Skimm'd under several covers

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JANUARY 04, 2018


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Skimm'd under several covers


"I'm going via the wing" – An airplane passenger who reportedly was done waiting to leave the plane and winged it.


The Story

Your friends on the East Coast are refreshing their weather apps.

Why's that?

A bomb cyclone is hitting there.

What is that?

A scarier way of referring to a winter storm that has a steep drop in air pressure. This one's expected to bring blizzard-like conditions and heavy winds up to 50 mph to some Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states. Even parts of Florida and South Carolina are getting hit with more snow than they've seen in decades.

How seriously should I take this?

Very. This week's extreme cold has reportedly killed at least 17 people. Flights have been canceled and power outages are expected. If you see someone who is homeless, some cities are required by law to provide shelter in these kinds of situations. Here's how you can help.


This weather is historic – in Raleigh-Durham, it's the coldest it's been since the late 1800s.


What to say when you hear President Trump is nixing his voter fraud commission...

Paul Manafort is trying to nix some things too. Yesterday, Trump's former campaign manager sued Robert Mueller – the former FBI director leading the Trump-Russia investigation. Last year, he charged Manafort with things like conspiracy against the US and money laundering. The charges are related to lobbying work from Manafort's pre-campaign days. Mueller has the go ahead to look into non-Russia related things if they come up as part of the probe. Now, Manafort – who pleaded not guilty – says Mueller's authority is too broad and wants a judge to throw the charges out. Also on this episode of the Real Housewives of DC, Trump's OTHER former campaign chief and former chief strategist Steve Bannon is raising eyebrows for spilling the tea in a new book about the Trump White House. Bannon is quoted saying the 2016 Trump Tower meeting between campaign staff and a group of Russians was "treasonous." To which Trump said Bannon has "lost his mind." Then his lawyers told Bannon to 'zip it' via a cease and desist letter. But Bannon's fine – he still thinks the prez is "a great man." And he's not the only one talking.

What to say when you hear about Intel's chip flaw

How do I Spot(ify) it? Spotify has secretly filed an IPO. It's expected to hit the stock market sometime in the next few months. This is why you're hearing the words 'direct listing.' Usually when a company wants to IPO, it hires an investment bank to do things like price its shares and hype the company before its coming-out party. A direct listing means Spotify – which could be worth around $20 billion – can do the damn thing on its own. It can be less expensive and easier than a traditional IPO. Rock out with your stocks out.

What to say to the Ross Geller of the group...

Dig this. Researchers say they have new evidence of how some Native American ancestors first came to North America. A few years ago, they discovered the remains of a young girl in Alaska who'd lived more than 11,000 years ago. They were able to figure out her genetic profile. Turns out, she was part of a previously unknown population that was related to modern Native Americans. They likely came to North America during the last ice age – roughly 11,700 years ago – when there was a land bridge connecting Siberia and Alaska. Pretty chill.

What to say when someone points something out and now you can't unsee it...

Mind blown.



Not from Harry Potter. The pretty ice crystals that sometimes show up on plants and make you reach for your camera. They froze up like this.



For when you're ready for vacation already...

If you shop it, it will come. Lilly's having a biiiiig sale. All the colors. All the sunny feels. Check it out here.


For when you're curious about the actual science behind snow....

Ask Brittany Snow to explain it.

For when your New Year's resolution is to do sun salutations...

Here's your inspo.


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