Skimm'd while switching phone plans

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DECEMBER 20, 2017


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Skimm'd while switching phone plans


"He is a golden retriever, not a Labrador retriever. (He is still a good boy.)" – The New York Times, issuing one of the most important corrections of 2017.


The Story

House and Senate Republicans are trying to send President Trump a holiday package.

What are you talking about?

Yesterday, the House passed a bill that would be the biggest revamp of the tax system in decades. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) celebrated with an early #TBT. Overnight, after making some changes due to rule violations, the Senate said 'aye' too. Because of those changes, the House will have to re-vote, which is planned for today.

What's in it?

This is a $1.5 trillion tax cut. It would seriously cut the corporate tax rate. Temporarily cut a lot of individual taxes until 2025. And repeal the individual mandate – the part of Obamacare that requires everyone to have insurance.

What does this mean for me?

Depends on how much you make. Almost all taxpayers will get a break as early as next year. But because these individual tax cuts expire in a few years, middle and lower-income earners would go back to paying more. Meanwhile, richer Americans will still see a tax break.

What are people saying?

Supporters say this is money in every taxpayer's pocket. And that a future Congress will prob extend these tax breaks down the road. Critics are looking at the $1.5 trillion bill and asking 'what happened to fiscal responsibility?' And pointing out the bill's change in how Uncle Sam measures inflation as a way people could get moved into higher tax brackets faster. There are also concerns that cutting the individual mandate will lead healthier people to drop their insurance – and older, sicker people to pay more in premiums.


President Trump came into office promising tax reform that would be good for the middle class and bad for people like him. But it's unclear exactly how this bill would affect him personally, since he still hasn't released his tax returns.


What people are talking about…

Cardinal Bernard Law. The disgraced, former archbishop died yesterday at 86. He's the one who covered up years of child sex abuse in the Catholic Church in Boston. And became the center of the scandal when it broke in the early 2000's – after it was discovered that he transferred sexually abusive priests to other parishes to try and keep the the situation under wraps. If it sounds familiar, it's because it's what the movie "Spotlight" is based on. Law was never accused of abuse himself, but was highly criticized for protecting the abusers and status of the church over the welfare of kids. He ended up resigning in 2002, and taking a job with the church in Rome.

What to say when you meet your sibling's SO…

I approve. Yesterday, the FDA OK'd a gene-therapy treatment that helps cure a rare form of inherited blindness. The FDA has already approved gene therapy for certain kinds of cancer, but this marks the first time they're letting doctors eff with the genes of people who have inherited diseases. Meanwhile, the US gov also announced it's lifting a ban to fund research that makes deadly viruses…deadlier. The ban was in place because, obviously. But scientists want to better understand things like bird flu and come up with a fix. Now, the gov says 'you can haz-mat money' – but only if the research checks out and the scientists work in a high-security lab. What could go wrong? In more science news, it came out that a woman successfully gave birth to a baby from the oldest known frozen embryo. The embryo was conceived more than 24 years ago and donated at some point after. The mother was 25 years old when she gave birth last month. You do the math.

What to say when you hear about sexual harassment claims at Ford facilities...

At least Microsoft is doing something. The company's ending its policy of forcing employees to handle sexual harassment claims in private rather than in courts. Seems like a no-brainer, but Microsoft is actually at the forefront of this issue. That's because the policy protects a lot of companies from lawsuits, and could exist at your office too. Excel-lent. Meanwhile, it came out that the House foot the bill for three sexual harassment settlements in the past few years – which together cost $115,000. The House didn't say who was involved. But there goes your taxpayer money. In more news that'll make you want to throw your phone, "Silicon Valley" actor TJ Miller was accused of sexually assaulting, punching, and choking a woman he was dating in the early '00s. He says he didn't do it.

What to say when you're running late…

Taxi! That's what the EU's top court says Uber should be regulated as now.

What to say when you're bringing a plus one to a holiday party...

Dr. Lahiri just reportedly welcomed a plus one of her own.



Operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Another way to say DUI. Friendly reminder to DDI (don't do it). Eggnog out, keys away. Want to learn more about how to drive like you give AF? Here you go.



For when your mom emails you with the subject line "family plan"...

Am I getting the boot? This mobile plan will make sure you're covered. Gift it to yourself just in time for the holidays. It includes unlimited talk, text, and some more (good) surprises thrown in. ET phone ho ho home.


For when you need payday to hurry up...

Venezuela has been in a financial crisis for years. This week, theSkimm App is bringing you in-depth Skimm Notes on some world leaders you're always hearing about. Today is all about Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Listen here.

For when you get a lucky break at work…

Make it the luck of the Irish. We want to send you to Ireland for a week. Think: castles, pubs, and clovers, oh my. Plus money towards flights. No Irish exit necessary. Enter here.

For when you want to get all up in people's personal business…

This podcast lets you listen in on people's couple therapy sessions. Relationship guru Esther Perel is your host. Some episodes are weird, some are great. Here's a good one.


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