Skimm'd in our puffiest coats

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JANUARY 09, 2018


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Skimm'd in our puffiest coats


"Sorry bro" – Coachella's website. The festival is banning weed. Good luck with that.


North Korea, South Korea

The Story

North and South Korea had a coffee date.

What are you talking about?

Both sides came together for their first high-level meeting in more than two years. Reminder: the neighbors have technically been at war since 1950 – and the tension has only gotten worse as the North ramps up its nuclear program. But South Korea is hosting the Winter Olympics next month. And its president – who's been pushing to re-establish relations – said he's open to North Korea participating in the Games. Last week, North Korea's Kim Jong Un said 'let's talk.' Now, the country's saying 'we're in.' And will send a delegation to the Winter Olympics for the first time in eight years. While the talks were a big move, they weren't peace talks. But the hope is that they could open that door.


North Korea is still under international sanctions. There's concern that if South Korea cozies up too much with the North, it could undercut those sanctions and alienate allies like the US.

El Salvador

The Story

200,000 US residents from El Salvador are worried about getting deported.

What are you talking about?

Years ago, many Salvadorans started coming to the US to flee things like civil war and earthquakes and got temporary protection status. Meaning they could live and work legally in the US. The program has been repeatedly extended. And many of them got jobs, started families, and bought houses in the US.

What now?

The Trump administration says that El Salvador has recovered from those earthquakes, and it's time for everybody to go home. Protected Salvadorans have until next September to leave or try and change their immigration status. If they don't, they could get deported. And nearly 200,000 US-born kids could be separated from their families.


The Trump administration has already ended similar protections for people from Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan. Hondurans could be next.


What to say when you see all the new tech at CES

So fresh and so clean, clean. Last night, a true freshman helped the Alabama Crimson Tide make a wild comeback to win the College Football Playoff National Championship. The Georgia Bulldogs dominated Alabama in a snoozer of a first half. But then 'Bama brought in freshman QB Tua Tagovailoa and he turned. The. Tide. They took it to overtime. Then 'Bama took the win for the fifth time in nine years – and people lost their minds.

What to say when you hear why this BBC editor quit

Cool, glad to know discrimination is still alive and well. Yesterday, a former Google engineer sued the company for allegedly discriminating against conservative white men. Because, 2018. Last year, this engineer wrote that women aren't interested in tech jobs because of "biological causes." And for some reason, Google fired him. Now he's going after Google for workplace discrimination. In other tech news making people say 'well this is interesting,' activist investors are pushing Apple to crack down on smartphone addiction in kids. It's totally just a kids' thing. Oh, and SpaceX kicked off the new year by launching a secret government spacecraft into orbit. Musk be important.

What to say when the bill comes after a group dinner…

Yikes. Last year, natural disasters cost the US a record $306 billion. The bill is mostly due to property damage after Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Plus wildfires on the West Coast. But don't worry, it's not like it could get worse. Oh wait...scientists say climate change could make extreme weather events like these even more intense in the future. Speaking of, months after Maria knocked out the power to all of Puerto Rico, more than 40% of the island is reportedly still in the dark. And in the wake of the storm, the US territory is dealing with a major mental health crisis. Here's how you can help.

What people are wondering...

Who approves things at H&M? Yesterday, H&M apologized for an image on their website of a black child wearing a sweatshirt that read "coolest monkey in the jungle." A lot of people said 'you know that's racist, right?' LeBron James and The Weeknd were also not impressed. H&M issued an apology and said it's pulling the image and the hoodie. Probably a good call.

What to say when you hear Gwyneth needs a wedding photographer

Kate Middleton knows her way around a camera.



Not the NSFW kind. The kind that sleep scientists use to describe you hearing your alarm in the AM. You'll want to avoid arousal and stay in bed with this mattress. It has a velvety top layer (sounds like cake cake cake) and it contours to your back. Bonus: you get a great deal on the price tag today. Brb, hitting snooze again.



For when you keep wearing the same sweater…

Variety is the spice of life. Meet your wardrobe whisperer. It'll make sure you and your closet stay fresh this year.*

Psst...It's a new year. Here are the other new things we think you should get into.

For when you need to send an early morning email…

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