If this issue goes to court, it could determine how much presidents can take a red pen to these lands going forward.

PS: Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that Trump's travel ban is allowed to take full effect as it makes its way through the courts. The ban is on people from six Muslim-majority countries plus North Korea, and some people from Venezuela.

PPS: Trump and the RNC are now supporting GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama's special election next week. Moore's been accused of sexual misconduct by nine women, including several who say they were teenagers at the time.


What people are watching…

Yemen. Yesterday, the country's former longtime president Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed by Houthi rebels. Yemen has been in turmoil for years. Saleh was in office for more than three decades before being pushed out during the Arab Spring back in 2012. Then in 2015, a civil war broke out between the Iranian-backed Houthis and Saudi-backed forces. It's led to a humanitarian crisis, killing thousands of people, forcing millions to flee home, and putting millions at risk of famine. The fighting has been really intense in recent days. Then Saleh – who was aligned with the Houthis – switched sides and said he was ready to turn a "new page" with the Saudi coalition forces. It was seen as a breakthrough in working toward a potential peace deal. Now that Saleh has been killed by the Houthis, it could be a major setback in getting both sides to put down their weapons.

What to say when you hear Facebook has a Messenger for kids now

Just like adults. Ireland and Apple are acting like grownups, too. Yesterday, Ireland said it finally shook on a deal with Apple for the company to pay back more than $15 billion in taxes. Over the years, The Fruit and other tech companies have moved certain ops overseas to take advantage of better tax benefits. But last year, EU officials pointed the finger at Ireland for charging Apple basically zero in taxes and said 'this is illegal.' It took Ireland to court for not getting a move on collecting the money. Both Apple and Ireland are appealing. But in the meantime, Ireland says it's going to start sending Apple those Venmo requests.

Who people are talking about…

Daphne Caruana Galizia. Yesterday, authorities in Malta said they've arrested 10 suspects related to the death of the journalist once called the "one-woman Wikileaks." Earlier this year, she died in a car bomb explosion near her home on the Mediterranean island. She'd been covering how Maltese officials were wrapped up in the Panama Papers. The ones that exposed the offshore accounts and secret shell companies that politicians, public officials, and celebrities used to hide their wealth. Weeks before she died, Galizia filed a police report saying she'd been threatened. Because of the nature of her reporting, her violent death raised a lot of Qs about corruption on Malta and its track record for cracking down on crime. Now it looks like police are raising their hands to say 'we've got a lead.' Or 10.

What to say when you hear Gronk was suspended a game

The NY Giants' GM and head coach are out too. QB Eli Manning is reportedly back in.

What to say to your friend who's a twin…

When are you making your billions?



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