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DECEMBER 19, 2017


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Skimm'd over stacks on stacks


"Everything about it was diabolical!" – One person's take on a recent London cheese festival that was basically Fyre Fest 2.0. The devil's in the cheesetails.


The Story

Twitter is cracking down on hate speech, violence, and harassment. Finally.

Tell me more.

For pretty much forever, Twitter has been called out for not doing more to monitor abusive content (see: this and this). This year – especially after Charlottesville – allegations that Twitter is a breeding ground for hate groups grew louder. So has pressure for the platform to change. But Twitter has always resisted, saying 'free speech is free speech.'

And now?

Yesterday, Twitter suspended several accounts. And started enforcing new rules. Like banning accounts that promote violence, or have hateful images – like swastikas – in profile pics. It'll be a two strikes and you're out policy. Investors, who've been calling for tougher action, celebrated by sending the stock price up to the highest it's been all year.


Twitter doesn't have a great track record when it comes to enforcing these kinds of rules. So it's too soon to tell whether the company is turning a new leaf, or just tweeting hot air.


What people are watching…

Amtrak. Yesterday, at least three people died when an Amtrak train derailed in Washington state. Around 100 were injured. The train was on its first trip of a new route – going from Seattle to Portland – when it ran off a bridge and onto a highway. Now, investigators say the train was going 80 mph in a 30 mph zone right before it crashed. They're still looking into what caused the crash and why the train was going so fast.

What to say after ditching the holiday party at the last minute…

Change of heart. Yesterday, President Trump laid out his national security strategy. It is not friendly toward Russia. US intelligence officials say Russia hacked the 2016 US election – and there are multiple investigations into whether Trump's campaign helped. Trump has repeatedly called for closer ties with Russia, and said he believes Russian President Putin, who has denied that Russia was involved. Now, Trump's national security plan is taking a tougher stance. It calls out Russia for undermining "the legitimacy of democracies" and says it's a threat to US values. Although when Trump took the mic to give the plan's highlights, he glossed over the part about the 2016 election meddling. And Russia's now saying 'agree to disagree' on the plan.

What to say after your friend gets fired…

You're not the only one out a job. One of President Trump's judicial nominees just took his name out of the running. Last week at his confirmation hearing, he struggled to answer basic legal questions. Hi, red flag. The video of the hearing went viral. Now the nominee says that his nomination has become a "distraction." He's the third of Trump's judicial nominees to get the boot in less than a week over concerns about whether they were qualified. But Trump might not stress about all this – he still has more judicial appointments confirmed than any other prez in their first year. Meanwhile, a US appeals court judge says he's retiring after 15 women accused him of sexual misconduct. They say he did things like grope them and showed them porn. The judge says he wasn't "mindful" of his actions.

What people are talking about…

Puerto Rico. Yesterday, the island's governor ordered authorities to recount the death toll from Hurricane Maria. Earlier this year, Maria devastated Puerto Rico and knocked out power to the entire island. The official death toll is 64. But independent and media reports say 'unlikely,' and that the number could be more than 1,000. And that things like power outages and medical complications might be to blame for the miscount. Now, the gov will try to get an accurate count by taking a second look at medical records for people whose deaths were ruled natural.

What to say when you hear ESPN's president is throwing in the towel…

Diddy, Colin Kaepernick and Steph Curry are throwing their names in for the Carolina Panthers.

What to say when you hear Matt Damon is still sharing his thoughts on #MeToo...

Meryl Streep has something to say too.


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