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DECEMBER 18, 2017


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Skimm'd in fluffy slippers


"Does not have the same skills as the real deal" – California police on the would-be robber that got stuck in a chimney. Ho, ho, ho-no you don't.


The Story

'Twas the week before Christmas and all of DC was astir.

What's happening?

China…as in President Trump is unveiling his "America First" national security strategy today. After months of trying to negotiate new trade policies, Trump's expected to accuse China of "economic aggression." Although the White House warns it's not the only country on the naughty list.

Climate change…as in Trump is expected to reverse former President Obama's decision to add climate change to the list of national security threats. It forced federal agencies to consider climate change impact when making national security decisions. If Trump drops it, not so much.

Taxes…as in Christmas may come early for businesses. The GOP wants to sign its tax overhaul into law this week. It cuts the corporate tax rate and drops the Obamacare individual mandate. Here's what else is in it.

Government in the one looming on Friday that everyone's hoping to avoid.

Emails…again. This weekend, a Trump lawyer accused special counsel Robert Mueller of unlawfully accessing tens of thousands of Trump transition team emails. Mueller's rep says they acted appropriately. There's been speculation that Trump might try to fire Mueller, but yesterday the president said 'not true.'


A lot of major decisions are being crammed into a single week. Happy Holidays.


What people are talking about...

Jerry Richardson. Yesterday, the Carolina Panthers owner said he's going to sell the team at the end of the season. The NFL is investigating Richardson over alleged workplace misconduct. Including alleged sexual comments and touching of female employees, and using a racial slur. Richardson didn't mention the investigation or accusations in his announcement. But said it was time for the team to get a new owner.

What to say when everyone's filled out the Google Form…

Votes are in. Yesterday, Honduras's incumbent president was declared the winner of last month's election. Reminder: this was a veeery disputed election. More than a dozen people have died during protests. Yesterday, the country's electoral court said the incumbent prez won, by juuust over 1% of the vote. But the Organization of American States – a regional body that oversaw the election – says the election wasn't legit and is calling for a do-over. Protests are called for today. Meanwhile, Chile voted in its newest prez yesterday, a conservative candidate who used to rule a few years ago. This is part of a trend of some Latin American countries scooching to the right. Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia are heading to the polls next year.

What to say when you can't listen to "Jingle Bells" one more time ...

Banned. Over the weekend, a report came out that the Trump administration banned the CDC from using certain words in budget docs. Like "transgender," "diversity," and "science-based." Cue backlash from advocacy groups. Now, the Dept of Health and Human Services says the report was a "mischaracterization." And the head of the CDC says "there are no banned words." Glad that's settled...

What to say when you're working over the weekend...

Out of commission. Atlanta's international airport – aka the world's busiest – lost power yesterday, apparently due to a fire underground. Thousands of flights were canceled. And late last night, the power finally said 'I'm baaaack.'

What to say to your friend who checks her phone every five seconds…

Might want to read this.


Man flu

When a man feels a chill coming on and won't stop talking about his symptoms. Turns out, new research suggests that men may have weaker immune systems. So he may not be exaggerating after all. Yea, ok.


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