Skimm'd while holiday shopping

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DECEMBER 14, 2017



Skimm'd while holiday shopping


"No, I do not play basketball" – An excerpt from the business card of a guy who's 6'10" and is just trying to live.


The Internet

The Story

Today, the FCC is set to vote on repealing net neutrality.

10 seconds. What's going on?

Net neutrality: the idea that all Internet traffic should be treated equally. Meaning the Verizons and Comcasts of the world can't charge the YouTubes and Netflixes for a faster connection. Or slow down smaller sites that can't afford it. Supporters of net neutrality say it keeps the Internet free and fair. Critics say it's unnecessary regulation. The Obama-era FCC voted in favor of net neutrality. Now, the agency has new management and is voting to drop it.


This decision could change how everyone is able to access the Internet. Just ask Portugal.

PS: Want to know more about net neutrality? Watch this video of an FCC Commissioner Skimm'ng it for you. Turns out, it's kind of like a highway.


The Story

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein says no, he's not firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

10 seconds. What's going on?

Earlier this week, the DOJ handed Congress records of anti-Trump texts between an FBI agent and an FBI lawyer that were sent during last year's campaign. Think: words like "idiot" and "loathsome human." The agent also "worried" about what would happen if Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton got elected. It's ok for FBI agents to have political opinions OOO, but this agent was removed from Mueller's Trump-Russia investigation.


Now there are worries in Congress that Mueller's team and the FBI are biased against President Trump. But Rosenstein says he sees no reason to fire Mueller.


Last week, Trump accused the FBI's reputation of being "in tatters." Now, Congress is taking a microscope to the agency.


What to say when you hear the Fed's hiking interest rates

Congress is in 'get sh*t done' mode, too. Yesterday, the House and Senate GOP agreed on a tax plan. In recent weeks, both chambers separately voted 'aye' to their own bills. Now they have a compromise to send to President Trump's desk. Here's what's in it. One big change is people can still deduct from their state and local taxes, which lawmakers in high-tax states like NY, NJ, and CA pushed for. But only up to $10,000. The whole thing is set to go to a vote next week. If it passes, it'll be the largest rewrite of the tax code in more than 30 years.

What to say when you hear the SAG Awards will only have female presenters

Let's not hear it for the boys. Yesterday, Salma Hayek came forward with serious allegations against Harvey Weinstein. She said that "for years, he was my monster." And that he made repeated sexual advances toward her, like asking that she shower with him or let him give her oral sex. She also says he once threatened to kill her, and forced her to do a full-frontal sex scene in the movie "Frida." Weinstein denies the sexual allegations. Hayek said she's coming forward now after being inspired by other women who've told their stories. Meanwhile, Minnesota's Lt. Gov. Tina Smith will take over for Sen. Al Franken (D). And documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock wants you to know he's "part of the problem."

What to say when you're in the mood for wine

Shipt it. Target is spending a cool $550 million to buy Shipt, the same-day grocery delivery service. Yes, this has everything to do with Amazon, which bought Whole Foods earlier this year. And who everyone and their retail mother is trying to keep up with. Target says the deal means most of its stores will have same-day delivery by the end of next year. Cheers to their new relationshipt.

What to say when you're out for sushi…

This is eely cool. Scientists are taking a cue from electric eels. They're copying their electric current to develop a power source that could one day replace things like batteries for pacemakers. Not only would it potentially charge itself, but researchers say it would be less toxic than regular batteries. In other science-is-effing-awesome news, UK doctors successfully performed surgery on a baby who was born with her heart outside her body. Fist ba-bumps for them.

What people are remembering...

Sandy Hook. Today is the fifth anniversary of the mass shooting at the elementary school in Newtown, CT.



Exchange-Traded Funds. If you want to start investing but aren't sure how to get started, ETFs are a good way to do it at a low cost. They're a group of investments (like stocks and bonds) that gets traded on an exchange (like the S&P or Dow). These investments usually have something in common — aka they might be a mix of blue chip stocks. Still confused about how to get your investment on? Download this app and learn as you go.


Books are a part of who we are at Skimm HQ. Over the years, you've told us how much books mean to you too.

So we want to put this community's page-turning ways to work for the holiday season…

  • Send us your favorite childhood book (newborn to age 18) by 12/22

  • Include a note explaining why it's so meaningful to you (sending from Amazon? Use the "Add a gift receipt" feature at checkout)

  • New books can be sent to the address below

  • For every book we get, we'll also donate $2 up to $50,000

We'll be donating everything to Pajama Program. They'll help us get books into the hands of kids here in NYC and across the country.

We've got the answers to all of your questions here.

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PS: theSkimm isn't making any money off of these books



For the sibling who makes you jealous with travel Instas…

Meet the clean filter. This electric toothbrush is your daily go-to that's also perfect for traveling on-the-go. Brush it real good.

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For when your list of to-dos is getting long…

Cross something off the list. Health insurance is a good place to start. Open enrollment ends tomorrow. Tick tock. Get 'er done and find the best plan here.*

For when it's five o'clock somewhere...

Pour it up, pour it up. Skimm HQ is sipping this cocktail at our holiday party. It's inspired by one of our fave emojis. Just peachy.

For your friend who has a baby and a floor…

Happy Chrismukkah.

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