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JANUARY 03, 2018


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Skimm'd in flannel


"Thought this would be good for your Uber appt's" – A grandma who gave her Uber-driving grandchild a planner. Safe to say she doesn't have the app.


The Story

Iran's supreme leader is blaming "enemies" for the country's biggest protests in almost a decade.

Catch me up.

Protests there started last week, and have quickly spread. At least 21 people have been killed in clashes with security forces. Hundreds of others have been arrested. And could possibly face the death penalty. The gov also put some limits on social media.

Why is this happening?

Because Iran's economy is struggling and a lot of people are out of work. Many hoped the sanctions lifted as part of the Iran nuclear deal would change that. It didn't. Now, the country's supreme leader thinks "enemies of Iran" are to blame for the unrest.

Who are these "enemies"?

He didn't name names. But some Iranian officials blame countries like the US and Saudi Arabia – Iran's Mideast rival. President Trump tweeted support for the protesters and said the US is watching for human rights violations.


The last time Iran saw protests like this was in 2009. Then-President Obama had a pretty muted response, saying he didn't want it to look like the US was meddling in Iran. Almost 10 years later, it looks like Trump is doing the opposite.


What to say when you hear Hoda's replacing Matt Lauer on "Today"…

New year, new beginnings. Yesterday, Utah's 83-year-old senator Orrin Hatch said he's retiring this year. He's the longest-serving Republican senator. He helped write and pass the GOP tax bill and co-wrote the Children's Health Insurance Program. Now, his senate seat is up for grabs this year. Making people wonder if Mitt Romney – who's been vocally anti-Trump – will run for the seat. Hatch has said Mittens is "perfect" and that he'd retire if someone "outstanding" like him ran for his seat.

What to say when your New Year's resolution is to be nicer…

Just like North Korea. Earlier this week, leader Kim Jong Un said that he wants a "peaceful resolution" with South Korea and that he is "open to dialogue." To which South Korea said 'great' and sent out a calendar invite. The South is eager to patch things up before hosting the Olympics next month. The North pre-gamed possible talks by reopening a border hotline for the first time in nearly two years. But the US says it won't take talks seriously unless the North reigns in its nuke program. Then Trump tweeted about how big his nuclear button is. Happy New Year.

What to say when you hear Iceland is requiring equal pay...

Hollywood is doing its part, too. A group of women in entertainment – including Shonda and Reese – are launching an anti-harassment initiative called Time's Up. The plan: set up a legal fund to help low-earning women who are the victims of sexual misconduct. Propose anti-harassment legislation and policies. And spread the 'wear all black to the Golden Globes' trend. The initiative is getting some early thumbs up for trying to help people beyond, well...the rich and famous.

What to say when you hear the new Coachella lineup

How did I miss this? Something you can't miss: it's cold AF in the US. And it will continue all week. This record-breaking cold is thanks in large part to a wave of arctic air that's decided to hang out here for a bit. This week, you'll keep hearing phrases like 'bomb cyclone,' 'winter hurricane,' and – an oldie but a goodie – 'polar vortex.' It's breaking records from the East Coast to the Midwest and 12 people have died so far. Heads up that some cities – like NYC and DC – are guaranteeing shelter in these situations. If you see someone who is homeless at night, here's how you can help.

What to say when your coworker is going overboard at happy hour…

Careful you don't spill all the work secrets.



When your friend goes MIA because they just got a new SO. Six more weeks of rescheduling drinks I guess.



For when you can't stop listening to investigative podcasts…

This one's good – but very dark. It's about the Heaven's Gate cult. And why 39 members committed a mass suicide back in the '90s. Bum bum bum.


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